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PTPTN  (Kuala Lumpur Campus)

Applicants must:
  • Holds a Malaysian citizenship
  • Not a recipient of other loans (MARA or JPA loan) or scholarship (internal or external)
  • Posseses a Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) or O-Level*
  • Possess a Unified Examination Certificate (UEC)* and qualify to enter UCSI University
  • Possess other recognized certificates to qualify for a degree programme: STPM, A-Levels, UEC, SAM**, AUSMAT**, CPU**, CIMP**, UCSI University Foundation, Local Matriculation or Recognized Diploma
  • Enrol in a Private Tertiary Education Institution (IPTS) that offers a full-time degree or diploma course that is approved by MQA & JPS
Other criteria:
  • For students applying for the second time, loans extended earlier by PTPTN must be settled in full prior to a fresh application.
  • Students who have received PTPTN loan through previous colleges / universities but have left or have not completed their course, are required to terminate the contract and make full payment with PTPTN before a new application can be made.
  • Students who have completed the diploma and received a PTPTN loan, kindly fill up Borang Penangguhan Bayaran Balik. Please print out the form from the PTPTN website. Click here.
  • Balance of study upon application must not be less than one year.
  • As of Jan 2012, it is compulsory to open a SSPN (Skim Simpanan Pendidikan Nasional) account if students want to apply for a PTPTN loan.
* The application requirements could be varied from time to time. Please reconfirm with us upon applying for a PTPTN loan.
** Case by case basis. Please reconfirm with us upon applying for a PTPTN loan.

1.   Programmes Eligible for a PTPTN Loan
Programmes eligible for PTPTN loan applications are:

Faculty of Medical Sciences Code PTPTN
Doctor of Medicine B8980
Bachelor in Nursing (Hons) B8965
Diploma in Nursing B8950
Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences Code PTPTN
Bachelor of Pharmacy (Hons) B8962
Faculty of Applied Science Code PTPTN
BSc (Hons) Biotechnology B8972
BSc (Hons) Food Science & Nutrition B8960
Faculty of Engineering, Technology and Built Environment Code PTPTN
BEng (Hons) in Electrical & Electronic Engineering B8986
BEng (Hons) in Communication & Electronic Engineering B8958
BEng (Hons) in Mechatronic Engineering B8948
BEng (Hons) in Chemical Engineering (Petrochemical) B8967
BEng (Hons) in Mechanical Engineering B8981
BEng (Hons) in Petroleum Engineering B8977
BEng (Hons) in Civil Engineering B8957
Diploma in Electrical & Electronic Engineering Technology B8954
BSc (Hons) in Architectural C7236
BA (Hons) Interior Architecture C7516
Diploma in Architectural Studies B8956
Diploma in Interior Architecture B8949
Faculty of Business & Information Science Code PTPTN
BA (Hons) Business Administration B8979
BA (Hons) Marketing B8983
BA (Hons) Accounting & Finance B8975
BA (Hons) Accounting B8989
BA (Hons) Branding & Advertising C8510
BA (Hons) Logistics Management B8968
Diploma in Management B8952
Diploma in Logistics Management C6397
BSc (Hons) Actuarial Science B8984
BSc (Hons) Actuarial Science & Finance C6882
BSc (Hons) Finance & Investment C6914
Bachelor of Financial Economics (Hons) C7745
Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Supply Chain Operation Management C8363
BSc (Hons) Business Information Systems B8966
BSc (Hons) Computing B8978
BSc (Hons) Mobile Computing B8973
Diploma in Information Technology B8955
Faculty of Social Sciences & Liberal Arts Code PTPTN
BA (Hons) in Psychology B8982
BA (Hons) Mass Communications B8988
BA (Hons) English Language & Communications B8963
BCA (Hons) 3D Animation Design B8969
BA (Hons) Fashion Design with Marketing B8970
BMus (Hons) Classical Music B8971
BMus (Hons) Contemporary Music B8974
Diploma in Graphic Design C7151
Diploma in 3D Animation C7150
Faculty of Hospitality & Tourism Management Code PTPTN
Diploma in Culinary Arts C8300
Diploma in Hotel Management C4367
2.   CIMB Account
All students are required to open a normal saving account (under single name) for PTPTN loan application.
  • For students who are below 18th years old, you need to hold on the application until reaching 18th years old to open the normal saving account (under single name).
  • The PTPTN application could be done in the following intake (upon turning 18th years old).
3.   SSPN-i Account

Skim Simpanan Pendidikan Nasional (SSPN-i) is a savings scheme or instrument specially designed by the Perbadanan Tabung Pendidikan Tinggi Nasional (PTPTN) for higher education. The scheme offered is Syariah compliant based on the "Wakalah Bil Istithmar" concept, whereby the depositors appoint PTPTN to manage their deposits for investment purposes.

