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Faculty of Engineering, Technology & Built Environment


No Title Research by Year Abstract
1 Design Digital Beamforming For Wireless Communication by Using Dsp Chai Yan Cheong Nil
2 Maximum Power Tracking Controller For Solar Panel Bernard Chan Nil
3 Satellite Tracking System Using a Directional Antenna Lim Teong Keat Nil
4 Microcontroller Based Telemetry Receiver Thoo Hoi Thian Nil
5 Satellite Visualization & Tracking Using Neural Network Smitha Menon Nil
6 Pressure Sensor Quek Kwong Chuen Aaron Nil
7 Remote Control by Telephone Calls Wong Kong Keong Nil
8 Image Enhancement Using Neural Network Looi Mun Fai Nil
9 Software Tool For Mobile Cellular System Planning Saravana Kumar Nil
10 Automatic Target Recognition Using Neural Networks Sim Chee Hou Nil
11 Wireless Data Acquisition System Leong Seng Khar Nil
12 Soft Drink Machines Control Using Programmable Logic Circuit (Plc) Kho Vun Lai Nil
13 Design ofA Broadband Microwave Amplifier Chew Kim Fie Nil
14 Modeling Mobile Satellite Channel Chong Chai Lin Nil
15 Optical Fingerprint Recognition Yong Hon Yung Nil
16 Design of Robot Detect Mines Kelvin Khoo Min Zhin Nil
17 Wireless Data Acquisition System Leong Seng Khar Nil
18 Temperture Control For A Chemical Plant Using Fuzzy Logic Lai Kah Lim Nil
19 Design And Implementation ofPhase Meter Operates To Mhz Low Kien Yap Nil
20 Teaching Software : Induction Machines Avtar Singh Sodhi Nil
21 Water Level Sensor Design Poneswaran Nil
22 Microwave High Pass Filter Deisgn (4th Order Butterworth Response At A Cut Off Frequency Of Sarvanan Nil
23 Pattern Recongnition (Software) Noise Reduction Utilizing Spectrum Estimation Cheong Wai Keat Eric Nil
24 Adc Simulation Using Matlab Lee Kim Chew Nil
25 Multidata Acquisition System Design (Burglar Alaram System) Karunagaran Nil
26 Design of Microwave Multiplier Tong Whye Meng Nil
27 Microcontrller For Motor Control Ng Yee Keat Nil
28 Design of A Smart Antenna Architecture Based On Sdma Protocol Lim Fei Lee Nil
29 Design And Build A Robotic Arm Hazly Izwan Nil
30 Design And Development of A High Gain Yagi Antenna Based On The Principle of Parasitic Elements Rubesh Arumugam Nil
31 Analysis Of The Broadband Noise And Its Reduction In The Power Line System Architecture Nazirah Mohd Ali Nil
32 Design Considerations For Optimum Coverage In Wireless Communication System P.Kumaran Nil
33 Design A Pick And Place Robotic Arm For Industry Desmond Leong Nil
34 Third-Eye Car Sensor System Choomg Chin Han Nil
35 Construction Of A Walking Robot Goh Teck Seng Nil
36 A Study On Different Digital Modulation Schemes Ong Siew Kee Nil
37 Design Of Robotic Bug Mohd Ewan Zienuree Nil
38 Design And Implementation of A Neuro-Fuzzy Based Controller For An Ari-Conditioning System Ezther H.Cho Nil
39 Design of A Switched-Mode Ac Power Supply Siva S/O Subramaniam Nil
40 Design And Development of A Directional Antenna For 802.11b Wireless Application P.Venugopal Nil
41 Simulation of Schrodinger Equation For Optimum Dispersion Compensation With The Effect Pmd Jonathan Das Nil
42 Design of A Speed Strap Ystem B.Thanakumar Nil
43 Design And Implement An Ultrasonic,Speed Controller Foo Chuan Aun Nil
44 Design of A Cable Ammeter Tiong Chang Chai Nil
45 Voltage Sensing Techniques For Three Phase Motors Lee Keng Seng Nil
46 Fingerprint Recognition For Different Orientations Tan Zhi Kai Nil
47 The Design of Pll Fm Demodulator Chee Kar Yan Nil
48 Design of Electronic Acoustic Stethoscope Lee Wai Hon Nil
49 Design of Robotic Snake Wong Ching Seng Nil
50 Design of Finger Tip Optical Based Heartbeat Monitoring System Thang Boon How Nil
51 Simulation of Polarization Mode Dispersion In Fibre Optic Communication Link Using Matlab Edwin Jacob Nil
52 Free Space Optical Laser Communication Link Andrew W.Rebeiro Nil
53 Design And Optimization of A Protection Circuit For Esd In Cmos Circuit Vijayan A/L Marappan Nil
54 Design of A Mapping Robot Lee Teik Wei Nil
55 Developing And Building A Color Demonstrator Quah Boon Seng Nil
56 Switched Reluctance Motor:Teaching Software Wong Woei Liang Nil
57 Multipurpose Security And Surveillance Airbone System Yap Hseng Cheen Nil
58 Microcontroller For Motor Control Ajmal Maudarbaccus Nil
59 The Speech Recognition Machine Suhail Ahmad Chattaroo Nil
60 Design of A Transmitter And A Receiver Using Pcm For Transmission Auckbur Mohammad Arshad Nil
61 A Study of Different Coding Schemes Shirley Ngu Yien Fong Nil
62 Building of A Function Generator R.Thamotharan Nil
63 Numerical Study of 10nm-Scale Mosfet Loo Hong Hooi Nil
64 Design of Usb Repeater Tan Jin Han Nil
65 Photonic In Switching-Designing A Low Insertion Loss Based On 3d Mems Architecture Farrah Dheeba Nil
66 Implementation of Gpib Matlab Lee Yin-Keng Nil
67 Inductive Charger To Mobile Phone Nancy Ai Reang Nil
68 Head Mounted Motion Tracking System Ding Thoun Yee Nil
69 Solar Battery Charger And Tracking System Teng Jung Jiat Nil
70 Design of Futuristic Air Rifle For Digital Battlefield Tan Eng Hwai Nil
71 2d Numerical Device Simulation To Study Esd Phenomena In Mosfet Velan Hari Om Nil
72 Comparison Between Wavelet Transform And Other Dsp Method For The Best Image Compression Subasni Shanmuga Nil
73 Mems Technology Inertial Navigate System Tan Kian Hock Nil
74 Design of Robotic Eel Ng Mei Shia Nil
75 Simulation of A Solar Water Heater And An Economic Analysis To Compare With Te Electric … Timamy Aisha Sultan Nil
76 Amplitude Shift Keying Data Tansmission Diana David Nil
77 Television Sound Level Control Donny Chew Seng Pey Nil
78 Design of Low-Noise Microwave Amplifier Dicky Lee Yung Loong Nil
79 Design of Pcm Repeater Hooi Seng Keat Nil
80 Mobile Assets Tracking Device Lee Yit Meng Nil
81 Simulation of Interface States In Mosfets Lee Jo Lynn Nil
82 Design of a FM Transmitter And A Fm Demogulator Rajdev Singh Nil
83 Simulation of Vertical Channel Harkishen Singh Nil
84 Design And Implementation of Low Noise High Performance Amplifier Ravindran Nil
85 Construction Of a Walking Robot Zhang Guang Dong Nil
86 Design of Computer Control Five Fingers Prosthetic Hand Oh Yee Tat Nil
87 Design of An Intelligent Climbing Machine Tan Ying Fang Nil
88 Design of Remote Sensing Vehicle Wong Weng Fei Nil
89 Design of The Dancing Robot Loo Shing Jim Nil
90 Study On Performance of Space & Polarization Diversity For Wlan Application Lim Say Ho Nil
91 The Design of A Pll Fm Modulator And Pll Fm Demodulator Wong Yoong Wui Nil
92 Design of Matlab Measurement Module Chai Kien Sheng Nil
93 Design of A Vision Based Robotic System Amiruddin B. Sholleh Huddin Nil
94 Design of A Light Detection System Lam Chong Shiuh Nil
95 Design of Early Warning Signboards For Highlands Chong Yen Fei Nil
96 Simulation of Polarization Dependent Loss (PDL) In Fiber Optics Communication Link Jagan Govindraj Nil
97 A.I. Dancing Robot Lau Lihui Nil
98 Design And Implementation of Low Frequency Synthesizer Yeoh Han Leng Nil
99 The Design of Phase Locked Loop Mohd Hezany B. Burhanudin Nil
100 Solar Powered Electric Bicycle Inthiran S/O Ramasamy Nil
101 Fingerprint Based Ignition And Door Lock Soon Kai Ching Nil
102 Ergonomics of Industrial Robot: A Case Study of Kawasaki Ke610 At Assembly Services Sdn Bhd Yap Seong Yee Nil
103 Ac Light Bulb Temperature Control For Incubator Akpila Ibebineru Nil
104 Multizone Fire Alarm System Yeoh Chin Aik Nil
105 Design And Implementation of a Signature Verification System For Dsp Applications Martin Rogers Kizito Nil
106 Pico Hydro Turbine For Low Voltage Applications Abulokwe Francis Ikenna Nil
107 Design of a Temperature Control System Wong Shao Loong Nil
108 Generic Test Bench For Condition Monitoring of Electrical Systems Taylor-Harry Sepribo Nil
109 Optimization And Control of Electrical Systems- Magnetically Levitated Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Ejechi Stanley Ifeanyi Nil
110 Vhdl Modeling of Ieee 802. 11 Medium Access Control Receiver For Ad Hoc Networks Angala Henry Tonye Nil
111 Speech Quality Enhancement Using Ti Tms320c5x Tan Han Hui Nil
112 Error Analysis of Experimental Data And Its Application On An Actual Solar Water Heater…. Lau Zing Chuan Nil
113 Design of An Anti-Theft Security System Warren Harding Kua Nil
114 Design of Wireless Torque Transducer Char Kok How Nil
115 Design & Development Multiphase Stepper Motor Controller Chong Jan Fei Nil
116 Design of Real Time Auto Target Tracking Sentry Gun Defense System Yip Kah Weng Nil
117 Evaluation of Inversion Layer Pinch-Off And Velocity Saturation In Mosfet Mohd Rafael Muhammad Rizal Nil
118 Detection of Light And Sound By Animal Species Kaw Fei Jun Nil
119 Design And Implementation of A Neuro-Fuzzy Control of Traffic Lights Lee Tze How Nil
120 Microcontroller For Motor Control Saravanan A/L Subramaniam Nil
121 The Design of Ssb Voice Transmission System Diong Wui Hsin Nil
122 Air Density Data Logging System Chin Koon Meng Nil
123 Simulation of The Impact of Chromatic Despersion And Pmd Compensation On The System Limitation… Kimenda Lee Chui Wan Nil
124 Household Electrical System Control Through Internet Ng Pui Yee Nil
125 Design of A Climbing Robot Eddy Effendy Moonajawa Nil
126 Vehicle Anti Theft System Using Mobile Communications Ganesan S/O Palarman Nil
127 Investigation On The Image Fidelity of Jpeg2000 In Ultrasound Biomedical Image Yew Foong Ching Nil
128 Design of A Moving Vehicle Robot Wang Shyun Han Nil
129 Design And Implementation of Bpsk Modem Wong Beng Kian Nil
130 Design And Implementation of A Soe Ucsi Security System Using Fpga As A Controller Wong Sin Siong Nil
131 Teaching Software: Power System Lee Wai Ket Nil
132 Design of A Smart Card System Hassanul Hadi Zakaria Nil
133 Rfid For Eatery Industry Tee Hock Leong Nil
134 Development of A Relative Humidity Sensor Lim Beng Yew Nil
135 Schedulling Algorithm For High Speed Downlink Packet Access Jullian Umesh John Nil
136 Design of A Smart Speed Strap System Chen Yee Lim Nil
137 The Design of A Pcm Cordless Phone Yow Jenq Yan Nil
138 Grid-Connected Photovoltaic Systems Fuan  Chai Huang Nil
139 Phase Shift Keying Data Transmission Thirukumaran Arumugam Nil
140 The Personal Area Network (Pan) Navinderan S/O Subramaniam Nil
141 Design of Robotic Bug Tan Yueh Sheng Nil
142 Desing of Solar Bus Peter Ranggau William Nil
143 Universal Ntrigger System For Data Acquisition Tan Jee Yong Nil
144 Design and Implementation of An Active Mixer Pannirdas S/0 Krishnan Nil
145 Investigation On The Image Fidelity of Jpeg2000 In Astronomical Images Foo Wai Kit Nil
146 Desing And Implementation of A Key Finder Veronica Jeevarani A/P Davaraj Nil
147 Train Collision Avoidance System Ng Chun Kit Nil
148 Intelligent Single Phase Inverter Yap King Hwa Nil
149 Design of A Measuring And Controlling System For Countercurrent Flow Heng Yeow Khan Nil
150 Analysis of Tcp Performance Over General Packet Radio Service (Gprs) Christopher Vivian Sharan Kannesan Nil
151 Design and Fabrication of A Vaneless Pump To Generate Electricity From Raining Drain Water Tey Dor Weng Nil
152 Design of Advanced Robotic Snake Arunachalam Rama Alagappa Nil
153 Wireless Local Area Network Security Neeleshwaren Chandiran Nil
154 Design and Implementation of A Biometric Security System Using Fingerprint Mani Mohan S/O Subramaniam Nil
155 Modeling of Transient Effect In Sos Mosfet Logeswaran Perumal Nil
156 Infrared Cordless Headphone System Akilan Raman Nil
157 Simulation of Pulse Transmission In Fiber Optics Communication Links With The Effect of Polarization Mode Dispersion Thanveer Islam Nil
158 Improving TCP Performance Over Wireless Links With Forward Acknowledgement Eric Balan Nil
159 Design of an Alcohol Level Sensing System For Applications In Automobiles Fong Siew Kuen Nil
160 Design and Implementation Digital Phase-Locked Loop Tang Song Heng Nil
161 Modeling of The Leakage Current In Sos Mosfet Chan Pak Chung Nil
162 Design of Pc Based Emg Monitoring System Daniel Hooi Yew Fai Nil
163 Design of Pc Based Ecg Monitoring System Ch'ng Pey Joon Nil
164 Digital Control of DC Motor Using Pulse Width Modulation (Pwm) Nur-Mohamed Yusuf Elyas Nil
165 Landmine Detection System Lim Heng Kean Nil
166 Design of Mobile Tracking Systems Wong Twee Muan Nil
167 Smart Toll Systems Lee Cheng Zhan, David Nil
168 The Design of a Modem Using Binary Phase Shift Keying Shailender Singh Hardial Singh Nil
169 Study of Ofdm Performance In Multipath Channel Karthik S/O Ponusumay Nil
170 Design of Visual Based Object Tracking System Chong Han Lin Nil
171 Electronic Notice Board For School of Engineering Chin Hon Wei Nil
172 Design of Fuzzy Logic Based Water Temperature Controller Saravanan Sunder S/O Arumugam Nil
173 Space-Time Coding In Wireless Communication Mohamad Rezal Bin Musa Nil
174 Automatic Home Security System Nur Amalia Aini Bt Mohamad Arshad Nil
175 Automatic Car Security System Using Ip Range Sensor Muhammad Syafiq Bin Adnan Nil
176 Design of Analogue Temperature Meter Syazrah Binti Norazmar Nil
177 Design of a Portable Car Park Sticker Scanner Kenny Lai Ken Lee Nil
178 Simple Keypad Security Access System Tan Eng Keat Nil
179 Neuro Fuzzy Body Climate Control Hor Wai Loon Nil
180 Memory Card/Flash Drive Reader Using Pic Mahathevan A/L Muthiah Nil
181 Ecg Signal Denoising Using Wavelet Lum Kai Mun Nil
182 Design of Visual Based Color Classification System Ling Mei Chan Nil
183 Design of Visual Based PCB Fault Inspection System Ooi Soo Heng Nil
184 Design of Machinery Analysis System Ong Beng Siong Nil
185 Design of RCModel Motor Speed Contoller Using Fuzzy Logic Huon Chek Ngie Nil
186 Design and Simulation of MPSK Communication Link Using Matlab/Simulink Lim Seng Chong Nil
187 Design and Implementation of a PID Position Controller For DC Motor Using Microcontrolle Wong Kien Yung Nil
188 Liquid Level Control Seow Cheng Chien Nil
189 Calender Converter Using Microcontroller Low Kin Hoe Nil
190 Motion Tracking Security System Wong Kiing Kiong Nil
191 Design And Fabrication of A Mutual Control Electricl Water Heating And Simulation of The Circuit Lim Sze Chun Nil
192 Design of an Automatic Lie Detection System Auka Mokeira Lorna Nil
193 Ultrasonic Alarm Based On Range Finding Liau Min Kong Nil
194 Design of a Robotic Train Tsen Yaw Fan Nil
195 Infared Temperature Probe Shasitharan A/L Mariah Nil
196 Grid-Connected Photovoltaic Systems Teh Kuan Yung Nil
197 Design of Solar Bus Abdul Halim Bin Osman Nil
198 Soft-Starter For Single-Phase Induction Motor Yap Xen Hoong Nil
199 Numerical Analysis of The Error In Experimental Data And Application On Thermocouple Readings Jayaseelan Kandasamy Nil
200 Unity Power Factor Rectifier For Battery Charger Application Ding Siew Leong Nil
201 Development of Remote Control System Using Wireless Communication Technology Sivaguru Kaliappan Nil **
202 Running/Cycling Monitor Chon Wai Ming Nil
203 Virtual Scope Using Personal Computer Saravanan A/L Kenision Nil
204 Design of Analogue Direct Force Meter Farah Melliza Binti Abdul Rashid Nil
205 Short-Range Fm Transmitter And Receiver See Chun Liew, Andrew Nil
206 Wireless Control Power Extension Socket Loke Chee Kin Nil
207 Design of Underwater Rov Instrument Telemetry System Saw Chun How Nil
208 Design of Queuing Management System Nik Azuan Sherman Mohd Noor Nil
209 Design of Wireless Video Transmission System Lau Chin Yew Nil
210 The Design of Climbing Robot The Sheh Chien Nil
211 Short-Range Am Transmitter And Receiver Wong Chian Min Nil
212 Design of Glow Engine Speed Regulator Using Fuzzy Logic Benjie Chew Nil
213 Automatic Car Braking System Yong Chin How Nil
214 The Design of A Vco Tuned Fm Modulator And Pll Fm Demodulator Khor Bak Woo Nil
215 Design Software For Magnetic Components Chong Kin Hong Nil
