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Student Testimonials
UCSI University is the kind of University that offers a good learning environment which emphasises excellence in teaching, research and services. Consequently, not only did I gain knowledge from the related programmes I pursued, but I was also inculcated on teamwork, leadership, and social interactions with other students. Studying at UCSI University was a great journey in my life that contributed vastly to the development of my future career!!!

Lin Hong Sheng, China

In creating knowledge and opening our minds to knowledge, UCSI University enables us to take the best advantage of our educational opportunities. Thus, the University encourages us to respect ideas and the freedom for expression, and to rejoice in the discovery of critical thoughts. I know that I will miss all the friends and the fantastic life I am having at Campus. All in all, my experience at UCSI University is unforgettable!

Mansour Parsi, Iran

I'm doing a fashion design and marketing course. I've been here for almost 1 year. Here at UCSI University, I was able to make so many friends that I am really enjoying my life here. All of the UCSI University students are so friendly; even the people from the other countries. I've improved in so many aspects, such as my proficiency in the English Language, my understanding of my course subjects and the study skills that I have acquired. The lecturers here do not mind helping us out when we face difficulties in our studies, like comprehending our subject matter. They have contributed tremendously to improving my study skills. Overall, I feel good studying at UCSI University.

Sherly Cynthia Shandy, Indonesia

At UCSI University, I learnt many things, not only concerning academics but also undergoing various experiences which involved several events, including orientation, camping, charity activities to musical festivals. Taking on the various roles, as well as the accompanying responsibilities of the various activities has taught me how to communicate better while working under an organization. I'll always remember fondly the experience that I acquired at UCSI University as a priceless memory.

Adelina Mulyani, Indonesia

I like studying in Malaysia because it's a lovely country and I can socialise with many international students. With such helpful lecturers I feel that UCSI University is a good choice for me.

Abdel Jaleel Ahmed, Italy

I like being here in UCSI University because I feel happy to be able to be friends with people from many different countries. Furthermore, I like the learning environment here where the people are friendly and the way of life is easy and relaxing.

Ahmad Al-Shawaf, Iraq

I like living in Malaysia as it's such a wonderful country. Furthermore, there are so many facilities at this University because UCSI University is one of the best universities in Malaysia. So, I'm happy to be here to pursue my major, which is IT (Information Technology). I also love the people of Malaysia because they are so friendly and kind.

Ehsan Ensafi, Iran

I came to Malaysia last year and chose to study at UCSI University. I love my University because it offers many things for me to enjoy. Living in Malaysia helps me to learn to be independent. I am enjoying my life all the time.

Niloufar Gholami, Iran

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