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Student Testimonials
Joey Ong Meng Kit - Malaysia
UCSI’s ECA (Extra-curricular Activities) system encourages students to participate in various student activities on campus. Personally, I am glad I am able to join in so many student activities, which I feel have enriched my life at UCSI. I am also impressed with the management and leaders of the University as they are really humble and willing to help us students!
Jonathan Ashvin Van Huizen - Malaysia
UCSI University has given me many great experiences and useful exposure throughout my university life. The one thing I particularly like about UCSI is its diversity in cultures and how people of different backgrounds blend in to form one body that is UCSI.

Through organising and participating in events, I was exposed to these new cultures and events like never before and the best part – I experienced all this under one roof. On top of that, I was also amazed by the open-mindedness of students to join events and interact with others which definitely makes being in UCSI University so much more enjoyable. All of these make UCSI University a great place to study in.
Sidra Ammar Abdul-Aziz Al-Talib - Iraq
I feel UCSI has one of the best student orientation days! I’m happy to join UCSI because of its multicultural environment and this has definitely helped improve my English because it is the lingua franca of the world. Being in the Foundation in Science programme, I also find the lab experiments very useful.
Abdel Jaleel Ahmed - Italy
I like studying in Malaysia because it's a lovely country and I can socialise with many international students. With such helpful lecturers I feel that UCSI University is a good choice for me.
Adelina Mulyani - Indonesia
At UCSI University, I learnt many things, not only concerning academics but also undergoing various experiences which involved several events, including orientation, camping, charity activities to musical festivals. Taking on the various roles, as well as the accompanying responsibilities of the various activities has taught me how to communicate better while working under an organization. I'll always remember fondly the experience that I acquired at UCSI University as a priceless memory.
Ahmad Al-Shawaf - Iraq
I like being here in UCSI University because I feel happy to be able to be friends with people from many different countries. Furthermore, I like the learning environment here where the people are friendly and the way of life is easy and relaxing.
Caryn Kho - Malaysia
UCSI U is one of two universities in Malaysia that offers Food Science and Nutrition, making it an exceptional and perfect choice for me. With its warm, welcoming environment and dedicated lecturers, my one-of-a-kind learning experience is something that I savour every day. Not only did I broaden my social circle through the diverse cultures existing at UCSI U, I am constantly encouraged to think out of the box and to push myself further towards success.
Ehsan Ensafi - Iran
I like living in Malaysia as it's such a wonderful country. Furthermore, there are so many facilities at this University because UCSI University is one of the best universities in Malaysia. So, I'm happy to be here to pursue my major, which is IT (Information Technology). I also love the people of Malaysia because they are so friendly and kind.
Geetha Pathmanathan - Malaysia
UCSI University has given me the best of everything. In terms of studies, it offers the best lecturers, classrooms and study materials. Joining and becoming one of the 2011 student models at UCSI University was the best experience I could ever ask for. I am grateful for all the experience I had so far which I will always carry inside my heart.
Hasnain Ali Farooq - Pakistan
I find the environment at UCSI University is good and the best part is the University keeps on improving each day. I have a lot of friends from different countries. I love interacting with people and most of them are international people from Tanzania, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh.
Lin Hong Sheng - China
UCSI University is the kind of University that offers a good learning environment which emphasises excellence in teaching, research and services. Consequently, not only did I gain knowledge from the related programmes I pursued, but I was also inculcated on teamwork, leadership, and social interactions with other students. Studying at UCSI University was a great journey in my life that contributed vastly to the development of my future career!!!
Zhong Xuan - China
I am so proud to be an international student at UCSI University where I have the opportunity of meeting a lot of kind teachers and ebullient classmates. I truly love UCSI University.
Mansour Parsi - Iran
In creating knowledge and opening our minds to knowledge, UCSI University enables us to take the best advantage of our educational opportunities. Thus, the University encourages us to respect ideas and the freedom for expression, and to rejoice in the discovery of critical thoughts. I know that I will miss all the friends and the fantastic life I am having at Campus. All in all, my experience at UCSI University is unforgettable!
Margenie Winarti - Indonesia
UCSI University is a multicultural University which offers diversity and varieties. As a student at UCSI University, I get to meet many different people from many different countries to learn a lot about each other’s cultural differences. UCSI University makes university life a fun and lively experience.