216 St-Ofdm 4g Coding Using Blind Channel Estimation Kumaran A/L Ramachandran Nil
217 Develop Efficient Automated Bio-Signal Monitoring System Wavelet Filtering And Matlab Hiew Chee Yuen Nil
218 Design And Implementation of a Brushless Dc Motor Controller Chong Vei Kiat Nil
219 Design of a Vtol Aircraft Altitude Telemetry System Yap Chong Ren Nil
220 UAV Telemetry System Tiong Chee Keong Nil
221 Construct an IR Controlled Vehicle Robot Liew Joon Keat Nil
222 Modifications On a Vaneless Wheel to Generate Electricity From Raining Drain Water Anthony Chia Mun Chung Nil
223 Designing and Coupling Rectangular Microwave Cavity Resonator Poobalan S/O Murageya Nil
224 Design of an Ultrasonic Car Sensor With Led Display Yeoh Huey Chen @ Yew Huey Chen Nil
225 Design of Mp3 Player Ooi Yoong Chin Nil
226 Solar Surveillance System Using Dtmf Coder/Decoder Sivabalan Naidu A/L Raman Nil
227 Security System Based On Thermal Detection Sathiaseelan A/L Ramachandran Nil
228 Design of Anti-Theft Security System Abdul Wahid Abdul Sattar Nil
229 Design of A Pcm Modulator And Pcm Demodulator Cheah Ching San Nil
230 Design And Construction of Harmonic Meter Wong Seng Kiat Nil
231 Design And Implementation of Room Temperature Control System Lee Chen Wearne Nil
232 Construction of An Autonomous Vacuum Cleaner Robot Loh Yin Hui Nil
233 The Design of Delta Modulator And Delta Demodulator Lee Lan Yee Nil
234 Gsm/Gprs Digital Watt-Hour Meter Gao Xiang Nil
235 Egg Heartbeat Monitor Teoh Chi Tatt Nil
236 Design And Fabrication of An Exercising-Bicycle-Washing Machine Yeong Kam Hong Nil
237 Design of Phone Controlled Home System Mohana Babu S/O Rajappa Naidu Nil
238 The Real-Time System For Measuring Wind Characteristics Ngen Kup Guan Nil
239 Design of Safety Maglev Train Lai Kok Kam Nil
240 Pc Based Oscilloscope Al-Laith Laui Yasin Nil
241 Wireless Controlled Internet Chess Game Lim Kian Voon Nil
242 A Study And Verification of The Musfet Threshold Voltage Measurement Technque Ng Wee Tzin Nil
243 Automatic Videocoference Camera (Motion Sensor) Shimatul Aida Bt. Ma'amor Nil
244 Proximity Motion Sensing For Car Parking Sensor Md. Mehedi Hasan Nil
245 The Design of Ssb Voice Transmission System Chan Siau Hen Nil
246 Motion Tracking Security System Ling Kee Hang Nil
247 Assessment of Magnetic Field In Human Environment Runiza Binti Loji Roji Nil
248 Space Division Multiplexing Anagor Chindu Joshua Nil
249 Development of Sine Wave Based Inverter For Electrical Drives Lean Siong Chiot Nil
250 Design of A Low Cost Digital Telephone System Popinder Jeet Singh Nil
251 Battery Charger From Ac Source Logen Elangovay Nil
252 Pda Based Blood Pressure Monitoring System Hariz Bin Fadilah Nil
253 Design of A Speed Detector System Lizan John Nil
254 Voice Transmission Using Infared Nayar Yacoob Inder Nil
255 Infrared Code Reader Lai Chai Koon Nil
256 Real Time Dc Motor Controller Using Simulink Gurpreet Singh Nil
257 Adaptive Motor Control Using  Fuzzy Logic Fariz Rizlan B. Zaini Nil
258 Rpid Lighting System Wong Kien Wai Nil
259 Design of Anti-Theft Security System Raveen Kaur A/P Puran Singh Nil
260 Design And Implementation of An Ultrasonic Range Finder Nah Tiong Lian Nil
261 Security Lock of Laptop Chong Chuin Chek Nil
262 Radio Frequency Identification System Daniel Ng Chee Chuan Nil
263 Pcm Voice Transmission System Koh Chin Tek Nil
264 Moving Vehicle Robot Loh Kin Yan Nil
265 Automatic Apple Sorting Machine Using Tcs 3200 Color Sensor Chinenye Alozie Nil
266 Solar Thermal Water Heating System Ilogbonu Kingsley Ifeanyichukwu Nil
267 Solving The Lorenz Equatin Using 5th Order Runge-Kutta Method Muhammad Shahbaz Raza Nil
268 The Fm Radio Receiver Onyiri Donald Wisdom Nil
269 Modeling, Simulation And Control of A Quarter Car Suspension System William Gachara Nil
270 Attendance Counter Using Thumbprint Hayder K.Abdul Razzak Al-Hiti Nil
Faculty of Applied Science

Food Science

No Title Research by Year Abstract
1 The Consumption and Nutritional Knowledge of Calcium Among Female Employees at UCS Mah Weng Kwang 2017
2 Survey of Nutritional Knowledge Among Employees at UCS Tan Shy Leng 2017
3 Proximate Analysis of Spirulina Product Loh Jia Zhun 2017
4 Effects of Spices on The Shelf Life of Chicken Meats Ng Choh Kuan 2017
5 The Effects of Heat, Storage Time and Air On The Ascorbic Acid Content of Commercial Orange Juices Ngai Keat Hoe 2017
6 A Survey of Knowledge And Usage of Nutritional Supplements Among the Management Students of UCS Chong Wai Kean 2017
7 Chempedak Jam Production Tan Chai Pei 2017
8 Determination of Heavy Metals(Cadmium & Lead) in Anchovy From Different Regions of Malaysia By Using Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer(AAS) Chin Siew Tyug 2017
9 Determination of Heavy Metals(Cadmium & Lead) in Spirulina By Atomic Absorption Yee Chee Yin 2017
10 Knowledge, Attitude And Practice On Healthy Lifestyle Among Students in School of Engineering, UCS See Wai Yin 2017
11 Comparison of Dietry Practice, Physical Activity and Body Image Between Tan Sok Yee 2017
12 Development of Jackfruit Jam Teong Seng Pieh 2017
13 Awareness of Diabetes Mellitus Type-II Among Adult Males in Kampung Kukup Laut, Pontian, Joho Lau Shu Ming 2017
14 Knowledge, Attitude And Practice Towards Breastfeeding Among Mothers At A Government Antenatal Clinic Tiong Shyh En 2017
15 A Survey of Breast Cancer Knowledge And Awareness Among Women Attending Antenatal Clinic, Hospital Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia(HUKM) Leong Yuan Mei 2017
16 Development of Dragon Fruit Jam Hu Lee Sze 2006
17 Studies on Sensory Acceptability of Yogurt Enriched with Omega-3 Atty Acid Cheng Vern Jou 2006
18 Determination of Heavey Metals (Cadium & Lead) in Various Types of Anchovies by Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer Lau Choon Mei 2006
19 The Use of Inulin As A Partial Sugar And Fat Replacer in The Development of Yogur Yap Shu Ching 2007
20 Weight Status And Dietry Intakes Among Girls And Female Adolescents Aged 6 17Years Old In Ti-Ratana Welfare Home Chee Yik Fah 2007
21 An Investigation On Breastfeeding Knowledge And Pracitces Among Mothers Who Attended University Malaya Medical Centre(UMMC), A Baby-Friendly Hospital Ng Wee Cheng 2007
22 The Production of White Dragon Fruit "Kaya" Wong Wai Cher 2007
23 Development of Soy Yogurt Hong Lee Min 2007
24 Development of Red dragon Yogurt Wee Hwee Ling 2007
25 Tolerance of Probiotic Supplements To Low pH Chan Suk Mun 2007
26 An Investigation On Sodium Knowledge And Sodium Consumption Among Stroke Survivors At National Stroke Association of Malaysia (NASAM) Chieng Fei Yee 2007
27 Knowledge,Attitude And Practices (KAP) On Nutrition And Health Lifestyle Among Registered Nurses In Assunta Hospital, Petaling J Foo Yoke Fong 2007
28 Weight Status And Dietry Intakes Among Boys And Male Adolescents In Ti Ratana Welfare Home Lye Poy Kwan 2007
29 A Study on The Stability of Re-Used Deep Frying Cooking Oil Upon Storage Yoong Teng Teng 2006
30 Studies on Effect of Temperatures Toward Unsaturated Fatty Acids in Canola Oil, Corn Oil And Olive Oi Eunice Goh Ern Hui 2006
31 Studies on Sensory Acceptability of Yogurt Enriched with Omega-3 Atty Acids Upon Storage Time Cheang May Keng 2006
32 Development of A Low Calorie Red Dragon Fruit Jam Tie Siew Ching 2007
33 Deveploment of White Dragon Fruit Yogurt Yap Sue Teng 2007
34 Low-Fat Meatballs Containing Legume Flours As Extenders: Chemical Compositions And Cooking Properties Cheh Soo Shen 2007
35 Low Fat Meatballs Containing Legume Flours As Extenders: Physicochemical Characteristics Zainab Emamboccus 2007
36 A Study on Fatty Acids Compositions of Oil Through Fourier Transform Infrared (FTRI) Spectroscopy And Gas Chromatography (GC) Cheah Pooi Yee 2006
37 Development of Chines Herbal Jam (Chinese Wolfberry Fruit,Licorice Root,Chrysanthemum Flower): Microbiological,Physicochemical & Sensory Evaluation Grace Wang Thye Fang 2007
38 Development of a Low Calorie Red Dragon Fruit Jam Soo Chiu Shing 2007
39 Study of the Effect of Drying & Storage Period on the Physicochemical Properties of Red & White Dragon Fruit Metacarp Tan Siew Kee 2007
40 Viability Test of Probiotic Strains in Commercial Cultured Milk Drinks Upon Reaching Consumers Paul Edward Tantono 2007
41 Effect of Alpha-Tocopherols Incorporation in Corn Oil on Its Resistance to Frying Temperature Cheah Kam Hee 2007
42 Development of Chinese Herbal Jam (Red Jujube,Longan & Lily Bulb): Microbiolgical Physicochemical & Sensory Evaluation Tang Chia Loo 2007
43 Effects of Olive Oil Addition to Corn Oil Domestic Frying on The Lipid Oxidation Chong Chuan Yong 2007
44 Low Fat Meatballs Containing Legume Flours as Extenders:Nutrient Composition & Sensory Evaluation Bibi Zaynab Joomratee 2007
45 Selective Natural Antioxidants in Rambutan (nephelium lappaceum),Pomelo (citrus maxima), Banana (musa accuninata cv Berangan), Fruit by-products Linda Cecilia Adhiambo Andago 2007
46 Research and Development of Whey Protein Pudding Chan Xiang Bin 2007
47 Selective Natural Antioxidants from Star fruit (averrhoa carambola L.), Soursop (annona muricata L.) and Papaya (Carica papaya L.) by-products Lee Pui Ting 2007
48 Nutritional knowledge, attitude, practice towards healthy lifestyle among the primary school teachers at SJK (c) Foon Yew 1, Johor Bharu Tan Pei Ching 2007
49 Using chempedak (artocarpus chempeden) seeds as a by-product for the development of muffins Lionel Chua Hock Chuan 2007
50 Dietary intakes and habits of adolescent boys in Hin Hua High School, Klang How Liu Juan 2007
51 Selective natural antioxidants in Pulasan (nephelium mutabile), Salak (salacca zalacca), Pineapple (ananas cosmosus) fruit by-products Fathiya Mohamed Hood 2007
52 An evaluation of awareness of type 2 diabetes and practice that associate with type 2 diabetes among adults in Kampung Ketari, Bentong, Pahang Kelly Leng Ker Nee 2007
53 Knowledge and consumption of calcium among adolescent girls in Sekolah Sri Acma,Klang Tan Lay Fong 2007
54 A study on cholesterol consumption and knowledge on cholesterol among emplyoeees in aquaculture companies Ong Yew Lui 2007
55 A study on the storage stability of virgin coconut oil as compared to extra virgin olive oi Tan Poh Poh 2007
56 Using Chempedak (Artocarpus Champeden) seeds as by-product in the development cookies Ng Chooi Chan 2007
57 Selective natural antioxidants from Cempedak (Artocarpus champeden), Honeydew (Cucumis melo) and Kaffir Lime (Citrus hystrix) fruits by-products Lalitha Kalyanasundaran 2007
58 Perception of organic foods among employees of University College Sedaya Internatonal (UCSI) Wong Ching Hong 2007
59 Development of soy yogurt Tan Mei Lin 2007
60 Selective natural antioxicdant from red dragon fruit (hylocereus polyrhizus) white dragon fruit (hylocereus undatus) and ciku (manikara zapota) by-product Cheah Pooi Mun 2007
61 Determination of total phenolic content & antioxidant activity from the by-products of mango,mangosteen & guava Lim Ming Pei 2007
62 Using jackfruit (ariocarpus heterophysllus) seeds as a by-product for the development of cookies Lau Chern Fung 2007
63 Effect of temperature towards stability of virgin coconut oil as compared to extra virgin olive oil Khor Guo Chuan 2007
64 An evaluation on the knowledge and attitude towards breastfeeding among year 2 Medical Students from IMU(International Medical University) Nicholl Eruthiaraj 2007
65 Effects on Carrageenan on sensory and Chemical characteristics of Healthy Meatballs containing legume flours as extenders Sophie The 2007
66 Development of Red Dragon Fruit Ice Cream Liow Shu Xin 2007
67 Effects on Carrageenan on Cooking and Physicochemical properties of Healthy Chicken Meatballs conaining legume flours as axtenders Pang Jinny 2007
68 The use of inulin as a partial sugar replacer in the development of "kaya" Phang Yee Lyn 2008
69 Evaluation of commercial probiotics in terms of antimicrobial activity and ability to ferment prebiotic Sutha Marimuthu 2007
70 Optimization of extraction conditions for phenolic antioxidants from star fruit(Averrhoa Carambola.l) residues Yap Chee Fai 2008
71 Bile tolerance test of probiotic strains in commercial cultured milk drin Loy Yun Qing 2008
72 Optimization of extraction conditions for phenolic antioxidants from Limau Purut (Citrus Hystrix) peels Chan Sook Wah 2008
73 Optimization of Extraction conditions for Phenolic Antioxidants From Pummelo(Citrus Grandis) Peels Lee Chih Ying 2008
74 Production of High Eating Quality Fried Chicken Nuggets With Less Oil Absorption Khoo Ya'Tze 2008
75 A Survey of Knowledge and Practices on Tea Among The White Collar Workers in Grafokscan Service Sdn Bhd, Sri Petaling Chong Quan Yee 2008
76 Development of Chinese Herbal Jam With the Usage of Chinese Wolfberry Fruit, Licorice Root and Chrysanthemum Flower Enriched With Miniature Chinese Rose Yap Chee Wooi 2008
77 Nutrition Knowledge, Attitude and Practice Among Food Science and Nutrition Students in UCS Ng Pooi Hsien 2008
78 Knowledge on Calcium and Consumption of Calcium Among Vegetarians in Wan For Temple Chye Kim Kent 2008
79 Development of Reduced Fat "Kaya Using Sy Milk Teoh Siu Kim 2008
80 Production of Ice Cream Enriched With Red Dragon Fruit Liew Yeong Shing 2008
81 Knowledge on Dietary Fiber and Consumption of Dietary Fiber among Household Meal Planners in Hin Hua High School Tan Mio Tyug 2008
82 Optimistion of Extaction of Phenolic Compounds from Ananas Comusus Peels using response surface Methodology Manungo Osward Majaya 2008
83 Optimization of Extraction condition for Phenolic Antioxidant from Mango(Mangifera SP) Peels using Response surface Methodology Yap Kit Leen 2008
84 Effects of Whey Powder on cooking Properties of Healthy Meatballs containing Legume Flours As Extenders Yap Wi Yee 2008
85 Survival of Encapsulated Probiotics (Emulsion Technique) in Simulated Gastric ph Cassiemarie Yang Yin Yee 2008
86 Survival of Encapsulated Probiotics (Emulsion Technique) in Simulated Gastric ph Solution Loh Chiek Ping 2008
87 Survival of Encapsulated Probiotic Using Extrusion Technique in Bile Kelvin Teh How Ning 2008
88 Optimization of Extraction Condition for Phenolic Antioxidant from Papaya (Carira sp.) Peels using Response Surface Methodology Chow Hin Yip 2008
89 An Evaluation on the Level of Knowledge on Nutritional Management, Dietary and Lifestyle Practices Towards Kidney Disease Among Dialysis Patients in Hemodialysis Muhibbah Segamat and Labis Branch Wong Pei Yoon 2008
90 Development of Chinese Herbal Jam (Red Jujubes,Longan Fruits and Lily Bulbs) Enriched with Chrysanthemum Flowers Christy Phang Ming Lye 2008
91 Dietary and Lifestyle habits among Adolescent Girls in Tshung Tsin Secondary School, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah Maybelline Lim Kai Sin 2007
92 Knowledge and Pranctices of Slimming Products and Body Image Perception Among Working Ladies in Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC) Chan Chin Yin 2008
93 Knowledge and Practices of Slimming Products, and Body Image Dissatisfaction among Chinese Mother in S.R.K©Chi Ming (2), Tangkak, Johor Erh Mei Hui 2008
94 Tolerance of Commercial Probiotic Strains to Low PH Bile Ng Kuan Yew 2007
95 Weight Management Knowledge and Practice among Nurses in Private Hospitals in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah Karen Wong Pye Yen 2008
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97 Effects of Whey Powder on Physicochemical Properties of Healthy Meatballs containing Legume Flours As Extenders Sherly Kosasih 2008
98 Effects of Pumpkin (Cucurbita Maxima )Flour Supplementation on the Physical,Chemical and Sensory Properties of Wheat Bread Lai Jing Yee 2008