Beginning 1st January 2012, students who wish to apply for PTPTN education financing for their studies are REQUIRED to have an SSPN-i account with a minimum deposit of RM20.00.

The opening of an account is encouraged to be done through Maybank, Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad (Bank Islam), Agrobank, Bank Rakyat and RHB Bank to expedite the process.

  • Eligible to apply for education financing;
  • Tax relief assessment on current year net savings up to RM6,000.00 per year;
  • Free Takaful coverage for depositors who have savings of RM1,000.00 and above*;
  • Award of Matching Grant up to RM10,000.00 for an eligible family**;
  • Savings guaranteed by the Government;
  • Competitive dividends and exempted from income tax; and
  • Savings access in PTPTN and over 3,000 SSPN-i agent branches.
* Free Takaful coverage in the form of death/ total permanent disabilities (RM to RM) benefit and funeral expenses is eligible for depositors aged 18 to 65 years, while beneficiaries aged 1 to 28 years are eligible to receive funeral expenses subject to the stipulated terms and conditions.

* Eligible before date of birth.

** Families with a monthly income (basic salary) not exceeding RM2,000.00 are eligible for the matching grant when their children are accepted and enrolled in higher learning institutions. The application must be attached by complete documents and submitted to PTPTN Offices. Matching Grants eligibility is subject to the stipulated terms and conditions.

Terms & conditions to opening an SSPN-i account
  • Depositor and beneficiary must be Malaysian citizen
  • Depositor also can open account for himself as beneficiary;
  • Each depositor can only open one account for same beneficiary;
  • Beneficiary must be 1 day up before reaching the age of 29 years;
  • Beneficiary who have had accounts open by depositor can open an account for himself or to open an account for any other citizen. This means beneficiary at the same time can be a depositor; and
  • Different depositor is allowed to open an account for the same beneficiary and no limit on the number of accounts for each beneficiary.

Opening of an Account

SSPN-i account can be opened at PTPTN counters and SSPN-i agents nationwide. Documents which must be attached when opening an account:
  • Copy of the applicant's MyKad/ Police or Military Card;
  • Copy of the child's Birth Certificate/ MyKid/ MyKad; and
  • Letter of Declaration/ Certificate of Adoption (for parents who open an account for adopted child under their legal care).
Applicants can check the status of their SSPN account number for PTPTN loan financing by clicking here.

For more information about SSPN-i, please click here.
4.   Online Applications
All applications for PTPTN loans MUST be made online through the PTPTN Online Application Website at http://www.ptptn.gov.my during the opening and closing dates of the application. Applicants are required to have an e-mail yahoo.com or gmail.com for correspondence purposes.

Please click below link to view the PTPTN Application flow chart and steps to apply PTPTN Loan
5.   PTPTN PIN Number
  • The PIN number can be purchased from Bank Simpanan Nasional (BSN) for RM5.00 (valid for 6 months ONLY). Please keep the receipt for website log-in purposes
  • Should there be any difficulty in logging-in or in resetting the password, please contact:

    PTPTN One-Stop-Centre
    Unit 1 & 2A, 2B,
    Level 2, Stesen Sentral Kuala Lumpur
    50470 Kuala Lumpur

    Contact number : 03- 2080 4455
    Official Website : http://www.ptptn.gov.my
    Operation Hours : 8.30am to 5.00pm (Monday to Thursday)
      : 8.30am to 12.15pm, 2.45pm to 5.00pm (Friday)
6.   2015 PTPTN Briefing Schedule for Online Applications
Applicants must attend ONE of the briefings on the said dates as below. The briefing is a step by step guidance on how to apply PTPTN loan.