Mohsin Shafqat - Pakistan
Since I have heard quite a lot about UCSI University and its programmes, I chose to transfer from my country to come to Malaysia. My living experience in Malaysia has always been pretty good so far, where I find living to be affordable. I also make time to explore the beauty of this country.
Niloufar Gholami - Iran
I came to Malaysia last year and chose to study at UCSI University. I love my University because it offers many things for me to enjoy. Living in Malaysia helps me to learn to be independent. I am enjoying my life all the time.
Ni Made Kania Satriati - Indonesia
Malaysia is a very comfortable country to study in. Besides its beautiful environment, the people here are also very helpful and friendly. Malaysia offers lots of beautiful places to visit. I’ve travelled to a beautiful island where it is quiet and an exciting place to be with lots of fun activities to indulge in.
Queenie Wei - Malaysia
Based on my 1 year experience studying at UCSI University, I feel that this University is totally awesome not only because of the facilities provided, but also because of the students and lecturers here. I enjoy studying at UCSI University as it offers experienced and excellent lecturers. I enjoy participating in the various club activities and societies to also be involved in more outdoor activities rather than just studying alone. Most importantly, as I'm studying Food Science and Nutrition, I have found the technical equipment in the science laboratories to be of an excellent standard with the facilities being staffed by qualified lab technologists.
Raynold Evan Gosama - Indonesia
UCSI University? For me, I like UCSI University because it is Unique, Creative, Simple but Innovative. I am able to learn many things here, from many friends from different countries. (Remember, it is the differences that define us). Although we have differences, nevertheless, we are united as one at UCSI University.
Saniya Qutaibah - Pakistan
My living experience in Malaysia has been interesting due to the country offering multi-social interactions with the locals in a rather pleasant environment. Studying abroad has also made me more confident. I have learned something new and interesting from my international friends, mostly about their culture and religious differences.
Simon Ooi - Malaysia
Studying in a university is a challenge that is not worth avoiding. There are countless institutions out there but what matters is the quality of service provided. Be it the administrative sector, or the academic lecturers, UCSI University has proven to be able to hit top notch. Help is always out there as long as you seek it out and smiles are all over the place as well. What more would I even want? Without the slightest hint of regret, I'm glad I had chosen to come here to study for my Psychology degree. Things would never have turned out as well if I had not come here.
Suraj Parkash - Pakistan
I chose UCSI University because of my friends and also my parents who wish me to pursue my further studies in Malaysia. Malaysia is a very good country because it is politically and economically stable to ensure everybody a relatively safe and good life.
Gibson Yee - Malaysia
Life at UCSI University has made my life even busier while simultaneously giving me more fun in meeting students from the different nations, listening to the foreign tongues.... but the most important part, enabling me to get to know a lot more than I had been taught in high school. I believe that through the years I will be equipped with a wider perspective on how to adapt myself to prepare me for the work field when I graduate. After all, UCSI is the University, the experience!
Wahaj Ahmed - Pakistan
My living experience in Malaysia offers me good multi-cultural international exposure. I find the environment at UCSI University is lively and good for studies. Thus, I have made friends with people from different countries like from Iran, Yemen, Botswana, Saudi Arabia, etc.
Willyarto Sugiarto Wibisono - Indonesia
Job experience is really important, especially for foreign students like me. That’s why I chose UCSI University for my further studies. UCSI University offers us a unique free internship programme every year which will help me to a better chance of acquiring a good job later on.
Abady Abdul Anderson - Saudi Arabia
Currently, I am pursuing my degree in English Language and Communication. I am happy to acknowledge that I have learnt a lot of things here from my interactions at the University with the different cultures. Such experiences have made my life on Campus more colourful and meaningful. Friends from all walks of life that I met all around the University, especially in the gym, were great as we shared the same interest: the pursuit of knowledge for our future life.
Zhang Xiao Meng - China
As a UCSI University student, I am proud of my University. There are a lot of friendly teachers and students. I never feel lonely staying here. My parents are also very happy that I am studying in UCSI University. Furthermore, Malaysia is a beautiful country and I just love it.
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