99 Dietary Fiber Knowledge and Consumption Among malay Adults in Kampung Chengkau Ulu, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia Yau Mee 2008
100 A Study on Cholesterol consumption and Lifestyle Habits Among Adolescents in Institute Delta and Johan Tuition Center Te Lee Ling 2008
101 Development of Chrysanthemum Flower Herbal Ice Cream Tan Saw Yan 2008
102 Production of High Eating Quality Deep Fried Chicken Nuggets With Less Oil Absorption Yip Kae Shin 2008
103 Viability Test of Probiotic Strains in Commercial Cultured Milk Drinks Upon Reaching Consumers Lo Shiau Ten 2008
104 Development of Chinese Wolfberry Fruits Ice Cream Ng Siew Ping 2008
105 A Study on Sensory Evaluation and the Nutritional Value of Increased Fibre Cookie using Jackfruit (Artocarpus Heterophyllus) Seed Flour as the Functional Ingredient Lim Pei Wern 2008
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107 Food Habits,Dietary intake and total cholestrol level of Young Adults in Pusat Bandar Puchong, Selango Lai Shwn Nee 2008
108 Weight Status,Body Image perception and Dietary Practices among Students in University College Sedaya International (UCSI) Shirely Ngu Kwong 2008
109 Nutritional Value & Sensory Evaluation of Reduced Fat "Kaya Tee Swee Sin 2008
110 Production of Orange Flavoured Reduced-Fat Mayonnaise Gwee Su Ing 2008
111 Production of Sour Plum Flavoured Reduced-Fat Mayonnaise Wong Yew ai 2008
112 Weight Status, Body Image Perception And Physical Activity of Malay Housewives in Kampung Chengkau Ulu, Negeri Sembilan Tan Zhao Yin 2008
113 Survival of Encapsulated Lactobacillus Acidophilus LA-5(Extrusion Technique) In Yogurt During Refrigerated Storage Teoh Peck Lian 2008
114 Sensory Evaluation of Low Fat Chicken Meatball Added With Guar Gum, Carrageenan And Whey Powder Mah Tsi Chun 2008
115 Effects of Guat Gum as Natural Food Additive on Pumpkin Balls Teo Ming Hui 2008
116 Production of Dragon Fruit Ice Cream Wong Wei Yee 2008
117 Dietry Intake, Eating Habit, And Physical Activity Among Female Adult Members of The Art of Living Foundation Tan Wan Yin 2008
118 Dietry Intake And Eating Habits Among Male Adults Members of The Art Of Living Centre, Kuala Lumpur And Bukit Mertajam Hong Ya Chee 2008
119 Effects Of Guat Addition In Chapati Supplemented With Pumpkin(Cucurbita Maxima)Flour Desiree Cheng 2008
120 Nutritional Status, Dietry And Lifestyle Habits Of Adolescents In The Welfare Home Stephanie Chen 2008
121 Knowledge And Consumption Of Trans Fatty Acids Among Medical Professionals In Perak Community Specialist Hospital(PCSH) Leong Liyee 2008
122 Knowledge And Practices Of Probiotics Among Mothers Aged 20 - 40 Years Old In Teluk Intan Leong Hui Yi 2008
123 Weight Status, Body Image Perception And Dietry Practices Among Young Adults (19-29 Years Old) In USJ 13, Subang Jaya Lam Kit Wen 2008
124 Knowledge Attitude And Practice Towards Nutrition Labelling Betty Kiu Boon Sin 2008
125 Survival Of Encapsulated Lactobacillus Acidophilus LA-5(Extrusion Technique) In Bile Liew Cai Hong 2008
126 Development of "Kaya" By Using Inulin As Sugar Replace Tay Saw Ean 2008
127 Nanotechnology review: A perspective of dairy products manufacturer in Klang Valley, malaysia Foo Yeow Wan 2008
128 A study on the Nutritional value and sensory evaluation on 'Good Source-Fiber' Muffin with Jackfruit seed flou Winnie Lo Ja Yee 2008
129 The Knowledge of chronic kidney disease among White Collar Workers Low Zhi Ying 2008
130 Development of four independent formulation of Chinese Herbal Ice Cream by using Red Jujube Puree Tan Zhi Wei 2008
131 Knowledge on type 2 Diabetes Mellitus, attitude and practice towards healthy lifestyle in the prevention of type 2 Diabetes Mellitus among Pre-University students in UCSI. Kong Siau Fui 2008
132 Nutritional Status And Food Insecurity Among Gurkha Children In Kuala Lumpur And Selangor Jacklyn Kang Pui Yee 2008
133 Development Of Soymilk Ice-Cream Yog Xiou Hang 2008
134 Evaluation Of Breastfeeding Knoewledge And Attitude Among The Staff Of University College Sedaya International Choo Woan Ching 2008
135 Osteoporosis Knowledge, Beliefs, and Prevention Among Teachers in Primary Schools at Bandar Maharan Lim Chung Chea 2008
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138 Weight Status, Body Image Perception and Physical Activity Among Adults At Taman Connaught Working Areas, Cheras Kuala Lumpur Tham Yip Sim 2008
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140 Production Of Cookies Using Jackfruit (Artocarpus heterophyllus) Seed Yap Shu Bin 2008
141 Effects Of Different Brown Slab Sugar And Lemon (Citrus Limon) Concentrations On Sensory And Physicochemical Properties Of Red Dragon Fruit (Hylocereus polyrhizus) Enzymatic Drink Kam Yew Seng 2008
142 Phenolic Profiles And Antioxidant Activities Of Wild Edible And Cultivated Mushrooms As Affected By Extraction Solvents And Time Ho Swee Kheng 2008
143 Development Of Soybean Nugget With Guar Gum Sharmala a/p Kanapathy Pillai 2008
144 Chinese Herbal Ice Cream (Jujube And Chinese Wolfberry Fruit) Chai Chek Lee 2008
145 Phenolic Profiles And Antioxidant Activities Of Wild Edible And Cultivated Mushrooms As Affected By Extraction Solvents And Time Lee Mei Yee 2008
146 Comparative Study Of Antioxidant Properties Between Wild Edible Mushroom (Pleurotus sp.) And Cultivated Mushroom (Pleurotus ostreatus) Tan Chai Tin 2008
147 Effects Of Different Rock Honey And Lemon (Citrus Limon) Concentrations On Sensory And Physicochemical Properties Of Red Dragon Fruit (Hylocereus polyrhizus) Enzymatic Drink Ong Yien Yien 2008
148 Evaluation Of Antioxidant Activities Of Hygrocybe Conica, Lentinus Ciliatus, And Pleurotus Ostreatus (Cultivated Mushroom) Ng Yoon Chun 2008
149 Perception And Attitude Towards Nutrition Information Among Consumers In Sungei Wang Plaza,Kuala Lumpur. Loo Jo Lin 2009
150 Comparative Study On Polyphenol Antioxidant Activity Of Misai Kucing (Orthosiphon Stamieus) Grude Extrac Khoo Mei Zhi 2009
151 Perception.Knowledge And Behaviour Toward Weight Management Among Consumers In Sungei Wang Plaza,Kuala Lumpur. Ng Siang Yang 2009
152 Comparative Study On Polyphenol Antioxidant Activity Of Hempedu Bumi(Andrographis Paniculata) Grude Extract Thoo Yin Yin 2009
153 Effects Of Different Yellow Rock Sugar And Lemon(Citrus Limon) Concentrations On Sensory And Physicochemical Properties Of Red Dragon Fruits(Hylocereus Polyrhizus) Enzymatic Drink Ho Hui Ling 2009
154 Effects Of Brown Sugar And Lemon (Citrus Limon) Concentrations On Sensory And Physicochemical Properties Of Red Dragon Fruits (Hylocereus Polyrhizus) Enzymatic Drink. Ong Hsin Wei 2009
155 Comparative Study On Polyphenol Antioxidant Activity Of Pegaga (Centella Astatica) Grude Extrac Ng Shieh Yen 2009
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157 Development Of Traditional Chinese Herbal Drinks With Antioxidative Properties Lee Chieh Yee 2009
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159 Survey On Knowledge, Perception And Consumption Of Junk Food In Relation With Obesity Among Students From The Faculty Of Applied Sciences At UCSI UNIVERSITY. Sharon Ng See Peng 2009
160 Attitude,Perception And Practices Among Consumers In carrefour Hypermarket, Wangsa Maju In Relation Towards Nutrition And Weight management. Preetie @ Ranjeeta Kaur 2009
161 The Effects of Yomeishu On Growth Of Probiotic And Pathogenic Bacteria Chong Liong Sze 2009
162 Assessment Of Cadmium (CD) And Lead (Pb) In The Flesh Tissues Of Indian Mackerel (Rastrelliger Kanagurta) from Klang Valley Markets. Quah Sean Gaik 2009
163 Effect Of Flaxseed Oil Towards Physicochemical And Sensory Characteristics Of Reduced Fat Ice Creams And Its stability In Ice Creams Upon Storage Lim Chin Wei 2009
164 A Study On The Evaluation Of Time And Temperature On Cookies With Jackfruit (Artocarpus Heterophyllus) Seed Flour Too Poh Han 2008
165 Optimization Of Extraction Conditions Of Antioxidative Compounds From Schizophyllum Commune Using Response Surface Methodology (RSM) Low Jia Yin 2009
166 The Effect Of Different Concentrations Of Boiled Yomeishu On The Growth Of Probiotic And Pathogenic Bacteria Chong Chia Sian 2009
167 Knowledge,Attitude And Practice On Food Safety Among Selected Cohort Of Working Adults Che Wen Qi 2009
168 The Effects Of Oolong Tea On The Growth Of pathogenic Bacteria And Probiotics Julie Ho Li Hui 2009
169 Determination Of Microbiological Quality Of Drinking Water From Different Sources In UCSI UNIVERSITY Teo Hui jen 2009
170 Assessment Of Cadmium (Cd) And Lead (Pb) In The Flesh Tissues Of Barramundi (lates Calcarifer) From klang Valley Market Cecilia Tian Li Vun 2009
171 Assessment Of Cadmium And lead In The Flesh Tissues Of Sardinella Fimbriata From Klang Valley Markets. Rita Chien Ai Jen 2009
172 Knowledge,Perception And Awareness Of Halal Among Full Time Academic Staff Of UCSI UNIVERSITY Khoo Chee Yong 2009
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174 Chemical Analysis Of Kitchen Waste Compost With Quail Manure Additive Yeap Yu Hean 2009
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176 Antioxidant Intake And Nutritional Status Among Chinese Elderly In Selected Old Folks Home Lee Wai kah 2009
177 Tolerance Of Commercial Probiotics In Simulated Gastric pH And Bile Solutions Hendra Lim 2009
178 A Study On The Evaluation Of Sensory Parameters Assessment Of Time And Temperature On Muffin With Jackfruit Seed Flour Ong Wen Jee 2009
179 Development Of Butter Cookies Supplemented With Rambutan (Nephelium lappaceum) Seed Nibs As By-Product Amanda Loh Yunn Syn 2009
180 Survival Of Commercial Probiotic Strains To Low Ph And Bile Sahadeva A/l R Prem Kumar 2009
181 Production Of Less Oily Chicken Nuggets With And Without Prefrying Treatment Kenneth Cheong Hsien Wei 2008
182 Tolerance Of Commercial Probiotics Simulated Gastric pH And Bile In The Human Gastrointestinal Tract Lim Yu Min 2008
183 Effects Of Different Fine Granulated White Sugar And lemon (Citrus Limon) Concentrations On Sensory And Physicochemical Properties Of Red Dragon Fruit (Hylocereus Polyrhizus) Enzymatic Drink Wong Sook Yi 2009
184 Survey On Knowledge And Consumption Level Of Honey Among UCSI UNIVERSITY Staf Liew Yee Seng 2009
185 Development Of Cookies Using Jackfruit (Artocarpus Heterophyllus) Seed As By- Product Hester Hew Ve-Han 2009
186 Assessment Of Heavy Metals (Cadmium And Lead) In Grouper (Epinephelus Spp.) By Using Atomic Absorption Spectrometer Foo See Wei 2009
187 Optimization Of Extraction Of Antioxidative Compounds From Schizophyllum Commune Using Response Surface Methodology (RSM) Vigneswara Rao 2009
188 Development Of Pasta By Subtitution Of Soy Flour Chan Jia Yin 2008
189 Survey On The Knowledge And Consumption Of Honey And Bee Products Among Malaysian In Tay Hup Brothers Construction Sdn.Bhd. Tay Yee Yee 2009
190 Nutritional Status And Antioxidant Intake Assessment Among Elderly In Selected Old Folks Homes In Relation With Mild Cognitive Impairment. Ang Shirley 2009
191 Chemical Analysis Of Kitchen Waste Compost With Chicken Manure As Additive. Kher Joe Chi 2009  
192 Product Acceptability And Knowledge On Probiotics In Cultured Milk Drinks Among Administrative Staff Cheng Siew Ting 2009
193 Comparison Between The Knowledge,Product Acceptability And Practices On Probiotics In Cultured Milk Drink Among The Consumers In The Urban And Rural Area Of Alor Setar,Kedah. Lim Woan Mei 2009
194 Effectiveness Of Breast Cancer Awareness Educational Programme Among UCSI UNIVERSITY'S Female Students. Leong Jing Wan 2009
195 Survey On The Knowledge And Consumption Of Honey Among Bachelor Degree Students From Faculty Of Applied Sciences Nik Nur Alia Ezzni 2009
196 Assessing The Knowledge And Consumption Of Fruits And Vegetables Among Students Of S.M.K.(P) Methodist Klang Ng Huey Yi 2009  
197 Evaluation Of Antioxidative Capacity Of Pomelo (Citrus Maxima) Fruit Peels Yong Chgee Han 2009
198 Production Of Nutritious Ice Cream Formulated With Virgin Coconut Oil Leong Shwee Khuan 2009
199 Development Of Nutritious Virgin Coconut oil Formulated Ice Cream Choo Swit Yee 2009
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201 The Effects Of White Tea On The Growth Of Probiotics And pathogenic Bacteria Joyce Lim Yiyie 2009
202 Survival Of Commercial Probiotic Strain To Low pH And Bile Chan Hao Yuan 2009
203 Survival Of Commercial Probiotic Strains On Low pH And Bile Tan Choon Hock 2009
204 The Development Of White Dragon Fruit Ice Cream Ee Ken Nee 2009
205 Evaluation Of Antioxidant Activity Of Pleurotus Ostreatus (Cultivated Mushroom Lim San Keat 2009
206 Development Of Chinese Herbal Drink With Antioxidant Properties. Low Pik Ying 2009
207 Survival Of Commercial Probiotics Strains To Low PH And Bile Chua Kui Hua 2009
208 Knowledge Awareness And Perception Towards Food Safety Among Food Science And Nutrition Students In UCSI UNIVERSITY. Hoo Yeng Sun 2009
209 Knowledge Attitute And Practice Towards Food Safety Among Students In Faculty Of Management And Information Technology Of UCSI UNIVERSITY. Lina Yeo Sze Leng 2009
210 Food Habits And Dietary Intake Of Urban Adults At Bukit Bintang Area, Kuala Lumpur Lee Pui Ling 2008
211 Consumption And Barriers To Intake Of Fruits, Vegetables And Dairy Foods Among Students Of SMK Kwang Hua,Klang Tan Pei Ching 2009
212 Dietary Habits And Physical Activities Among Consumers In Selected Shopping Malls In Georgetown, Penang Saw Say Ning 2009
213 Survival Of Commercial Probiotic Strains To Low Ph And Bile Leong Sok Fon 2009
214 Effects Of External Factors On Physicochemical Properties And Percentage Of Recovery Volume Of Red Dragon Fruit(Hylocereus Polyrhizus) Enzymatic Drink Cane Sugar Lemon System Loo Wei Ning 2009
215 Survey On Organic Food Knowledge,Attitude And Practice Among Organic Food Consumer In Organic Outlet At Taman Midah,Cheras,KL Tam Yee Mun 2009
216 Effect Of External Parameters On Physico-Chemical Properties And Percentage Of Recovery Volume Of Red Dragon Fruit (Hylocereus Polrhizus) Enzymatic Drinks (Cane Sugar System) Kong Su Teng 2009
217 A Study On The Effectiveness Of Breast Cancer Awareness Intervention Programme Among UCSI University Female Staff Azuin Binti Abdul Aziz 2009
218 Effect Of External Parameters On Physico-Chemical Properties And Percentage Of Recovery Volume Of Red Dragon Fruit (Hylocereus Polrhizus) Enzymatic Drinks (Cane Sugar System) Yong Ai Wei 2009
219 Effects Of External Parameters On Physico-Chemical Properties And Percentage Of Recovery Volume Of Red Dragon Fruit (Hylocereus Polyrhizus) Enzymatic Drink (Brown Sugar Lemon System) Lim Ee Jia 2009
220 Survey On Consumers' Knowledge Towards "Natural Ingredient" Contents In Shampoos Among Teenagers In Urban And Rural Areas In Specific Locations In Perak Catherine Tan Cheau Yun 2009
221 Dietary Habits And Physical Activity Among Teenagers In Encounter Youth Camp Debbie Ann Loh 2009
222 Study On The Physicochemical And microbiological Growth Profile Of The Self - Developed Formula red Dragon Fruit (Hylocereus Polyrhizus) enzymatic Drink During Fermentation Process Goh Pei Fen 2009
223 Survey On Knowledge,Perception And Consumption Of Junk Foods In Relation With Obesity Among Secondary School Students Wan Chee Yen 2009
224 Survey On Knowledge,Perception And Consumption Of Junk Foods Among Science Stream Secondary School Students At Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Taman Connaught. Elaine Fong Hoyan 2009
225 Optimization Of Extraction Phenolic Antioxidants From Roselle (Hibiscus sabdariffa L.) Calyces Using response Surface methodology(RSM ) Lee Sh'n Yee 2009
226 Nutritional Knowledge On Edible Oil And Consumption Of Edible Oil Among The Population At Taman Muda,CherasKuala Lumpur Loh Sook Yee 2009
