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Instruments of the University
The UCSI University Logo
The UCSI University Logo
The UCSI University Logo
The University Logo is the stylized wing of a bird in flight to symbolise UCSI University's dynamism and visionary aspirations to soar to great heights of achievements.

Coat-of-Arms (Crest)
The UCSI University
Coat-of-Arms (Crest)
The UCSI University Coat-of-Arms (Crest)
UCSI's Coat of Arms

The UCSI University Coat of Arms features an eagle with wide-spread wings perched on a shield surrounded by a wreath of golden brown leaves. A flaming torch standing in the centre of the blue shield under a blazing sun represents the UCSI group logo. The red scroll at the base reads "Unwavering Commitment To Serve Intentionally" to refer to the unreserved commitment of all UCSI University staff to serve its community of students and scholars with the express intention of providing best-quality education.

The Shield
The shield signifies the University's symbolic role as the custodian of knowledge and the protector of its scholarly community and its honourable endeavours, namely, the acquisition of knowledge and new discoveries; equal access to knowledge; and justice and fairness in its pursuit.

The Eagle
The Eagle symbolizes immortality, courage, farsightedness and strength; characteristics that are similarly inherent in UCSI University. The spread wings symbolize the eagle's - and the University's - aspirations and ability to soar far and high, under visionary leadership as represented by the piercing eyes.

The Golden Brown Leaves
The wreath of leaves encircling the shield signifies laurels for UCSI University's graduates, achievers and laureates. The golden colour of the leaves symbolizes the 'wisdom' generated from within the University.

The Flaming Torch
The flaming torch signifies UCSI University's role as a source of knowledge, truth and enlightenment.

The Sun
The University, like the sun, is a source of light and warmth, and eventually of life and rebirth (of new knowledge).

Symbolism of Colour
  • Blue: The blue centre of the shield symbolises the peace and unity of the UCSI University community.
  • Red: The red colour of the scroll at the base of the shield symbolises the university's courage in overcoming adversity and challenges.
The UCSI University Mace
The UCSI University Mace
The UCSI University Mace
The golden globe of UCSI University's mace is wrought in 24K gold to represent the international quality of the education offered by UCSI University.

The "wings" holding the globe symbolises students from all over the world united in pursuing one common objective: Quality Education.

The two petal-like layers of pewter - an outer layer engraved with a black floral motif over an inner layer - and four rings just below the base of the "wings" signify the many challenging steps that students undergo before they successfully complete their education.
The Chancellor's Chair
The Chancellor's Chair
The Chancellor's Chair
The Chancellor's Chair embodies motifs and themes that represent the overall guiding philosophy of UCSI University: unity, community, scholarship, and integrity. These values are etched into every curve and fine details of its intricate carvings.

The chair highlights the sovereign nature of the office of the Chancellor, signifying the passion and the power of the Office while simultaneously symbolising the stature embodied in UCSI University: majesty, bravery, sacrifice and innovation.
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