Intakes Date Time Venue
January 2015 09 January 2015
20 January 2015
12:00pm Conference Room, Block B, 5th Floor, South Wing UCSI University, Kuala Lumpur Campus
May 2015 08 May 2015
19 May 2015
June/July 2015 09 June 2015
07 July 2015
August 2015 (for Medicine & Pharmacy) 28 August 2015 12:00pm
September 2015 04 September 2015 12:00pm

7.   Intake Dates (Tarikh Mula Pengajian) for Year 2015

Programmes Intakes Classes Begin
All programmes under the Faculty of Business & Information Science, Faculty of Applied Sciences, Faculty of Social Sciences & Liberal Arts, School of Engineering & Faculty of Hospitality & Tourism Management January 07/01/2015
May 05/05/2015
September 01/09/2015
School of Architecture and Built Environment January 12/01/2015
July 06/07/2015
School of Nursing January 07/01/2015
July 01/07/2015
Faculty of Medical Sciences September 24/08/2015
Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences August 24/08/2015

* Only Diploma and Degree level students may apply for a PTPTN loan.
** Previous year students, kindly consult with Ms. Aminah on your intake dates.
8.   Application and Submission of Documents
Applicants are required to submit the documents listed below to the UCSI University Personnel-in-Charge: Ms. Aminah (Student Affairs & Alumni), for online applications. The documents must be A4-sized photocopies:
  • Applicant's identification card (IC) – Both sides
  • SPM Certificate or UEC (Applicants need to provide SPM certificate if SPM result slip is more than 2 years). Students without SPM (e.g. O-Level) must show proof that their parents have been sent by the government to work or study in other countries.
  • STPM / A-Levels / UEC / SAM / AUSMAT / CPU / CIMP / UCSI University Foundation / Local Matriculation / Recognised Diploma results and others (UCSI Foundation students need to provide result transcript)
  • Music Qualification Certificate (For Music students only)
  • The first page of applicant's bank account book. (Applicants MUST open a normal savings account with CIMB Bank. For students who does not have a CIMB bank book, kindly provide an account statement from the same bank)
  • For parents' who works with Malaysian government or a Malaysian government pensioners, need to provide latest pay slip or Government Pensioner's Card. For parents who work with a private company or have own business or are not working, need to fill up the Income Verification Form (Borang Pengesahan Pendapatan).
  • Certificate of Death (if parents are deceased) or Statutory Declaration (if parents cannot be traced)
  • Confirmation Letter from the Welfare Department if applicant / mother / father / guardian are receiving monthly payment from the agency
  • Letter of Acceptance and Acknowledgement Letter from UCSI University. (Will be provided by the Institution)
  • UCSI University's current Diploma or Degree students MUST submit previous semester's results (each semester).
All documents no need to be certified.

List of witnesses who can certify your AGREEMENT:

  • Principal / School Headmaster/Headmistress/Senior Assistant of Student Affair (Government Schools only)
  • Professional and Management Group of Government Officers (formerly from Category A)
  • Law Enforcement Officers
  • Justice of Peace / Government State Secretariat Committees ( State Executives)
  • Village Penghulu / Village Headman (Penggawa) / Longhouse Head (Tuai Rumah) / Tribal Leader (Ketua Kaum) / Commissioned District
  • Member of The State Assembly (Wakil Rakyat) The official stamp MUST not represent any political party
  • Advocates and solicitors (Lawyers) The official stamp MUST have the complete firm name and address.

    * Signature and validation stamp from Commissioners of Oath (Pesuruhjaya Sumpah) is no longer acceptable.
9.   Application Deadline / Tentative PTPTN Schedule 2014/2015

Batches Deadline of Application Confirmation of application status Briefing on the PTPTN Agreement Submission Submission of the PTPTN agreement letter
Aug/Sept 2014 (for Doctor of Medicine & Bachelor of Pharmacy) 30th October 2014 10th November 2014 18th November 2014 TBA
September 2014 30th October 2014 10th November 2014 12th January 2015 TBA
January 2015 28th February 2015 10th March 2015 17th March 2015 TBA
* TBA: To be announce.

Applicants MUST submit their online application before the deadline (according to batches as above).
  • Applicants will be notified of the status of their application (Approved / Rejected) via sms and email* 10 days after the above-mentioned dates.
  • The processing of loan applications normally takes between 1 – 2 months
  • Please contact Ms. Aminah if there is no notification regarding application status.

    * Students using Gmail and Yahoo account will receive notification and the offer letter from PTPTN via email. For Hotmail account users, kindly log in to PTPTN website to download the agreement letter.
    ** Students are advised to be prepared and settle the tuition fees until PTPTN disburses the loan.
10.   PTPTN Loan Amount
As of 1 November 2014, PTPTN will reduce the total loan amount for their new applicants. For private higher education institution, a total of 15 % from the previous total loan amount will be deducted. PTPTN will also use the Bantuan Rakyat 1Malaysia (BR1M) data to determine the amount eligible to the applicants. However, total loan amount for the program of Doctor of Medicine will remain the same. There are three level of loan amount designed by PTPTN to determine the amount eligible to the applicants. The details of the loan level are as below:

No Level Description of Eligibility
1 Maximum Student's or parents' names are listed as recepient of BR1M
2 75% from maximum loan amount Family income lower than RM8,000 (names not listed in BR1M)
3 50% from maximum loan amount Family income higher than RM8,000 (names not listed in BR1M)

Below is the comparative table for old and new loan amount for each semester. The calculation is based on the guideline by PTPTN and has been rounded off to zero decimal place. The exact amount will be determined by PTPTN. The loan will be disbursed twice a year (long semester only).