227 Knowledge Of Dietry Fiber And Consumption Of Fiber Among UCSI First Year Undergraduates From Faculty Of Applied Sciences And Faculty Of Management & IT Winnie Kung Xin Zhi 2009
228 Extraction Of The Antimicrobial Compound(s )From Commercial Virgin Coconut Oil By Using Methanol Winnie Sia Chiaw Mei 2009
229 Optimisation Of Extraction Of Phenolic Antioxidants From Mengkudu (Morinda Citrifolia) Using Response Surface Methodology (RSM ) Liang Jia Yun 2009
230 Optimization Of Extraction Conditions Of Phenolic Compound And Antioxidative Capacity From Wild Edible Mushroom,PLEUROTUS SP Koo Sze May 2009
231 The Chemical And Physicochemical Properties Of Raw And Solid State Fermented Jackfruit Seed Powder : A Comparison Study Kee Kai Tze 2009
232 Development Of Reduced Sugar "KAYA" Using Soy Milk & Inulin Chew Yuwen 2009
233 Product Development Of "KAYA" With Partial Subtitution Of Inulin As Sugar Replacer Tiew Hooi Nee 2009
234 New Formulation Of Reduced Fat Kaya By Subtituting Coconut Milk With Soymilk Chan Yee Woon 2009
235 Knowledge Of Tobacco Related Health Risks And Cigarette Smoking Practice Among UCSI University Students Chin Ek Sia 2009
236 Survival Of Commercial Probiotic Strains To Low Ph And Bile Tong Ee Von 2009
237 Optimisation Of Extraction Conditions For Phenolic Compounds From Dukung Anak (Phyllanhus Niruri )By Response Surface Methodology Tan Phui Yee 2009
238 Survey On Knowledge And Awarwness Towards Food Preservatives In Bread Taken By Adults In Penan Ng Lih Horng 2009
239 Survey On Knowledge And Consumption Of Virgin Coconut Oil Among Shoppers In Aeon Wellness Pharamacy. One Utama, Selangor. Yap Wen Jye 2009
240 Survey On Knowledge And Awareness Towards Preservatives Contain In Carbonated Soft drink Taken By Teenagers In Certain Location In Malaysia. Lim Xue Ying 2009
241 Product Development Of Cookies Supplemented With Rambutan Seed As A By Product Chua Wee Sin 2009
242 Eating Attitude, Lifesytle Pratices And Body Image Perception Among Malaysia And African Female Students In UCSI university Tan Zhu Yee 2009
243 Quality Of Vegeballs Containing Legume Flours As Extenders Koh Vivian 2009
244 Extraction Of The Antimicrobial Compound(s )From Gelam Comb Honey And Multifloral Comb Honey Teow Woan Jiung 2009
245 Effects Of Poliydextrose Toward Viability Of Probiotic And Physicochemical Properties Of Ice Cream Chua Shin Ying 2009
246 Optimization Of extraction Conditions Of Phenolic Compounds And Antioxidative Compounds From Commercial PLEUROTUS OSTREATUS. Lim Sze Mun 2009
247 Effects Of Inulin On The Sensory, Microbiological And Physicochemical Properties Of Soy Yogurt Tee Chia Sin 2009
248 Consumer Perception On Organic Food In Selected Areas Of Kuala Lumpur. Lum King Hui 2009
249 Effects Of Inulin On The Physicochemical , Microbiological And sensory properties Of Fat-Free Yogur Khoo Sing Yee 2009
250 Production Of Partially Hydrolysed Sago Starch-Alginate Based Biodegradable Film And Coating With Antimicrobial Propety Ong kai Li 2009
251 Knowledge,Perception And Attitude Toward MSG Among Students From Faculty Of Management And Information Technology In UCSI University Tan Zhu Zhen 2009
252 Comparisons Of Eating Habits, Nutrition Knowledge And Health Belief Between Adolescents And Their Parents Goh Ee Von 2009
253 Production Of partially Hydrolysed Sago Starch-Alginate Biodegradble Film And Coating To Improve Quality Of fresh-Cut Fruits. Marilyn The Jia Wen 2009
254 Production Of Partially Hydrolysed Sago Starch-Alginate Based Biodegradable Film And Coating With Antimicrobial Propety Ong kai Li 2009
255 Knowledge Towards Natural Ingrediet Contains In Body Wash Among Adults At BMS Organic Centre, Great Eastern Mall , Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur. Yeow Fong Leng 2009
256 Fruits And Vegetables Consumption And Knowledlge Among Adolesecent Girls In S.M.K(P) Methodist Klang Looi Wei Zheng 2009
257 Hating Attitude, Lifestyle Practices And Body Image Perception Among Middle Eastern And Local Students In UCSI University. Koh Hui Jie 2009
258 Effect Of Polydextrose Toward Viablity Of Probiotic And Physicohemical Properties Of Ice Cream Chua Sing Ying 2009
259 Production Of Partially Hydrolysed Sago Starch-Alginate Based Biodegradable Film And Coating For Deep-Fat Fried Product. Chai Kwee Xiang 2009
260 Product Development Of Cookies Supplemented With Jackfruit (Artocarpus Heterophyllus Lam.)Seed As By-Product. Bernadet Irenem Kusumawardani 2009
261 Activity-Guided Purification And Evaluation Of Free Radical Scavenging Components Of Pleurotus sp Mah Sook Yee 2009
262 Antimicrobial Effects of Pesticides Cheah Wai Han 2009
263 Assessment Of Gadmium And Lead In The Organs Of Lates Calcarifer From markets In Klang Valley. Yeong Yin 2009
264 Assessment Of Cadmium (Cd)And Lead (Pb) In the Organs Of Scad Mackerel (Decapterus Maruadsi) from Klang Valley markets. Nor Hasyimah bt Ahmad Kamal 2009
265 Product Development Of Cookies Supplemented With Jackfuit (Artocarpus Heterophyllus) Seed Nibs As By-Product Lee Ching Yee 2009
266 Eating Attitude,Dietary Practices And Body Image Perception Among A Sample Of Female Adolescents In Klang, Selangor. Tiew Shook Hui 2009
267 Practices, Knowledge And Perception Of Students In UCSI University Towards Handwashing habi Lee Sook Teng 2009
268 Free Radical Scavenging activity Of Olive Oil and Oil Fractions Using 2,2-Diphenyl -1- Picrylhydrazyl (DPPH Leong Chia Ming 2009
269 Observation Study On Hand Washing Habit In UCSI University Fung Min Yi 2009
270 Antimicrobial Effects Of Selected Wild Honey And Commercial Honey Available In Malaysian Market Against Pathogenic Bacteria Liou Wing San 2009
271 Activity-Guided Partial Purification Of free radical Scavenging And Phenolic Compounds From Pleurotus sp Tharmapriya 2009
272 Effects Of Domestic Cooking Methods Towards Physicochemical And Sensory Properties Of Chicken Frankfurter-Style Sausages Lim Hui Ling 2009
273 Free Radical Scavenging Activity Of Rice Bran Oil By Using 1,1-Diphenyl-1- Picrylhydrazyl (DPPH) Pung Kim Hao 2010
274 Inulin Fortified Chocolate Cookies Thong Yik Chih 2010
275 Optimisation Of Extraction Phenolic Antioxidants From Pegag(Centella Asiatica) Using response Surface Methodology (RSM) Melisa Pang JiunShan 2010
276 Effect Of Fermentation Duration On The Microbiological Growth Profiles And Physicochemical Characteristics of The self Developed Red Dragon Fruit (Hylocereus polyrhizus) enzymatic Drinks During Fermentation Process Ban Leong 2010
277 Optimisation Of Extraction Conditions For Phenolic Compounds And Antioxidant Capacities From Misai Kucing (Orthosiphon Stamineus) By Response Surface Methodology. Chew Jia Wen 2010
278 Knowledge And Consumptions Of Cooking Oils Among Consumers In Miri Sarawak, Yap Siu Xian 2010
279 Antioxidant Properties: Effect Of Differents Powder Sizes And Storage Periods On Antioxidants Compounds And Capacities Stability Of Dukung Anak (Phyllanthus niruri) Wong Bao Ying 2010
280 Effects Of Cane Sugar Concentrations and Fermantation DurationS On Physicochemical Properties And Percentage Of Recovary Volume Of Red Dragon Fruit (Hylocereus polyrhizus)ENZYMATIC DRINKS Chook Pui Man 2010
281 Effect Of Lactitol On The Viabality Of Probiotic Bacteria And The Physicochemical And Sensory Characteristics In Low Fat Probiotic Ice Cream Lim Fung Lye 2010
282 Survey On Knowledge,Attitude And Practices On Breakfast Consumption Among Working Adults In UCSI University Kong Hui Yin 2010
283 Assesment Of Cadmium (Cd)And Lead (Pb)In The Organs Of Nemipterus japonicus From Wet Markets And Supermarkets In Klang Valley Goh Sook Kuan 2010
284 A comparative Study Of Extra Virgin Olive Coconut Oil And Grape Seed Oil Againts Domestic Deep Frying Chew Kin Ken 2010
285 Tolerance Of Probiotic Supplement (Powder Form) In Simulated Gastric Ph And Bile Tan Cheng Siew 2010
286 Knowledge,Attitude And Practices On Food Safety Among Students In UCSI University Tham Shze Been 2010
287 Assesment On The Knowledge Of Food Guide Pyramid And Eating Habits Among Biotechnology And Accounting Students In UCSI University Yeo Chi Chung 2010
288 Assessment Of Cadmium (Cd) And Lead (Pb) n The Muscles And Organs Of Barramundi (Lates calcarifer)From Klang Valley Markets Low Wai Kuen 2010
289 Development Of Less Fat Chicken Nuggets With Pre-Frying Step Using Different Flour Asleena Mariyaras 2010
290 Optimization Of Phenolic Extraction And Antioxidant Activity From The Roselle Seed Oil By Using Response Surface Methodology (RSM) Mooi Ngan Ling 2010
291 Assesment Of Cadmium (Cd ) And Lead (Pb) In The Flesh Tissues And Organs Of Indian Mackerel (Rastrelliger kanagurta ) From Klang Valley Markets Lee Cheng Yuh 2010
292 Antimicrobial Effect Of Pesticides Shashvina A/P T.Vilagovindan 2010
293 Microbiological Quality Of Different Types Of Drinking Water Of An Organization In Kuala Lumpur Lau Fang Yin 2010
294 Microbiological Quality Of Different Types Of Drinking Water Of An Organization In Kuala Lumpur Huan Hui Chieng 2010
295 Nutritional Knowledge And Intake Of Fruits And Vegetables Among UCSI University Students Kher Joe Yan 2010
296 Proximate And Functional Properties Of Dietary Fibre In Sugarcane Bagasse Leang Yew Hume 2010
297 Free Radical Scavening Activity Of Extra Virgin Olive Oil And Fractions Using 2,2- DIPHENYL-1-Picrylhydrazyl (DPPH) Lo Vun Fui 2010
298 Detection And Quantifications Of Heavy Metals Cadmium And Lead In The Organs Of Rastrellinger Kanagurta From Markets In Klang Valley Kevin Yaw Terg Chi 2010
299 Activity-Guided Purification And Evaluation Of Free Radical Scavenging Components From Schizophyllum commune Goh Eheng Sheng 2010
300 Measure Of Body Composition Among Male Students In UCSI University,Based On Country Of Residence Using Bioeletrical Impedance Analysis Cara Evelyn Monique Staussi 2010
301 Effect Of Differents Cane Sugar Concentration And Fermentation Durations On Microbiological Profile And Percentage Of Recovery Volume Of Red Drago n Fruit (Hylocereus Polyrhizus)Enzymatic Drink Lo Yin Yin 2010
302 Assesment of Cadmium and Lead In The Organs Of Indian Nackerel (Rastrelliger kanagurta) From Klang Valley Markets Tang Yen Teng 2010
303 The Use of Unripe Green Banana Flour As A Functional Ingredient In Home-style 'Pan Mee' NoodleLEffect On Physico chemical Properties, Sensory Properties, And Consumer Acceptability Chia Chee Chuan 2010
304 Knowledge, Attitude, And Practice On Breakfast Among Third Year Students of Food Science And Nutrition In UCSI University Daa Haitham Saleh 2010
305 Study On Stability Of Phenolic Antioxidant Compounds And Antioxidant Capacities Of Misai Kucing (Orthosiphon Stamineus) Khow Hong Yi 2010
306 Study On Stability Of Phenolic Antioxidant Compounds And Antioxidant Capacities Of Mengkudu (Morinda Citrifolia) Carmen FU Wai Foong 2010
307 Addition Of Flaxseed Flour In Homestyle Noodle As A Functional Ingredien Lim Zhi Hui 2010
308 Antioxidant Properties: Effect Of Solid-To-Solvent Ratio, Different Particle Sizes And Storage Periods On Antioxidant Compounds And Capacities Stability Of Pegaga (Centella asiatica) Tan Pei Win 2010
309 The Effect Of Dietary Sodium On Blood Pressure In Older Adults And Elderly Population Lim Yii Sin 2010
310 Assessment Of Heavy Metals Cadmium And Lead In Epinephelus Sexfasciatus From Markets In Klang Valley Pearline Ng Heng Chu 2010
311 Formulation Of New Polyphenol-rich Beverages And Its Stability Tests Liew Kah Hong 2010
312 A Study On Inulin As Fat Replacer On Muffin Substituted With Chempedak Seed Flour At Different Time And Temperature Grace Eu Suk Chiew 2010
313 Nutritional Status And Mild Cognitive Impairment Assessment Among The Elderly Living In Old Folks Home And Home Teoh Lay Yau 2010
314 Assessment Of Cadmium Dan Lead In Saltwater Fish, Epinephelus Sexfasciatus (Sixbar Grouper) From Markets In Klang Valley Angelina Ee Mei Quee 2010
315 Assessment Of Cadmium And Lead In The Organs Of Sardine(Sardinella gibbosa) In Selected Klang Valley Markets Ng Hui Cheng 2010
316 Microbiological Quality Of Different Types Of Drinking Water Of An Organization In Kuala Lumpur See Ya Yuan 2010
317 Knowledge, Attitude And Practices On Breakfast Consumption Among Lower Secondary Two Chinese Students Of SMK Taman Connaught Goh Ee Vian 2010
318 Antioxidant Properties Of Pisang Abu (Musa Paradisiaca) And Pisang Kapas (Musa Accuminata) Pee Toh Pui Yee 2010
319 Minimal Inhibitory Concentration (MIC) Determination Of Antimicrobial Compounds From Fruits Of Momordica Charantia L. Using acetone Lim Shin Yi 2010
320 Effect Of Unripe Green Banana Flour On The Physico-Chemical Properties, Sensory Characteristics And onsumers Acceptability Of Chinese Steamed Bread Wu Ying Wen 2010
321 Effect Of Different Frying Temperatures On The Proximate And Sensory Profile Of Deep Fried Chicken Nugget Khaw Ooi San 2010
322 Comparison Of The Survival Of Lactobacillus Acidophilus In Classic And Less Sugar Cultural Milk Drink Towards Low PH and Bile Choo Thong Thong 2010
323 Effect Of Green Tea On Pathogenic Bacteria Fan Yoong Sheng 2010
324 Oxidative Stability Of Sunflower Oil Supplimented With Pleurotus Porrigens Extracts During Accelerated Storage Liow Mei Lian 2010
325 Effects Of Headspae-Content Ratios In Differents Size Of Air Tight Glass Jars On Physicochemical Properties And Microbiological Profile Of Red Dragon Fruit (Hylocereus Polyrhizus) Enzymatic Drink Lee Sue Yee 2010
326 Effects Of Fermentation Duration And Cane Sugar Concentartion OnMicrobiologocal Profile Of Red Dragon Fruit (Hylocereus polyrhizus) Enzymatic Drink Wong Sook leng 2010
327 Oxidate Stability Of Sunflower Oil Supplimented With Schizophyllum Commune Extracts During Accelerated Storage Heng Pei Ying 2010
328 The use Of Resistant Starch In Snack Foods : Effect On Sensory Properties And Proximal Composition Chin Kai Shien 2010
329 Sustainability Of Probiotic Supplements In Tablet Form To Simulated Gastric PH And Bile How Choi Kuen 2010
330 Analysis Of Preservati (Benzoic Acid And Sorbic Acid) In Locally In Manufactured Canned Baverages By High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) Yap Wye Ken 2010
331 Food Survey On The Knowledge, Attitude And Practice On Breakfast Consumption Among A Levels Students In UCSI University Jaclyn Ooi Su Yin 2010
332 A Study On Innulin As Sugar Replacer On Muffin Substitute With Jackfruit Flour At Different Time And Temperature Kam Pei Yee 2010
333 Body image perception, eating attitude, dietary practices and physical activity among female adolescents in Sekolah Seri Suria Sivapria A/P Selvaraj 2010
334 Comparison of different types and cencentrations of hydrocolloids on fat content and sensory properties of instant noodle Daryl Glory A/P Patrick 2010
335 Nutritionan status and physical activity of female adolescents with Sri Sedaya and Sri Kuala Lumour private school Diana Hu Ping Ping 2010
336 Efects Of cane sugar concentrations and fermantation during on physicocamical properties and persentage of recovery volume or red dragon fruit (Hylocereus polyrhizus) Siow Wei Wei 2010
337 Survey on the knowledge, attitude and practices of breakfast consumption among primary four and primary five students in Sekolah Sri Lethia and Sekolah Sri Acmar in Klang Teo Li Anne 2010
338 Effect of partial subtitution of wheat flour with commercial resistant starch on the physicochemical properties, sensory attributes and consumer accceptability of Mantou Gan Lee Chen 2010
339 Survival of probiotic strains in aselected supplement capsule to low pH and bile Wong Ping Huey 2010
340 Production Of Partially Hydrolysed Sago Starch-Alginate coating to improve quality of fresh-cut fruit Goh Yee Wei 2010
341 Assessment of Pb and Cd in Sardinella fimbriata from markets in Klang Valley Malaysia Amanda Marie Paul Dousip 2010
