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International Office

The International Office supports International Students. There are two sections under the International Office:

  1. The Visa Processing Unit (VPU)
    The Visa Processing Unit (VPU) manages international students visa, special pass and dependant pass application and renewal process. The Center faciliates the international students' enrollment into the University and it is located at the 2nd floor, Block A, South Wing, KL Campus.

  2. The International Support Team (IST)
    The IST is part of the International Office. Together, with the Visa Processing Unit, we support you, our international students studying at UCSI University. The IST started in September 2010 is aimed at providing supportive services to foster a caring community to international students studying at UCSI University.

Our Services

  • Assistance:
    We provide assistance /and advise to students in various ways on problems they encounter, both personal and on student-related issues, while living and studying at UCSI University in Malaysia.
  • International Student Orientation Briefing:
    • This is held daily in our office at 9.00am. This Briefing is mandatory for all international students and is a pre-requisite to starting classes. You may attend only after your registration and your payment of initial student fees, is completed. Please bring your passport and Letter of Offer to the International Office on the first working day of your arrival, so we can assist you to complete your registration requirements, if necessary, and have you attend the Briefing as soon as possible.
    • At this Briefing, important information and assistance is provided to welcome you officially to UCSI University, answer your questions to clarify any issues, and to bring you on a Campus Tour.

  • Insurance:
    • Having health insurance is important for you as a student, in case you have any health issues while away from home. It is also a requirement of the Malaysian Immigrations for you to obtain a student visa. Most UCSI University students are covered by ING Insurance Company (we register you on your behalf as soon as you pay your full international student administration fee). This premium provides you MYR 750.00 of outpatient medical care (at panel clinics, in the hospital, or community) and MYR 10,000.00 of in-patient medical care (for admission to hospital for illness, injury or surgery).
    • You will receive an insurance card about 1 month after your arrival, unless you paid had your international student fees before your arrival, in which case, your card may be ready as soon as you arrive
    • You must re-new your insurance every year that you are studying at UCSI University. Please make your payment at the Finance Office on the month that your card expires.

  • Airport Pick-up Service:
    The IST coordinates Airport Pick-up Services for international students arriving for the first time to study at UCSI University. You or a UCSI University representative, need to complete the Airport Pick-up Arrangement Form at least 1 week before your arrival. Make sure we are informed of any changes to your flight arrival time as soon as possible
  • Events/Activities:
    International students are encouraged to make the most of their international experience by becoming involved in student campus life. Besides the events, programmes, sports and clubs hosted by the Student Affairs Office, the IST hosts other events specifically for international students to provide them an opportunity to explore the local culture, countryside and landmarks in Malaysia.
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