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Adjustment Skills
Living and a studying in a foreign country may be a new experience for you. Your time here will be more positive if you understand what to expect, and prepare yourself. Please remember that the ISC is here to help and guide you. We want to see you succeed in your studies at UCSI University.

Culture Shock

Knowing what to expect about Culture Shock, will really help you if and when you go through it:
  • When people move to a new country, they have a lot of changes to go through. At first, they are usually okay with these changes because it is a big adventure
  • After some time, usually around 6 months after arriving, many people go through what is known as "culture shock". This is when you are tired of the "strange" language, food, culture and you begin to feel overwhelmed
  • Some people feel very angry and critical; others feel very sad, depressed and vulnerable. Most find it difficult to think clearly
  • This is the stage when some students get into trouble: they start skipping classes, drinking, partying and spending a lot of money. Be careful. Choose your friends carefully
  • Understand what is happening and try to make good decisions that won't mess up your future goals. i.e. Graduation, a good job etc.
  • Most importantly, don't worry-- you are not going crazy! Its culture shock and you will get through it. The best thing to do is to talk with a friend and go out. Do not hide in your room on your computer! It will make it worse. If you need help, come and talk with us at the ISC. If it is severe, you may want to talk to one of the Counsellors in the SAO
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