342 Survey on breakfast consumption of the primary five students from SJK C Chien Chi in Johor Bahru Quah Wei Ying 2010
343 Development of cookies by using jackfruit (Artocarpus heterophyllus) seeds as by product Hung Wei Wei 2010
344 Antioxidative and antimicrobial activity of extract and oil from pumpkin seed Chong Pick Lin 2010
345 A Comparative study of oxidative stability of extra virgin olive oil, virgin coconut oil and grape seed oil upon heat treatment and storage Christina Yu Sui Na 2010
346 Formulations of ployphenol-rich beverages and its stability tests Yip Pui Ling 2010
347 Activity-guided partial purification of free radical scavenging components of Hygrocybe conica Chong E Laine 2010
348 Breastfeeding and weaning practices among Malay and Chinese polulations in Klang Chong Yee Wun 2010
349 Development of deep-fried noodles with less oil absorption properties Chong Pik Han 2010
350 Microbiological quality of different types of bottled water Then Siew Wei 2010
351 Food safety knowledge, attitude and practise among food handles at night market Lee Wei Ning 2010
352 Antioxidant properties of selected Carica papaya cv. 'sekaki' peel and seed Ng Lei Yoon 2010
353 Antioxidant properties of selected Musa Acuminata peels Leong Fei Shan 2010
354 Female consumers awareness and perception towards safety aspects and benefits of red dragon fruit fermented liquid in klang valley Chai Sin Cher 2010
355 Barriers to exclusive breastfeeding among malay and chinese mother in klang Callista Joanne Fernandez 2010
356 Food safety knowledge, attitude and practise among food hawkers in jasin town area Ong Chin Min 2010
357 Survival of probiotics in growing-up formula to temperature, low ph and bile Koh Jessie 2010
358 Extraction and ditermination of minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) of antimicrobial compounds from fruits of Momordica Charantia 'L using ethyl acetate and hexane Teong Lee Zi 2010
359 The comparison between the survival of probiotics strain in classic and less sugar cultured milk drink towards low ph and bile Karyn Ng 2010
360 Activity-guided partial purification of free radical scavenging components of Citrus hystrix Chua Kah Weng 2010
361 Antioxidant and antimicrobial activities of extract and oil from kenaf seed Yeo Ci Pei 2010
362 Analysis of preservative (Benzoic Acid) in locally manufactured isotonic drinks by high performance liquid chromatography Goh Shieh Yee 2010
363 Perception, knowledge and awareness of water quality among UCSI Food Science & Nutrition students Komathy Packrismy 2010
364 Effect of storage time and temperature on physico-chemical and microbiological properties of commercial fermented dragon fruit enzyme drink, pitacacti delight Foong Jia Huan 2010
365 Effects of different frying temperatures on physiochemical and sensory attributes of deep fried fish chips Sandra Shim Siau Sze 2010
366 Analysis of benzoic acid in local manufactured milk by high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC Tang Fong Tieng 2010
367 Antioxidant properties of watermelon (Citrullus lanatus) RIND Lam Pei Yee 2010
368 Antioxidant and antimicrobial activities of roselle seed oil and extrac Teh Yu Nen 2010
369 Study the effect of organic acids in fermented Hylocereus polurhizus drinks according to different storage period and storage temperature by high performance liquid Tan Bant Tin 2011
370 Microbiological quality of selected ready-to-eat fod Varinderjit Singh 2011
371 The impact of hydration status on body composition assessment by bioelectrical impedance analysis in atheletes and non-atheletes Chang Chung Yuan 2011
372 Production, physiochemical properties and sensory evalution of energy bar with incorporation of desiccated coconut Wong Yee Ying 2011
373 Physio-chemical properties of pumpkin (Cucurbita Pepo.L) seeds and rinds in the application in food (bread) Lau Michelle 2011
374 Survey-dietary suppliments: opinions usage and consumption pattern among elderly population Tan Sue San 2011
375 n vitro antioxidant and antimicrobial activities of oil from pumpkin (Cucurbita Pepo.L) seed Ooi Ee Ming 2011
376 Assessment of lead and calcium in sixbar grouper from wet markets and supermarkets in Klang Valley, Malaysia Chin Hoi Yuan 2011
377 Development of cookies using rambutan seed nims (seed as by-product) Chen Ai Lin 2011
378 Knowledge and consumption of ascorbic acid among upper secondary chinese students of SMK Taman Connaught, Cheras Ooi Hooi Leng 2010
379 Survey on knowledge and consumptions towards green tea extracts among staffs in Foon Yew High School, Johor Bahru Ho Man Chee 2010
380 Consumption and barriers to intake of fruits, vegetables and dairy foods among students of SMKJ Yok Bin, Malacca Chai Sie Nee 2011
381 A survey of Halal knowledge, perception and awareness among Malay and Chinese students in UCSI Universit Heng Khai Khee 2011
382 Method development and assessment of benzoic acid and sorbic acid in local manufactured ypgurt using HPLC Lien Zi Hui 2011
383 parental dietary and physical activity modeling and childhood obesit Dhwani Arvind Haria 2011
384 Survival of probiotics in soybean powder to low pH and bile Joan Yee Ai Wei 2011
385 Assessment of cadmium and lead in Parastromateus Niger from wet markets and supermarkets in Klang Valley Jemmy Merysa 2010
386 Eating attitude and body image perception among UCSI female students taking health science and nutrition relatedprograms & non health scienced related programs Zhang Wan Jing 2010
387 Antioxidant activity and phytochemical screening of Momordica Charantia fruit using petroleum ethe Hongario Chewandi 2011
388 Survey on knowledge, opinions and usages of dietary supplements among undergraduate of food sciences and nutritions at UCSI University Cindy Lai Yee Mei 2011
389 Microbiological examination of ready-to-eat sushi sampled from three hypermarkets at Cheras, Kuala Lumpur Shamila Shuhada Bt Ahemed Kamal 2011
390 Extraction and partial purication of antimicrobial compoundsnfrom leaves of hibiscus Rosa Sinensis Linn Fendy Yuanto 2011
391 BMI and three-factor eating questonnaire among Chinese younger and older female at Cheras Church, Kuala Lumpur Mah Tze Li 2010
392 Antagonistic activity of probiotics from cultured milk drinks on pathogen Chung Pooi Yee 2011
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394 Effects of storage time and storage temperature on microbiological and physiochemical properties of commercial red dragon fruit enzymatic drink, Forliko Chong Pei Nee 2011
395 Dietary Intake and Eating behaviour among female adolescents of Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Tengku Ampuan Rahimah, Klang Kwan Ei Ling 2010
396 Survey on knowledge and awareness towards preservatives in soy sauce taken by female consumer in PJS7 Bandar Sunway Mook Xue Mei 2010
397 Extraction and partial purifacation of antioxidant compounds in Momordica Charantia (Bittter Ground) using ethyl acetate Foo Yoke Heng 2010
398 Three factor eating questionnaires and body mass index (BMI) among the male students of different ethnicities in UCSI university Rashid Mohamed Ahmed 2010
399 HPLC analysis in apricot (Prunus armeniaca ), Sweet Almond (Prunus dulcis ), and hazelnut (Corylus cornuta ) Teo Yu Yan 2011
400 Antioxidant and antibacterial properties of leaves and flowers of Etlingers Elatior (kantan) Tan Vi Vian 2011
401 Antimicrobial compounds and phytochemical screenine of Momordica Charantiafruits extract by using petroleum ether Lois Kezia Sutardy 2011
402 Antioxidant and antibacterial properties of leaves and rhizomes of Alphinia Galanga (lengkuas) Low Yin Yin 2011
403 Knowledge, attitude and practices on food safety among housewives at Cheras Yong Xin Lan 2011
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406 Antioxidant and antibacterial properties of leaves and rhizomes of Curcuma Longa (kunyit) Ng Voon Pei 2011
407 Parental feeding styles in association with cjildhood obesity in totslchild preschools Chan Mei Ling 2011
408 HPLC analysis of flaxseed (Linum usitatissimum ), pumpkin seed (Cucurbitapepo ) and sunflower seed extracts (Helianthus annus ) Goh Chea Shien 2011
Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences


No Title Research by Year Abstract
1 Efficacy And Long-Term Effects Of Bone Marrow-Derived Stem Cells On Myocardial Functions After Acute Myocardial Infarction

Aye Su Mon Kywe 2013
2 Efficacy And Safety Of Laser And Light Treatments For Refractory/Resistant Melasma Aye Su Mon Kywe 2013
3 Role Of Mediterranean Diet In Cardiovascular Protection By Effects On Cholesterol Compositions Aye Su Mon Kywe 2013
4 Retrospective Study On Evaluation Of Efficacy And Safety Of Oral Capsule Sheep Placenta Extracts On Improvement In General Health And Skin Rejuvenation Lau Hee Sim 2013
5 Retrospective Study On Evaluation Of Efficacy And Safety Of A Fractional CO2 System,More-Xel, For Skin Resurfacing And Rejuvenation Lau Hee Sim 2013
6 Retrospective Study on Evaluation And Comparison Of Efficacy Of Testosterone Replacement Therapy For Late Onset Hypogonadism By Using Long-Acting Testosterone Injection (Nebido) And Topical Testosterone Gel (Androgel) In Daily Clinical Practice Lau Hee Sim 2013
7 Literature Review On Medical Purposes Of Intravenous Vitamin C And Its Possible Application On Facial skin Rejuvenation Rizin Bin L Kusop@Harry Kusop 2013
8 Literature Review On The Effectiveness Of Telomere Lengthening Agents In Human Regenerative Health Rizin Bin L Kusop@Harry Kusop 2013
9 Literature Review On Clinical Application Of Testosterone Undecanoate (TU) As Anti-Aging Hormone And Hormonal Contraception In Men Rizin Bin L Kusop@Harry Kusop 2013
10 Evaluation Of Patient Satisfaction After Receiving PRP Treatment: a Survey Dr.Rushmini Maris Binti Ismail 2013
11 Usage Of The Laser For Hair Removal: To Evaluate The Efficacy And Safety Of Different Types Of Laser Dr.Rushmini Maris Binti Ismail 2013
12 Effects Of Magnesium Supplementation On Blood Preasure And General Wellness Dr.Rushmini Maris Binti Ismail 2013
13 Evaluation Of Mainstream And Novel Therapies Available For Male Pattern Baldness Jasvant Singh A/L B.Kartar Singh 2013
14 Stem Cell Therapy For Articular Cartilage Regeneration Jasvant Singh A/L B.Kartar Singh 2013
15 Evaluation Of The Efficacy Of The Joint Supplements Glucosamine & Chondroitin In The Treatment Of Osteoarthritis Of The Knee Joint Jasvant Singh A/L B.Kartar Singh 2013
16 Topical Ascorbic Acid In Photoaging Skin Cheah Pei Lynn 2013
17 Evaluating The Efficacy Of First,Second And Third Generation Of Autologous Chondrocyte Implantation As Treatment For Symtomatic Full Thickness Cartilage Lesions Of Knee Joints Cheah Pei Lynn 2013
18 Exogenous Melatonin Administration As Treatment Option For Shift Work Disorder In Healthy Adultshifts Workers Cheah Pei Lynn 2013
19 Thyroxine Monotherapy (Or) Thyroxine and Tri. Iodothyronine Combination Therapy In Hypothyroidism Dr.Ei Thinzar Kyaw 2013
20 Efficacy And Safety Of Synergistic Action Of Multipolar Radiofrequency And Pulsed Magnetic Fields For Body Contouring(Retrospective Case Report) Dr.Ei Thinzar Kyaw 2013
21 Regeneration Of Healing Promoting Factors By Ozone Therapy In Management Of Chronic Diabetic Foot Ulcers Dr.Ei Thinzar Kyaw 2013
22 Evaluating The Use Of Dendritic Cells In Cancer Treatment A Literature Review Abd Khalid Jaafar 2013
23 ‘The Thyroid Connections’ Thyroid Hormones Deficiency Can Lead To Memory Impairment A Literature Review Abd Khalid Jaafar 2013
24 A Survey On The Usefulness Of Having a Web-Based Medical Record System For Patients (Aestheic and Medical) Abd Khalid Jaafar 2013
25 A Case Study : Efficacy Of Melasma Treatment With Combination Therapy (Alpha Arbutin + Vitamin C + Vitamin E + Tranexamic Acid + Q Switch ND: YAG Laser) Dr Norman Mohd Norawai 2013
26 A Case Study: The Effectiveness of Combinations of PRP and Honey on Treatment of Diabetic Non Healing Ulcer Dr Norman Mohd Norawai 2013
27 The Beneficial Effect of Omega 3 Fatty Acids on Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) and Hypercholesterolemia Dr Norman Mohd Norawai 2013
28 The Role of Coenzyme Q10 in Aging Heart in Improving Its Mitochondrial Function Dr Mohd Nasir Bin Othman @ Mustafa 2013
29 Treatment Of Stroke With Stem Cells- A Review Dr Mohd Nasir Bin Othman @ Mustafa 2013
30 Facial Fillers In Tissue Augmentation Techniques For Nasolabial Fold Dr Mohd Nasir Bin Othman @ Mustafa 2013
31 Evaluating The Efficacy And Safety Of Treatment Alternatives For Melasma Patients Who Do Not Respond To Or Develop Unacceptable Adverse Effects Following The Use Of Combination Therapy Comprising Hydroquinone 4%, Flucinolone Acetonide 0.01% And Tretinion 0.05% In Cream Base Jeffrey Lim Chung Yeow 2013
32 Generating Human Organs And Appendages Fact Or Fiction? An Evidence Based Review Jeffrey Lim Chung Yeow 2013
33 Evaluating The Effect Of Coenzyme Q10 On Cardiovascular Health  An Evidence Based Review Jeffrey Lim Chung Yeow 2013
34 The Acceptance of Regenerative Medicine Among The Patients Sivananthan Periethamby 2013
35 The Acceptance of Hormone Treatment Among The Patients Sivananthan Periethamby 2013
36 The Acceptance of Aesthetic Injectable Procedures Such as Botox & Dermal Fillers Among The Patients Sivananthan Periethamby 2013
37 A Study To Assess The Knowledge And Views Of Umbilical Cord Blood Banking Among Parents in Klang Valley Nurul Ain Abdullah 2013
38  Metformin And Its Role In Cancer Nurul Ain Abdullah 2013
39 A Study On How Much Women Are Willing To Spend In A Aesthetic Clinic For The Treatment Of Melasma: Topical Vs Laser Nurul Ain Abdullah 2013
40 Structured Review of Platelet Rich Plasma in skin Regeneration and Rejuvenation Dr. Shankar Periasamy 2013
41 Structured Review Of Amino Acids As Human Growth Hormone Secretagogues In Anti-Aging Dr. Shankar Periasamy 2013
42 Retrospective Study On Skin Rejuvenation With Hydradermabrasion Dr. Shankar Periasamy 2013
43 Can Coenzyme Q10 Be The anti-Aging Answer To The Treatment of Fibromyalgia? Sunitha C. Unnikrishnan 2013
44 Role Of Mesenchymal Stem Cells In The Management Of Chronic Wounds – A Broad Overview Sunitha C. Unnikrishnan 2013
45 The Therapeutic Effect Of Glycolic Acid Peels In Dark Skin People With Melasma Sunitha C. Unnikrishnan 2013
46 Effectiveness Of Using Platelet Derived Wound Healing Factors For Treatment Of Diabetic Ulcers Dr. Thu Hein Zaw 2013
47 Effectiveness And Safety Of Low Level Laser Therapy In Treatment Of Alopecia Areata Dr. Thu Hein Zaw 2013
48 The Role Of Coenzyme Q10 In Statin-Induced Myalgia Dr. Thu Hein Zaw 2013
49 Effects Of Calorie Restriction On The Biomarkers Of Longevity Aarthi Maria Francis 2013
50 Efficacy Of Adipocyte Derived Stem Cells In Facial Augmentation With Common Dermal Fillers Aarthi Maria Francis 2013
51 Hydroquinone Or Topical Vitamin C In The Treatment Of Melasma Aarthi Maria Francis 2013
52 Effect Of Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) On The Lipid Profile In Hypogonadal Men Dr. Zaw Min OO @ Jonathan 2013
53 Effectiveness And Safety Of Autologous Hematopoietic Stem Cell Therapy (AHSCT) For The Treatment Of Human Type-1 Diabetes Mellitus (Structured Review) Dr. Zaw Min OO @ Jonathan 2013
54 Retrospective Evaluation About The Efficacy And Safety On The Fractional Ablative Pixel 2940nm Laser Treatment For Atrophic Acne Scars In Four Patients Dr. Zaw Min OO @ Jonathan 2013
55 Platelet Rich Plasma For Knee Osteoarthritis : A Review Dr Koh Seng Kai 2013
56 Safety And Efficacy Of Laser Treatment For Acne Scarring In Dark Skin Patient Dr Koh Seng Kai 2013
57 Safety And Efficacy Of Oral Finasteride In Androgenic Alopecia : A Review Dr Koh Seng Kai 2013
