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Meet the COO
 Dr. Lu Huong Ying
Ph.D in Educational and School Leadership, M.Sc. Molecular Parasitology, B. in Biotechnology

Welcome to the official website of UCSI University, Kuching Campus!

Our campus was established on 13 October 2008 in Kuching, East Malaysia.   Kuching is truly unique, not only in our eyes, but to the world as well. Covering a total area of 124,449 sq km. and constituting 40% of Malaysia's land mass, Kuching has a number of UNESCO World Heritage sites. One of the most famous of these is the Gunung Mulu National Park which has 300km of caves explored thus far. Besides this, Kuching is also home to 3,500 species of vascular plants.

The establishment of the Kuching branch campus clearly indicates UCSI University's firm commitment to maintain its vision of becoming a complete university that is comprehensive and tailored with its own niche programmes. Kuching, with its natural beauty, rich biodiversity, unique socio-economic and geographical settings has enabled the University to develop programmes that complement these features. Consequently, its  Environmental Science programmes such as Nutraceutical, Horticulture, Eco-system Management and Applied Biology and Chemistry were designed to harness the health and medical benefits Kuching's rich biodiversity has to offer as well as the many species and natural features yet to be discovered.
Kuching experienced almost 50% growth in the number of hotel rooms in 2009, and the number is still growing steadily. Thus, to develop Kuching's human capital, and propel Malaysia into the second phase of Vision 2020, last year saw UCSI University Kuching Campus offering programmes in Hospitality Management, Event and Tourism Management, Tourism Marketing, Hotel Management and Retail Management in response to the acute need for graduates in this field. Soon we will also offer diplomas in Culinary Arts as well as Leisure and Attractions to further entrench UCSI University Kuching in the Hospitality and Tourism industry We are also proud to announce that we are now a member of the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA).
At UCSI University Kuching Campus, we offer diploma and degree courses that are more affordable compared to other institutions in Kuala Lumpur. This allows aspiring students within Kuching and other parts of the world to pursue their tertiary education in this beautiful hornbill land - all for a value-added educational experience. Our courses offer equal opportunities for education to all who aspire to impact on the hospitality and tourism industry.
Thus, we offer courses in the fields of culinary arts and gastronomy, wellness management, hospitality communications, leisure and attractions, and more. Being fully-focused on hospitality, we strive to produce graduates that are highly-skilled and competent in their fields of expertise.
In line with our vision "To be a University par excellence", we also ensure that our students receive the best of training from the very beginning of their journey with UCSI University to the day they proudly and triumphantly toss their mortarboards up in the air in celebration of their graduation. This will also mark their entry into a new world as professionals in hospitality and tourism.
In addition, our programmes are also designed to mould our students as the country's future leaders who are focussed on improving people's lives. Our objective is to imbue our students with the need for lifelong learning that will avail them with opportunities for new knowledge and skills upgrading. Thus, UCSI University, Kuching Campus graduates will be equipped with attributes that include knowledge of disciplines, creative and critical thinking abilities, interpersonal skills, and entrepreneurship and management skills, amongst others.
So, once again welcome UCSI University, Kuching Campus. Please take your time to call us at 082-455 255 or to browse through our website at http://www.ucsiuniversity.edu.my/campuses/sarawak/listing.aspx

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