Income group Old Loan Amount Table New Loan Amount Table
RM4,000 and below RM4,001 - RM5,000 RM5,001 and above Maximum 75% 50%
Full loan Partial loan Tuition fee
First Degree - Engineering & Science RM8,250 RM6,750 RM5,000 RM7,013 RM5,259 RM3,506
First Degree - Business & Arts RM8,000 RM6,500 RM5,000 RM6,800 RM5,100 RM3,400
Diploma - Engineering & Science RM4,000 RM4,000 RM4,000 RM3,400 RM2,550 RM1,700
Diploma - Business & Arts RM4,000 RM4,000 RM4,000 RM3,400 RM2,550 RM1,700
Diploma in Nursing RM7,500 RM7,500 RM7,500 RM6,375 RM4,781 RM3,187.50
Bachelor of Nursing RM10,000 RM10,000 RM10,000 RM8,500 RM6,375 RM4,250
Bachelor of Pharmacy RM10,000 RM10,000 RM10,000 RM8,500 RM6,375 RM4,250
Doctor of Medicine RM15,000 RM15,000 RM15,000 RM15,000 RM15,000 RM15,000

Please click here to view the circulation by PTPTN regarding the new loan amount policy.
11.   Academic Performance
PTPTN will stop disbursement under the following circumstances:
  • Deferment of studies.
  • Failure to complete studies within the designated time-frame.
  • Student's Grade Point Average (GPA) is lower than 2.0 (50%).
  • Prior to disbursement of the loan, PTPTN will request the University to provide student's results at the end of each semester. Please take note that PTPTN has the right to discontinue disbursement of the loan if a student's academic performance has deteriorated.
Please refer to the example below:

Semester CGPA Status of Payment
Jan. 2011 <2.0 PTPTN will disburse loan
May 2011 2.0 Stop payment based on Jan. 2011 results
Jan. 2012 <2.0 Will disburse based on May 2011 results
May 2012 2.0 Stop payment based on Jan. 2012 results

* Please note that PTPTN WILL NOT pay back STOPPED PAYMENTS.
12.   Insurance
Starting 1st June 2008, all student recipients of the PTPTN loan must sign-up for the Students’ Insurance Policy.
  • The appointment of an insurance company and payment of premium (deducted from the loan total) will be handled by PTPTN.
  • Insurance deductions will be done for every semester when the loans are disbursed.
  • The insurance deduction depends on the total loan amount as below;

    Bil. Loan per semester (RM)
    Total semester
    Total loan (RM)
    (c)= (a) x (b)
    Total premium
    Deduction of premium
    every semester (RM)
    1 2,500.00 6 15,000.00 180.00 30.00
    2 3,500.00 6 21,000.00 252.00 42.00
    3 6,500.00 6 39,000.00 655.20 109.20
    4 8,000.00 6 48,000.00 806.40 134.40
    5 10,000.00 6 60,000.00 1,296.00 216.00
    6 15,000.00 10 150,000.00 3,384.00 338.40

  • For current loan borrowers whose insurance deduction prior to this is less than the amount stated, the amount will be re-calculated and extra deductions will be made.
13.   Loan Repayment
Subject to the latest policy, PTPTN will charge a 1% service fee per year on the total outstanding loan amount. Graduates must start repaying the loan 6 months after graduation or employment (whichever is earlier).

The repayment period for:
  • Science degree - 240 months (20 years)
  • Arts degree - 180 months (15 years)
  • Diploma - 120 months (10 years)
The repayment will be sent to the National Income Tax Board (LHDN) through the graduates’ salary deductions by their employers.
14.   Enquiries/Information
For enquiries, please meet Ms. Aminah at Student Affairs & Alumni, 3rd Floor, Block A, UCSI University South Wing or by telephone 03-9101 8880 ext 3102, or via e-mail to sitiaminah@ucsiuniversity.edu.my.


The information contained in this web page has been provided by PTPTN. The information is correct at the time of upload and UCSI University reserves the right to make amendments without prior notice. We will not be held liable for subsequent changes to the information.
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