58 The Role Of Selected Herbal Product In Male Sexual Dysfuction Lim Kok Hsiung 2013
59 Is Diet Intervention Helpful In The Treatment Of Acne Vulgaris? Lim Kok Hsiung 2013
60 Is Autologous Platelet –Rich Plasma Effective In Treating Chronic Skin Wound? Lim Kok Hsiung 2013
61 Good Regular Sex Promotes Health, Longevity And Prevent Premature Aging Husna Hashim 2013
62 Regenerative Property Of Autologous Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) In Treatment Of Knee Osteoarthritis (OA) Husna Hashim 2013
63 Exploring The Patient’s Awareness Of Sunscreen In Prevention Of Malaysia Husna Hashim 2013
64 Effectiveness Of Platelet Rich Plasma On Hair Regrowth Jalis Hisham Bin Abdul Jamir 2013
65 Male Pattern Hair Loss – Structured Review And Recommendations On The Efficacy Of Adjuvants In Its Management Jalis Hisham Bin Abdul Jamir 2013
66 Does Oral Calcium Supplementation Increase The Risk of Cardiovascular Events Jalis Hisham Bin Abdul Jamir 2013
67 The Effect Of Stem Cells In Erectile Dysfunction Dr. Sai Shankar Gunasingam 2013
68 The Role Of Testosterone Deficiency In Depressed Mood Of The Aging Male Dr. Sai Shankar Gunasingam 2013
69 The Role Of Q-Switched ND:YAG Lasers In The Treatment Of Melasma Dr. Sai Shankar Gunasingam 2013
70 Literature Review: The Impact Of Sleep Disturbances On Mortality And Morbidity Ong Hin 2013
71 Literature Review: The Efficacy Of Acupuncture In Acne , Melasma And Rhytides Ong Hin 2013
72 Literature Review: To Evaluate The Epigenetic Influences On Somatic Cell Transdifferentiation On Neuronal Cell Ong Hin 2013
73 Adipose-Derived Stem Cells For Regenerative Medicine Ho Choon Moy 2013
74 Adrenal Fatigue : A Literature Review Ho Choon Moy 2013
75 Exploring Patients’ Perception Of Their Preference Between Cost, Comfort Or Effectiveness In Their Choice Of Treatment For Facial Hyperpigmentation In A Gynaecology Clinic Ho Choon Moy 2013
76 Stem Cells As Medium For Orthopedic Gene Treatment Suresh A/L Rajoo 2013
77 Role Of Antioxidants And Oxidative Stress In Cardiovascular Diseases Suresh A/L Rajoo 2013
78 Acceptance Of Aesthetic Procedures In Rural Population Suresh A/L Rajoo 2013
79 Knowledge And Perspective Of Cord Blood Banking And Donation Among Women Of Reproductive Age Group In Malaysia Arunah Chandran 2013
80 Effectiveness Of Topical Vitamin C Vs Hydroquinone In Hyperpigmentary Disorder Of Skin Arunah Chandran 2013
81 The Effect Of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin HCG By Means Of Simeons Therapy In The Treatment Of Obesity Arunah Chandran 2013
82 A Study To Assess The Knowledge And Views Of Umbilical Cord Blood Banking Among Parents In Klang Nurul Ain Abdullah 2013
83 A Study On How Much Women Are Willing To Spend In An Aesthetics Clinic For The Treatment Of Melasma: Topical VS Laser Nurul Ain Abdullah 2013
84 Treatment Of Knee Osteoarthritis With Intra-Articular Platelet-Rich Plasma(PRP) Injections In Comparison With Other Pharmacological Treatment Dr.Sivah A/L Sandrasakre 2013
85 The Efficacy Of Lasers And Photodynamic Therapy For The Treatment Of Acne Vulgaris A Review Of Published Articles Dr.Sivah A/L Sandrasakre 2013
86 To Evaluate The Efficacy Of Intra-Articular Mesenchymal Stem Cell Injection In Treating Knee Osteoarthritis Dr.Sivah A/L Sandrasakre 2013
87 Coenzyme Q10 As Preventive Migraine Dr.Wan Erlina Binti Wan Mohamad 2013
88 Effectiveness And Safety Of Low Fluence (1064 NM) Q-Switched ND-Y AG In Treatment Of Melasma A Review Of Literature Dr.Wan Erlina Binti Wan Mohamad 2014
89 Vitamin C Enhances Pluripotent Stem Cells Differentiation Intro Cardiac Myocytes In Vitro Dr.Wan Erlina Binti Wan Mohamad 2013
90 To Determine The Presenting Symtoms Of Adrenal Fatigue Among Previously Undiagnosed Patients Of Klinik Menara Norhaslinda Binti Mat Hassin 2013
91 The Use Of 100% Pure Mineral Powder In Post Laser Facial Rejuvenation Norhaslinda Binti Mat Hassin 2013
92 The Efficacy Of Autologous Bone Marrow Stem Cells Transplantation In Treating Type 2 Diabetes Norhaslinda Binti Mat Hassin 2013
93 Safety And Efficacy Of Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy In Menopause Dr.Sharmini Arumugam 2013
94 Off-Label Use Of Tranexamic Acid In The Treatment Of Melasma Dr.Sharmini Arumugam 2013
95 Clinical Responses And Outcomes Of Mesenchymal Stem Cell Therapy In Hematopoetic Diseases And Graft Versus Host Disease Dr.Sharmini Arumugam 2013
96 Does Estrogen Hormone Improve Cognition For Alzheimer’s Disease In Elderly Women? Wint Wint Khine 2013
97 Effectivess And Safety Of Long Pulsed Nd:Y AG Laser For Hair Reduction In Dark Skin Types Wint Wint Khine 2013
98 Clinical Efficacy And Safety Of Platelet-Derives Growth Factors For Wound Healing In Diabetes Mellitus Wint Wint Khine 2013
99 A Survey On Knowledge And Perception Of Regenerative Medicine By Doctors In Johor Bahru Dr.Paramasivam A/L Subramaniam 2013
100 A Cross Sectional Studies On The Diabetic Foot Ulcer In Clinic Megah Ria For The Period Of 2009-2011 Dr.Paramasivam A/L Subramaniam 2013
101 A Survey On Preference Of Doctor Or Beautician In The Treatment Of Aesthetics By The People Of Johor Bahru Dr.Paramasivam A/L Subramaniam 2013
102 Ablative Laser Resurfacing For The Treatment Of Facial Acne Scarring: A Literature Review Yasotha A/P N.Therukesparan 2013
103 Knowledge Of The Potential Of Stem Cell Therapy For Treatment Of Diabetes Among Malaysians In The Klang Valley Yasotha A/P N.Therukesparan 2013
104 Effects Of Mediterranean Diet On Non-Communicable Diseases Yasotha A/P N.Therukesparan 2013
105 Effects Of Okinawan Diet On The Biomarkers Of Cardiovascular Diseases Malinda Mohd Ali 2013
106 Effectiveness Of Superficial Chemical Peels In Treatment Of Melasma For Asian Skin Malinda Mohd Ali 2013
107 The Resveratrol Effects On Endothelial Progenitor Cells Malinda Mohd Ali 2013
108 A Retrospective Study Of Botulinum Toxin Type A On Palmar Hyperhidrosis In Poliklinik Ng Between September 2011 And March 2013 Dr.Ng Sing Beng 2013
109 Stem Cell Therapy: A Public Awareness Survey Dr.Ng Sing Beng 2013
110 The Anti-Aging Effects Of Testosterone Replacement Therapy, A Retrospective Descriptive Study Dr.Ng Sing Beng 2013
111 Herbal Treatment In Complementary And Alternative Medicines For Treatment Of Menopausal Symptoms Compared To HRT Dr.Mirija Angamuthu 2013
112 The Efficacy Of Cell Therapy In Treating Myocardial Infarction Patients Dr.Mirija Angamuthu 2013
113 The Efficacy Of PRP(Platelet Rich Plasma) For The Treatment Of Androgenetic Alopecia Dr.Mirija Angamuthu 2013
114 The Safety And Efficacy Of Azelaic Acid In The Management Of Mild To Moderate Acne Vulgaris Farzana Binti Mohammed Fazalullah 2013
115 The Potential Preventive Role Of Lutein And Zeaxanthin In Age-Related Macular Degeneration(AMD), A Structured Review Farzana Binti Mohammed Fazalullah 2013
116 The Safety And Efficacy Of Bone-Marrow Derived Cell Therapy In Critical Limb Ischemia, A Structured Review Farzana Binti Mohammed Fazalullah 2013
117 Melatonin In Female Night Shift Workers And Their Risk Of Cancer Ooi Tse Hun 2013
118 Self Perseived Efficacy And Side Effects Of Hydroquinone For Melasma Among General Public In Penang Between May 2012 To Jan 2013 Ooi Tse Hun 2013
119 Effectiveness Of Stem Cells From Umbilical Cord Blood In The Treatment For Post Myocardial Infarction Ooi Tse Hun 2013
120 Bioidentical Hormones As Hormone Replacement Therapy In Reducing Cardiovascular Risk In Postmenopausal Women Liau Mooitiong 2013
121 Stem Cell Therapy In Parkinson’s Disease Liau Mooitiong 2013
122 Clinical Evidence For Use Of Fractional Photothermolysis In Striae Distensae: A Systemic Review Of Articles Liau Mooitiong 2013
123 L-Carnitine In Improving Semen Quality In Idiopathic Asthenospermia – A Structured Review Dr.Goh Pei Teng 2013
124 Perspective Of Klang Valley Population On Products/Supplements Branded With Stem Cell/Placenta: A Questionnaire Research Dr.Goh Pei Teng 2013
125 The Role Of Platelet Rich Plasma In Reduction Of Downtime And Side Effrcts Of Fractional Ablative Laser : A Review Of Literature Dr.Goh Pei Teng 2013
126 Efficacy Of Coenzyme Q10 In Addition To Statin In Lowering Down The Serum Lipid Profile Chan Boon Khai 2013
127 A Questionnaire Study Determining The Preference Of University Of Science Malaysia Students In The Treatment Of Acne Vulgaris: Conventional VS Invasive Method Chan Boon Khai 2013
128 Efficacy Of Platelet Rich Plasma In The Treatment Of Osteoarthritis Chan Boon Khai 2013
129 A Review Of The Use Of Curcumin In Cancer Prevention And Treatment Melissa Kamal 2013
130 Stem Cell Therapy As A Potential Treatment For Glaucoma Melissa Kamal 2013
131 Laser Aesthetic Treatment: A Survey Of Knowledge And Perception Among Attendees To A Kuala Pilah Clinic Melissa Kamal 2013
132 The Use Of Botulinum Toxin A Injection As A Prophylaxis For Facial Wrinkles: A Questionairre-Based Study Among University Students Kam Wooi Seong 2013
133 Melatonin For The Treatment Of Obesity: Is It Effective? Kam Wooi Seong 2013
134 Gene Therapy For Androgenetic Alopecia Kam Wooi Seong 2013
135 Prolonged Release Melatonin (PR-Melatonin) For The Treatment Of Chronic Primary Insomnia Ong Kean Pan 2013
136 A Structural Review Of The Role Of Superficial Chemical Peels In The Management Of Acne Vulgaris Ong Kean Pan 2013
137 Hemato-Poietic Stem Cell Therapy In Psoriasis Ong Kean Pan 2013
138 Diabetes Mellitus Type 1 And Stem Cell Therapy Dr.Thiribura Sundra Sumathi A/P Suppiah 2013
139 Acne Vulgaris-Does Diet And Family History Play A Role? Dr.Thiribura Sundra Sumathi A/P Suppiah 2013
140 Vitamin D-Role In Prevention Of Fall In Aging Population Dr.Thiribura Sundra Sumathi A/P Suppiah 2013
141 Efficacy And Safety of 1064nm Q-Switched ND Yag Laser For The Treatment Of Melasma In Asian Yew Chak Hua 2013
142 The Efficacy And Safety Of Oral L-Carnitine For The Treatment Of Dyslipidemia In Adults Yew Chak Hua 2014
143 The Improvements Of Refractory Dermal Melasma In Response To Intradermal Platelet Rich Plasma Injection: Retrospective Study Of Two Case Report Yew Chak Hua 2014
144 Bioidentical Estrogen Treatment And Its Effects On The Skin In Postmenopausal Women Hema Paramanathan 2014
145 Non Surgical Treatment For Primary Axillary Hyperhidrosis: A Structured Review On Their Efficacy And Safety Hema Paramanathan 2014
146 Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy In Osteoarthritis Hema Paramanathan 2014
147 Efficacy Of Testosterone Replacement Therapy In The Management Of Libido In Men With Androgen Deficiency Dr.Bjinder Singh A/L Jagjit Singh 2014
148 The Use Of Pulsed Light(IPL) Devices For Pigmentary Disorders In The Asian Skin Dr.Bjinder Singh A/L Jagjit Singh 2014
149 Stem Cell Therapy In Treating Spinal Cord Injury(SCI) Dr.Bjinder Singh A/L Jagjit Singh 2014
150 Efficacy Of Platelet Rich Plasma Combined With Fractional Laser Therapy For Skin Rejuvenation Wong Siew Yoon Angeline 2014
151 Safety Of Non-Animal Stabilized Hyaluronic Acid Dermal Fillers In Facial Augmentation Wong Siew Yoon Angeline 2014
152 Probiotics For Functional Constipation In Adults Wong Siew Yoon Angeline 2014
153 The Social Demand And Future Prospective Of ‘Anti-Aging Medicine’ In Malaysia Dr.Ng Chiat Yin 2014
154 Public Education And Awareness Program Regarding Safety And Efficacy Of Over The Counter Products Labelled With Stem Cell/Placenta Dr.Ng Chiat Yin 2014
155 The Therapeutic Values Of Salicylic Acid Chemical Peels In Asian Population With Acne Problem Dr.Ng Chiat Yin 2014
156 Low Carbohydrate VS Low Fat Diet In Promoting Weight Loss Fazleenan Binti Ajmul Hussain 2014
157 Platelet Rich Plasma For The Treatment Of Under Eye Dark Circles Fazleenan Binti Ajmul Hussain 2014
158 The Association Between Acne And Diet In The Malaysian Population Fazleenan Binti Ajmul Hussain 2014
159 Evaluation On The Therapeutic Efficacy Of Benzoyl Peroxide 2.5% And Glycolic Acid Peel In The Treatment Of Moderate Acne Vulgaris Kuek Wun Teng 2014
160 Clinical Impact Of Adapting Low Glycemic Index Diet On Patients Suffering From Severe Acne Vulgaris Kuek Wun Teng 2014
161 Optimization Of Osteogenic And Chondrogenic Differentiation Of Adipose-Derived Stem Cell In Vitro Kuek Wun Teng 2014
162 Efficacy Of Q-Switched ND:YAG 1064NM Laser VS Combination Q-Switched ND:YAG Laser And Topical Carbon Application For Skin Rejuvenation Eugene Soh Chien Ch’ng 2014
163 Supplementation With French Maritime Pine Bark Extract To Lower Blood Pressure In Patients With Prehypertentsion Eugene Soh Chien Ch’ng 2014
164 Tissue Regeneration Using Platelet-Rich Plasma For Treatment Of Atrophic Acne Scars Eugene Soh Chien Ch’ng 2014
165 The Effect Of Growth Hormone Replacenent Therapy On Bone Mineral Density In Adult Onset Growth Hormone Deficiency Farzaneh Abiri 2014
166 The Efficacy Of Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy In Skin Rejuvenation Farzaneh Abiri 2014
167 The Efficacy Of Combination Of Trichloroacetic Acid Peel With Jessner’s Solution In Treatment Of Skin Disorders Farzaneh Abiri 2014
168 Acne Vulgaris: Prevalence,Knowledge,Belief, And Perceptions Of Acne Among Secondary School Students In Kota Bharu,Kelantan Nor azlina Binti Hassan 2014
169 The Effectiveness Of Chromium In Treating Patients With Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Nor azlina Binti Hassan 2014
170 The Effectiveness Of Exercise In Increasing Circulating Endothelial Progenitor Cells Nor azlina Binti Hassan 2014
171 Efficacy Of Hormone Replacement Therapy In Reducing Atherosclerosis In Women Dr.Lazwani Kolandaiveloo 2014
172 Efficacy Of Chemical Peels In Treating Acne Vulgaris Among Asians Dr.Lazwani Kolandaiveloo 2014
173 Efficacy And Safety Of Autologous Bone Marrow Cell Therapy In Treatment Of Acute Myocardial Infarction Dr.Lazwani Kolandaiveloo 2014
174 Effectiveness Of Platelet Rich Plasma In The Treatment of Plantar Fasciitis Dr.Seet Khing Chiew 2014
175 Clinic Prevalence Of Testosterone Deficiency,And Awareness of Testosterone Replacement Therapy And Its Acceptacne Among Malaysians Dr.Seet Khing Chiew 2014
176 Association Between Psychological Stress And acne Vulgaris Dr.Seet Khing Chiew 2014
177 Effects Of Low-Carbohydrate VS Low-Fat Diet In Weight Management And Lipid Profile Dr.Hsu Hsu Lynn Myint 2014
178 Efficacy Of Curcumin And Curcumin Analogue In Treating Colorectal Cancer Stem Cells Dr.Hsu Hsu Lynn Myint 2014
179 Efficacy And Safety Of 1064NM Q-Switched ND:YAG Laser In The Treatment Of Nevus Of Ota In Fitzpatrick skin Type IV And Above Dr.Hsu Hsu Lynn Myint 2014
180 Efficacy and Safety Of Salicylic Acid And Glycolic Acid As An Adjunct To Topical Depigmenting Agents In The Treatment Of Melesma Sri Kumar Nair 2014
181 Safety And Efficacy Of Mesenchymal Stem Cell Therapy In Ischemic Strokes Sri Kumar Nair 2014
182 Comparison Of T4 Monotherapy To T3 And T4 Combination(BHRT) In The Management Of Hypothyroidism Sri Kumar Nair 2014
183 Obesity And Telomeres: The Aging Perspective Ayad Hameed Hassan 2014
184 Efficacy and Safety Of Autologous Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation In Management Of Mantle Cell Lymphoma Ayad Hameed Hassan 2014
185 Awareness And Perception Of Stem Cell Research Amongst Medical Students Diana Lai Poh Kim 2014
186 The Effects Of Human Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy On Body Composition And IGF-1 Level In The Healthy Elderly Population Diana Lai Poh Kim 2015
187 Efficacy And Safety Of High Intensity Focused Ultrasound On Body Contouring Diana Lai Poh Kim 2015
188 Umbilical Cord stem Cell Storage: Awareness And Perception Of Clients’ Emmella Devi 2015
189 Structured Review On The Safety and Efficacy Of Pulsed Oral Azithromycin In Acne Vulgaris Emmella Devi 2015
190 A Structured Review On Whey Protein In Raising Levels Of Lymphocyte Glutathione Emmella Devi 2015


No Title Research by Year Abstract
1 Breastfeeding Practice Among Chinese Mother In Kuala Lumpur Pua Shelley 2008
2 Study On The Knowledge Of Nurses Regarding Pain Management Kum Yoke Ching 2008
3 Exploration On The Knowledge And Practical Skills Of Nurses On Endo-Tracheal Suctioning Chiristien Rajathi Micheal 2008
4 Perceived Burnout Amongst Registered Nurses A Private Hospital In Klang Valley Teng Hie Chin 2008
5 Preoperative Care Delivery Among Registered Nurses In A Private Hospital Razlina Bte Ramli 2008
6 Student Nurses' Level Of Competency In Numerical Data Calculations Sarala Rani Arumugam 2008
7 Factors That Influence Participation Of Nurses In Continuing Nursing Education Siti Rohani Selamat 2008
8 Knowledge And Performance Of Breast Self-Examination Among Student Nurses. Tan Bee Kheng (Suzanna) 2009
9 Perception Of Male Upper Secondary Students' On Nursing As A Career Choice Hepzibha Alexander 2009
10 Experiences Of Women Who Underwent Mas Tectomy In Maldives Zarana Mohamed Ali 2008
11 Job Satisfaction Among Nurses Working In A Hospital In Maldives Rishfa Aminath 2008
12 Effectiveness of Inhaler Techique By patient In A Hospital In Maldives Shiuna Aminath 2008
13 Appreliminary Study On Strees Among First Year Diploma Nursing Students Of UCSI UNIVERSITY Nazva Abdul Gudoos 2009
14 Hand Hygiene Practices Among Intensive Care Unit Nurses Working In The National Heart Centre RafizahOmar 2009
15 Knowledge And Attitude Of Nurses Regarding Prevention of Pressure Ulcer Among Patients In National heart Institute. Saridah Bt Abdul Hamid 2009
16 Knowledge, Attitude And Practice Of Breastfeeding Among Working Mothers Who Live In Male' Maldives Aishath Warudha 2009
17 A Study Of Information Literacy Level Among Student Nurses In UCSI UNIVERSITY Zaifa Khatum 2009
18 Awareness Of Hiv/Aids Amongst Maldivian Adolescents Fathimath Khumaira 2009
19 Knowledge Of Foot Care Amongst Type 2 Diabetic Clients Attending The Diabetic Clinic In Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital Khadeeja Shakir 2009
20 Are Incidents Of Phlebitis Among Paediatric Patients To The Knowledge,Practice And care Of The Paediatric ward Nurses Of IGM Hospital Male' Maldives Saadha Ali 2009
21 Awareness Of Indhira Gandhi Memoria lHospital Operating Room Nurses' Regarding Blood-Borne Diseases Nazra Hussain 2009
22 Belief, Behaviour And Attitude Of Tobacco Smoking Among UCSI UNIVERSITY Students. Makinde Ifelola Yetunde 2009
23 A study of Information Literacy Level Among Student Nurses in UCSI University Zaifa Khatum Abdul Mohamed Ibnu 2009
25 Factors Associated With Smoking Among Secondary School Students In A Private Boarding School Wong Yee Ning 2010
26 The Relationship Between Patients' Knowledge And Blood Pressure Control Among Patients With Essential Hypertension Evelyn Yong Kah Khee 2010
27 The Relationship Between Social Demographic Characteristics And Patients' Illness Response To Breast Cancer Lee Siew mei 2010
28 Prevelance And Risk factors Of Lowback Pain Among Nurses Of Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH) In Maldives Mariyam Masoodha Ali 2011
29 A Study On Nursing Students' Perception Of Experiences In Their Clinical Learning Enviroment Aminath Dhifleen 2011
30 Factors Affecting The Participation Of Registered Nurses In Continuing Professional Development In Zamfara State Nigeria Bashir Mohammed Mafara 2011
31 Stress Experience And Coping Abilities Of Diploma Student Nurses Tang Yea Hung 2011
32 Knowledge And Attitude On Sexual And Reproductive Health Among Foundations Students In UCSI UNIVERSITY Katherine Chong Khai Yen 2011
33 Knowledge Of Diabetes Mellitus Among Student Nurses Sia MeeHsia 2011
34 Knowledge And Dietary Practices Among Medical, Pharmacy, And Nursing Students Joanne Lai Yah Li 2011
35 Perception Of Students' In Health Related Programmes Towards Physical Activity G.Sneha Lourdes 2011
36 Student Nurses’ HIV knowledge, Attitude And Willingness To Care For People Living With HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) Choon Mei Kuan 2012
37 Knowledge And Practice On Preventing Needle stick Injuries Among Nurses In A Chinese Hospital Zhang Ping 2012
38 Student Nurses’ Attitudes Towards Caring For Dying Patients Tan Boon Theng 2012
39 Self Esteem Of Nursing Students In A Private University Goh Hui Jiun 2012
40 Patient Satisfaction With Nursing Care In Maldives Raheema Adam 2012
41 Factors Associated With Career Decisions Among Student Nurses Tambuwal,abubakar Alhaji 2012
42 Nurses’ Knowledge, Perceptions, Beliefs And Barriers In Adopting Evidence Based Practice Into Clinical Nursing Decision Making Akudo Augustina Chigbu 2013
43 Compassion Fatigue Among Nurses Lee Wai Yee 2013
44 Body Mass Index, Physical Activity And Dietary Practices Of Registered Nurses In A Private Hospital In Klang Valley, Malaysia Wong Ik Hang 2013
45 Perceptions, Motivating Factors and Barriers To Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Among Chinese Nurses Li Chau 2013
46 Students’ Perceptions Of Nursing Careers In Malaysia Chong Kylie 2014
47 Perceptions Of Role Transition Among The Final Year Student Nurses In A Private College Tran Thi Ngoc Nga 2014
48 Use Of Internet For Health Information Among Malaysian Young Adults Monkutlwatsi Kaone Kutlo 2014
49 Public’s Perception And Attitude Towards The People With Mental Illness Thuso Nkhumo 2014
50 Nurses’ Perception On Factors Affecting Medication Compliance Of Pulmonary Tuberculosis Patients At A Referral Hospital,Botswana Mhlauli Thabiso 2014
51 Functional Capacity And Lifestyle Patterns Among Older People In Selected Cheras Communities Masego Ramatlakapela 2014
52 Smoking Among University Students In Malaysia Luckly Hendrick Giri 2014
53 Dietary Patterns And Views On Nutrition Among Older People In Selected Cheras Communities Masego Tiroyaone Basima 2014
54 Recreational Reading Habits Among University Students Annita Gonewa Mmonadibe 2014
55 Knowledge And attitude Of Cigarette Smoking Among Students In A Private University In Cheras,Malaysia Thatayaone Ntesang 2014
56 Self-Reported Behaviour Towards Academic Honesty In Health Related Programmes Tiyapo Makhubalo 2014
57 A Survey On Awareness Of Breast Cancer Among African Women In Cheras Malaysia Tebogo George 2014
58 Nurses Perception Towards Disaster Preparedness Khumo Mokgachane 2014
59 Knowledge,Attitude And Practices On Cervical Cancer And Its Prevention Among The Female University Students In A Private University In Cheras  Eunice Lemson 2014
60 Knowledge And Attitude On Exclusive Breastfeeding Among A Selected Group Of Malaysian Child Bearing Aged Women Khutswane Segomotso 2014
61 History Of Fall And It’s Risk Factor Among Older People In Cheras Communities Keamogetse Andrew Gaeboloke 2014
62 Knowledge and Practices On Diarrhea Prevention Amongst Mothers With Children Less Than Five Years of Age In Lobatse (Botswana) Duduetsang Tracy Lekoto 2014
63 Health Beliefs Towards Prevention Of Osteoporosis Among Pre-Menopausal Women And Post-Menopausal Women Takongwa Tabulawa 2014
64 Perceived Barriers To Healthcare Access For Older People In Cheras Community Wang Xin 2014
65 Knowledge And attitude Towards Hepatitis B Among Health Related Course Students Dorah Matlou 2014
66 Perception Of Nurses Towards Electronic Medical Records Tshepho Keebone 2014
67 Knowledge And Practices Of HIV/AIDS Among African Women In Cheras Willie Vigilance 2014
68 Knowledge And Attitude Of Female Students Towards Emergency Contraceptives In Private University In Malaysia Vincent Mothusi 2014
69 Knowledge, Practices and Attitudes of Oral Contraceptive Pill Among Female University Students In A Private University Johannes Bokamoso 2015
70 Lifestyle Among The Elderly Patients With Cardiovascular Disease In Baoding, China Shi Mingxi 2015
71 Knowledge And Attitude Regarding Ebola Virus Disease Among The Community In Rasesa Village In Kgatleng District, Botswana Kgaleleo Amantle Mosweu 2015
72 Transexuality In Malaysia: Health Maintenance Of Transsexuals After Transformation Oscar Moabi Letshwenyo 2015
73 Knowledge And Practices On Dengue Fever And Its Prevention Amongst Students In A Private University In Malaysia Nametso Letebele 2015
74 Medication Adherence Among Hypertensive Nigerians Attending A Tertiary Healthcare Facility David Emmanuel 2015
75 The Knowledge Of HIV/AIDS Among University Of Botswana Students Onalethata Matsenkule 2015
76 Medication Adherence Of Patients With Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus In Two Private Hospitals In Klang Valley, Malaysia Chong Poh Li 2015
77 Knowledge And Practice On Diabetic Foot Care Among Patients With Type-2 Diabetes In Two Private Hospitals In Klang Valley, Malaysia Cindy Chua Qiu Ee 2015
78 Stress And Coping Strategies Among Undergraduate International Students In A Private University Malaysia  Muhammad Umar Baba 2016
79 Dietary Intakes And Food Patterns Of International Students In A Private University In Malaysia Okonkwo Maureen Emmanuella 2016
80 A Study On Motivating Reasons Amongst Malaysian Students In Choosing Nursing As A Career Pathway Ch’ng Sze Yee 2016
81 Knowledge And Attitude Of University Students Towards Reproductive Health In China Zhou Siyu 2016
82 Knowledge And Attitudes Of Nursing Students Toward Older People Wang Xiaonan 2016
83 Working Hours And Job Stress Among Hospital Staff Nurses In China Zhao Xinhui 2016
Faculty of Business & Information Sciences

Business Administration

No Title Research by Year Abstract
1 The Relationship Between Organizational Factors, Job Satisfaction, And Employee's Turnover Intention Ni Yanli 2011
2 A Study To Measure The Readiness To The Acceptance Of Healthy Lifestyle In Batu Sentul Region (KL Territory) Vyas Binny Vinodchandra 2011
3 A Study On Improving KL City's Public Bus Transport To Satisfy Passengers Through Logistics Management Shi Hang 2011
4 Evaluating Factors Influencing Consumer Satisfaction Towards Online Shopping Guo Xiao Ying 2011
5 The Influence Of Customer Satisfaction, Customer Trust And Switching Barriers On Customer Retention In Malaysia Hypermarkets Seiedeh Nasrin Danesh 2011
6 The Antecedents Of Green Purchase Intention Among Malaysian Consumers Ooi Jen Mei 2011
7 Influence Factors Of The Customer Satisfaction Of Online Shopping In China Zhao Chen 2011
8 The Antecedents Of Customer Involment And Its Impacts On Customer Engagement In The Social Media Lee Chin Yee 2012
9 The Relationship Of Human Resource Practices And Job Satisfaction Salar Ghaderi Arab 2012
10 An Evaluation Of The Critical Success Factors That Influence University Students' Intention To Adopt Mobile Commerce In Klang Valley Fellania Bona Putri 2012
11 An Evaluation Of The Relationship Between Human Resource Management Practices And Employees' Work Motivation Ivone Soraya 2012
12 Exploratory Of Critical Success Factors Impact On Organization Benefits Through ERP Implementation Fong Leong Chee 2012
13 An Explorative Study On Transforming Business Strategy Of Malaysia Private University Through Value Innovation: A case Study Of UCSI University Lu Yi 2012
14 The Impact Of Electronic Word Of mouth No Brand Equity In Context of Social Media Erfan Severi 2012
15 Evaluate the Antencendents Of Social Environment And Customer Experience On Purchase Intention In The Malaysia Movie Industry Amir Nasermoadeli 2012
16 The Mediating Effect Of Employee Commitment On Relationship Between Job Satisfaction And Employee Performance Among The Administrative In Kuala Lumpur Sovanna Meng 2012
17 Identify The Critical Factors Influence Customer Satisfaction Of Notebook Industry, In Malaysia Xie Yu 2012
18 Understanding Students' Attitude of The Public/Private Institutes Of Higher learning In Malaysia Toward The Adoption Of Blended learning Using Utaut Model Sundaresan Sriram 2012
19 Evaluating The Extent To Which Cross-Cultural Experiences Enhance Effective Communication Among UCSI Students Muganyizi Jonas Bisheko 2012
20 An E-Procurement System For UCSI University Ashraf Mahdi Eltayeb Abdelrahman 2012
21 Factors Influences Employee Job Satisfaction Of logistics Fields In Malaysia Yap Wai Kuan 2012
22 Study On The Extent Online Auction Companies Increase Sales In Comparison With Traditional Auctions Ahmed Ibrahim Ahmed Salih 2012
23 The Evaluation Of Perceives Value On Mobile Appliction By The University Student In Malaysia Tan Jin Fai 2012
24 Identify The Critical Factors Influencing Malaysia Customer Loyalty In Purchasing Automotive Liu Lei 2012
25 Effects Of Online Shopping System On Customer Satisfaction Masoud Setoodeh 2012
26 The Influence Of E-Servise Quality And Price On Customer Satisfaction And E-Ticket Purchase Intention Among The UCSI University Student Harelimana Theogene 2012
27 Using Social Networks To Choose A Tourist Destination: Factors That Drive Usage Behaviour Maziar Majidnejadi 2012
28 The Relationship Between Corporate Culture And Organizational Commitment On Job Satisfaction Among Internship Students In Malaysia: The Mediating Role Of Job Motivation Pretiba A/P Mogan Ponan 2012
29 Consumer Resistance Towards Generic Drugs Substitution In Pharmaceutical Private Sector Of Malaysia Anas Ahmad Abzakh 2012
30 The Impact Of Experiental Marketing,Customer Satisfaction On Commitment In The Context Of Social Networks In Malaysia Khaled Haitham Kilani 2012
31 The Evaluation Of The Effectiveness Of Supply Chain Management To Create Strong Customer Relationship And Satisfaction In Personal Care Fast Moving Consumer Goods Industry In Malaysia Azizbek Dusbaev 2012
32 The Interactive Relationship Between Experiental Marketing Components With Experiental Value Demensions And Experiential Value With Usage Attitude: A Study Of Smartphone Industry In Malaysia Farshad Maghnati 2012
33 A Qualitative Study On Logistics/Supply Chain Management Postgraduate Programmes: A Comparison Between Malaysia And China Higher Education Institutions Hou Gui Lian 2012
34 Warehouse Improvements Using Centralization Approach: A Case Study Of Saudi Arabian Automotive Industry Ahmed Hussain 2012
35 The Relationship Of Satisfaction Work Related Dimensions And Organizational Commitment Among Banking Officers In Phnom Penh Cambodia Raseth Men 2012
36 A Study Of Entrepreneurial Intention Among Malaysian University Students Ren Shumin 2012
37 Factors That Influence Customer Satisfaction And Customer Loyalty On Online Shopping Zhang Jin 2012
38 Factors Influencing Green Purchase Intention Among Consumers Of Green Household Appliances In China Wang Guo Ying 2012
39 The Determine Of Advertising Effectivess By Portaying Women and Teenagers In The Advertisements Zohair Javed 2012
40 The Impact Of Brand Loyalty, Brand Awareness Consumer Perception And Price Sensitivity On Consumer Brand Choice Ali Hamza Rehman 2012
41 Identify The Factors Affecting Green Logistic Strategy Decision Sun Jun 2012
42 An Explanatory Research On Talent Factor That Influencing A Successful logisticians In Malaysia Nor Sadiqin Abddul Ani 2012
43 Determinants Of China’s Student’s Choice Of University in UK Zhang Jing Wei 2012
44 An Analytic Hierarchy Process(AHP) Study On Smartphone Selection Criteria Among University Students Navid Khataei 2012
45 Study On Application Of Internet Of Things(10T) In Dangerous Chemicals Supply Chain In China Kong Hao 2012
46 Exploring The Relationship Between Customer Value And Purchase Intention Among The Consumers Of Laptop Computers Lu Xiao Chen 2012
47 Purchase Intention Of International Muslim Students Towards Halal Food In Malaysia Yong Xin Lan 2012
48 Students Perception On Logistician Competency Mok Wei Yee 2012
49 The Intention To Study Supply Chain Management Programme In Post Graduate level Gu Haihong 2012
50 Examining The Factors Associated With Negative Perception Of Mobile Phone Usage Among University students In Malaysia Zhang Zhen 2013
51 The Antecedents Of Destination Selection In Malaysia Tan Wei Jia 2013
52 Consumer Purchase Intention For Foreign Brand Cars In Malaysia Zhu Hui 2013
53 The Effect Of Brand Experience On Brand Equity: A Study Using Sem Approach Daniel Yii Shing Kai 2013
54 The Impact Of Organization Learning,Human Resource Management,Individual Performance And Job saticfaction On Knowledge Management Capability and Organization Performance Wang Jing 2013
55 Enterprise Development: The Factors In Assisting The Growth Of The Manufacturing Based Mid-Sized Businesses In Malaysia Josh Ang Yeow Heng 2013
56 A Study Of The Sources Of Competitive Advantage In The Malaysia Coffee Chain Business From The Consumer Perspective Ahmad Muwaffaq Ahmed 2013
57 An Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) Study On Laptops Selection Criteria Among University Students Amin Moh’d Amin Sammour 2013
58 The Impact Of Entrepreneurial Marketing Processes On Performance Of Malaysian Firm: A Study In The Context Of social Media Pooria Majidi 2013
59 The Impacts Of Online Shopping Value And Online Shopping Motivation On User Experience Li Zhongwei 2013
60 Examining The Relationship Between Learning Styles,Perception Of Blended Learning And Learning Motivation In University Student Chua Lee Fern 2013
61 An Exploratory Study On The Market Acceptance Factors of Home Automation System In Malaysia From Consumer perspective Yap Kong Hon 2013
62 The Effect Of Learning Styles On Student Perception Of Mobile Learning And systems Usage Golara Hajahmad Naraghi 2013
63 A Study On The Relationship Between Logistic Servise Quality and Customer Online Purchasing Intention Under B2C Or C2C Circumstance In China Ran Sihang 2013
64 Establishing An Arabic Fast Food Restaurant In The GCC States Based On Porte’s Five Forces Model And Blue Ocean Strategy Nasser Mohammed al Ismaily 2013
65 The Relationship Between Job Satisfaction And Job Performance: A Case of Non-Executive logistics Workers Chen Mo 2013
66 Factors Affecting The Development Of Logistics In Malaysia Companies Liu Xiao Tong 2013
67 Creation Of Customer Centered Brand Strategy For Hotel Industry Poong Zui Chen 2010
68 A Study On Marketing Mix (Product And Promotion) Towards The Consumer Buying Behaviour Of Apple IPOD In Kuala Lumpur Area Tan Wan Ling 2010
69 Level Of Acceptance And Factors Influencing Students' Intention To Use UCSI University's E-Mail System Yamin Mohamed 2010
70 Understanding The key Determinants That Affect The Consumer Purchase Intention Towards The Cosmetic Product In Malaysia Wong Zi Yik 2012
71 Perception Towards Job Satisfaction,Organization Commitment And Intention To Leave Among The Three Generation In Malaysia Tey Ee Von 2012


No Title Research by Year Abstract
1 Develop a Stock Control Application for Hock Heng Huat Ltd.Co. Lee Ying Huay Nil
2 The Impact of Multi Core Processors in the IT Industry Gan Yow Chuan Nil
3 The Customers' Satisfaction Level of Mobile Users Among Students in Klang Valley,Malaysia Ha Thi Huyen Trang Nil
4 Evaluate the Evolution and Impact of Mobile Communication Network in Malaysia Yap Beau Chan Nil
5 Assess the Relevance of IS/IT Outsorcing Support to SMEs' Nguyen Thanh Huong Nil
6 Investigation of the Market Potential on Using Interactive Whiteboard in Learning Institutions as Tool for Classroom Education in Malaysia Tan Poh Choy Nil
7 How Can Technology be Used to Support a Problem-based Approach to Distance Education in China-Beijing? Hu Wenting Nil
8 Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and Their User Perspective Emad Uddin Fazlullah Nil
9 The Effectiveness of Internet Banking Service in Malaysia Miranda Sekar Gunung Sitanggang Nil
10 An Investigation of Security Implementation of Wireless Networks Low Chee Voon Nil
11 Role Play 3D Free-trade Area (RP3), A Human Stereoscopic Interactive Shopping Platform Pan-Xiabo Nil
12 Factors Influency Purchase of Online Airline Ticket in Malaysia Chandra Vijaya Letchumi Nil
13 Research on the Acceptance and Adoption of e-commerce for small to medium enterprise(SMES) in Malaysia Pee Teng Kian Nil
14 The Issue of Copyright and Pirated Music Through Music Downloads Via Internet in Malaysia Yang Xiaoyan Nil
15 A Study on Gaming in Game Consoles, Personal Computer and Mobile Devices Jason Ng Sai Kuan Nil
16 A Study of Urban Areas of Vietnam-Hanoi in the Context of The ADSL Boom in Asia Pacific Region Bui Thu Giang Nil
17 Information in Organization:Knowledge Management-SnT Global Web Sdn.Bhd Ting Yen Sing Nil
18 The Introduction of e-commerce/E-business at Alkhalid Pharmacy Group at Dhaka in Bangladesh Md.Farhadur Reza Nil
19 Study and Examine the Implementation of Multimedia Components Through Prototyping an E-training Systems Harris Ng Boon Thiam Nil
20 Effectiveness of Internet Banking in Malaysia M.Thavasegaran Nil
21 Recruiting New Staff Through Internet Advertisment in Malaysia Navin Menon Nil
22 Comparison Between Short Messaging Service (SMS), Multimedia Messaging Service(MMS) and Unified Messaging Service(UMS) Muffaddal Husain Nil
23 Investigation Computing and Technical Requirements for Communicationg Between Handhelds with System Wirelessly. Wong Ee Zern Nil
24 The Development of Online Games in Malaysia Mohd Anwar B.Muhammad Nil
25 Terrorism Over Information Network Mamun Al Zerin(Rusell) Nil
26 A Study on the Effectiveness of Different E-commerce Marketing Techniques Deepa Baskar Nil
27 Info Kiosk:Hornbill Tours & Travel Khairina Dawek Nil
28 E-learning-technology or Pedagogy:How can these Two Elements be Combined to produce Effective Learning Environments? Chan Weng Keong Nil
29 Investigate the Computer Requirements for Tuition Centers Yau Wen Jin Nil
30 An Investigate of Computing Equipment for Mobile Nursing in Malaysia Hoo Yin Lein Nil
31 Distance Education in the Developing Countries to Ensure Maximum Utility Deborah S.Bose Nil
32 The Effectiveness of E-learning in Higher Education Hew KhaI Yin Nil
33 To Study the Effecticeness of Computer Technology Used on Keeping Vehicle Safety Zhang Hua Nil
34 Could Single Storage Device Replace the Multiple Varieties of Storage Device in Malaysia? Chok Yen Peng Nil
35 Investigate How SMEs Could be Encouraged to Trade Via The Internet Rather than Just Marketing Presence. Ding vincent Nil
36 An Evaluation of the Implementation of Wireless Technology in UCSI Trevor James Sta Maria Nil
37 Sms Notification System Of Time Table Change In UCSI University Shen Zhao An Nil
38 Student Attendance Tracking System Of UCSI University Xu Ai Li Nil
39 A Study Of Utilizing Wiki Software For E-Learning In Malaysia Universities Yang Hui Nil
40 Web Based Social Networking For Business Organization Lim Wah Peng Nil
41 Analysis Of Mobile Ranking Acceptance By Yemenis Banks Customers Nasser Abdurabu Mohsen Al-Awd Nil
42 Personalized Web-blog Notification System Punithamalar Panneerselvam Nil
43 The Model For Baby Health Blogging Is For The Use Of Parents And Physician Chen Lian Nil
44 A Reseach On The Library Reference Tool For UCSI Wikiversity Hu Xiao Yan Nil
45 Impact Determination On Facebook Ma Ling Ji Nil
46 [ UCSI University Classroom 2.0 ] Fan Jun Nu Nil
47 Online Help Desk ( OHD ) System Zhang Zhen Nil
48 Purchasing Management System In Demand - Supply Chain Management Model The Case Of Jiangsu. China Timber Floor Enterprise Ma Jun Nil
49 Customer Management System For Tertiary Education Instituitions With Customer Analysis And Alert Features Liu Yun Feng Nil
50 Computer Based Assessment System For Creativity Of Universities Yan Hai Zhou Nil
51 Evaluating Library-Catalog System Inyang Uduak Otu Nil
52 The Design And Implementation Of An E-Commerce Site For Online Apparel Sales Salim Hossain Nil
53 An Independent Project Report Submitted In Partial Fulfilment Of The Regulations Governing The Award Of The B.Sc. ( Hons.) In Computing, 2010 Maudlyn Ireju Imegi Nil
54 A Study On the personalization of wikis for university personnel Pan Xia Nil
55 A Research On E-Care Assistant With In-Depth Observation And Inquisition On The Child's Growth Tan Chong Hau Nil
56 Web-based Learning: Infrastructure and Interactive User Interface Shen Ling Ye Nil
57 E-commerce in Bangladesh Md. Farid Hassan Nil
58 E-attendance Zhuzheng Nil
59 Online eMart System Shah Mohammad Hasanul Haque Nil
60 Java Steganography Aiman Adham Ebrahim Nil
61 A Research on UCSI Wikiversity Online Student Resources and Information System Daniel Ling Howe Yii Nil
62 Mobile Library SMS System Joseph Iyeuma Nil
63 The Impact and Implication of New Short Messaging System (SMS) Service on User Preferences Ahmad H.H. Dazayi Nil
64 Online Student Verification and Validation System for UCSI University Oyelekan Oyebode Olusegun Nil
65 Applying Spelling Error Correction Techniques for Children Search in Internet Xu Ren Yan Nil
66 E-TAL (Talent Search with Data Mining Integration) Lee Lai Leng Nil
67 E-Notification System Victor Chin Kok Choong Nil
68 Online Taxi Reservation System Huang Zheng Hong Nil
69 Online Discussion Forum For BIS Student in UCSI Lee Chew Yee Nil
70 Web Based Illness Diagnosis Via Symptoms Idebtification Atoyebi Oluwaseun Saheed Nil
71 Online Auctioning Shop For UCSI University Mohammed Shettima Baga-Gana Nil
72 Clinic Information And Route Public Transportation Search Integration System Tijjani Shamsuddeen Nil
73 Emotion Determination Template On Facebook To Justify Emotional level Roxanne Wong Xie Nil
74 Online Reservation Ticket System Oputa Mary-Jane Nil
75 Research Portal For Knowledge Management Among Faculty Members Dost Mohd Bayzid Majumder Nil
76 UCSI Competition Management System (UCMS) Ali Mutahar Almahaqeri Nil
77 Mobile (Android) Real Estate Agent Application Wang Qiang Nil


No Title Research by Year Abstract
1 Impact Of Sales Promotion In Influencing Kuala Lumpur Consumers' Purchase Intention On Low Involvement Products: Toothpaste Chan Wei Jia 2012
2 Factors Determinant Malaysian Youth Intention Towards Illegal Online Music Downloading Lim Joo Ying 2012

Mobile Computing

No Title Research by Year Abstract
1 Halal Restaurants Kuala Lumpur Iphone Application Lim Juen Terng Nil
2 Mobile WIKI With University Database For Focused Learning Support Sim Kwan Choo Nil
3 Managing SMS With PC For Windows Mobile Devices Loo Choon Yau Nil
4 Accuracy And Precision Justification Using Mobile Touch Screens Lin Joo Foong Nil
5 A Smart Phone Application 'Blackberry' For University's Student Evalustion Course System Mohammed Ali Ahmed Al-Sharafi Nil
6 Mobile Tutorial System On Android OS Odili Oliseloke Udogwa Nil

Computing for Business

No Title Research by Year Abstract
1 3D Virtual Enviroment Journey To Theme Park Nithiya Sivapakiam 2005
2 Intelligent kiosk Providing Routing Solution To Kuala Lumpur City With Voice Activation Manogari Sangaran 2005
3 Files Catalogue System For Removable Storage An Implementation Of Java Native Interface Yip Wai Meng 2005
4 A Computerized Implementation Of Monopoly Based Game Teresa Khow Seoh Seoh 2005
5 Health Care Diagnosis System: the Implementation Of Expert System In a Al using J2ME Chang Wei Loon 2005
6 The project Is An Investigation that Is To Be Carried Out Within The Field of Developing A Simple Prototype Application, Named Virtual Showroom For Real Estate Agents Bong Jorine 2005
7 University Information Via SMS George Okoe Sowah 2005
8 Mobile E-Portfolio System Devendren Supramaniam 2005
9 3D Living Room Design Leong Sok Fong 2005
10 M-library ( Mobile Application For Accessing UCSI library System) Ainul Sufia Zakri 2005
11 Java Based IP PC To PC A. Alice Rani 2005
12 Funky Hair Salon System Kevin Yong King Wee 2006
13 Motherhood S.Khirishanveny 2005
14 An Implementation of Wireless Movie Ticketing System Using Java 2 Platform Micro Edition Yap Hon Loon 2005
15 Biometric ATM Security Enhancement System Kumutha 2005
16 Mcine-Mobile Application For Cinema Ticket Reservation Ravinder Singh 2005
17 Java Chinese chess With Artificial Intelligent (AI) Tang Heng Yip 2005
18 Blobz Games: Using Knowledge of Artificial Intelligent To Implement Puzzle Game Made By Visual Basic Wang li Jun 2005
19 Virtual Safari : An Educational Wildlife Conservation Application For Children Murali Ramalingam 2005
20 Developing An Animated Evaluation Application For learning Lexical Tone Using Java Chan Phooi Yee 2004
21 Certificate Verification System For An Online Shoppers Gunalethumy 2005
22 Mobile Voting System Based On UCSI Student Council Election Ala A. Abdulrazeg 2005
23 Marks On Mobile System (MOM) Meenakshi Jhaumal 2005
24 Interactive Programming language System For Children Wu Ying Wen 2005
25 Student Performance Management System for Co-Curriculum Activities in Tertiary School Hon Pak Toa 2006
26 Interactive Multimedia English learning Tool For Children Yeow  Poh Li 2006
27 Developing An Mobile Payment System Using Wireless Application Protocol Technology Darren Tan kean Liang 2006
28 Electronic Voting And Counting System Using Mobile Devices (E.V.A.C.S) Mohamed Ahmed Maawiy 2006
29 Othello: Developing An Artificial Intelligence Into Classic Game Sim Shian Leong 2005
30 UCSI Wireless Surveying Technique Karama Shamsan Said Mohamed 2005
31 EXOCRYPYO: Encryption And Decryption Software Wee Tim Liang NIL
32 Health Supplement Advisor Information System (HSAIS) That  Performs The Hybrid Method of Rule-Based Reasoning And Case-Based Reasoning Yong Gek Teng Katherine 2005
33 Centralized Database System For Technicians Via Network And Wireless lukwago Jude 2005
34 LAN Tutoring System Giovanni Lim Kian See 2005
35 Decision Support System Puvana 2005
36 Multigame, an Embedded multiple Games In Mobile Devices Koh Hoong Seng 2005
37 LAN Messenger System Yogeswari Shabadurai NIL
38 Electronic Monopoly Game Olivia Winarti 2004
39 Leave Approval System Kum June Hing 2005
40 Bus Directing Kiosk System Using Object-Oriented Programming Language Lei Bei Hong 2005
41 A Study In The Usage Of Pocket PC In The Restraurant Management System Anans Mohammed Redwan 2005
42 Wireless Restaurant Ordering System Using PDA Low Chee Keong 2005
43 Staff Appraisal, Claims And leave Application An E-Organization System Mohd Izwan Zakaria 2004
44 Mobile Sales Force Application For Insurance Agent Leong Yau Hong 2003
45 Implementation Of Artificial Intelligence In A 3 Dimensional Human Model Amoke Edmonds Okore 2005
46 Computer Based Training (CBT) Software Shabbir Ali 2004
47 A Research On Web Hosting-Server And Client Architecture Law Kien Foong 2005
48 Developing A Tailoring Application With 3D Graphics Soh Chee Ching 2003
49 Developing Smart Card System Akram Abdullah Abdul Rahman 2004
50 Computer Based Audio Facilitating System For Music CD Outlet using ASP.NET & WAP Shahreen Sultana 2005
51 Virtual Animated Music Application Lim Yan Peng 2004
52 Introduction of Curve And Surface in Computer Aided Geometric Design (GAGD) Chang Yu Chiuan 2005
53 UCSI Computerize Network Supported Course / Lecturer Evaluation System Chong Lai Kuen 2004
54 Design And Implement Speech Recognition In A Personal Diary And Reminder System Leny Rusly 2006
55 Checkers: The Implementation Of Knowledge-Based Artificial Intelligence In Game Playing Mireille Makmur 2004
56 Multiplayer Scrabble With Artificial Intelligent (AI) Technology The Check Hooi 2004
57 Information Kiosk For UCSI Sadad-Ul-harun 2006
58 A Client/Server Based Human Resource Management System For Handhelds Mohamed Azumee NIL
59 Develop A Game With Artificial Intelligence Technology For Mobile Phones Model Sony Ericsson K700i  Using Java Elaine Chong 2006
60 UCSI Student Information System Using WAP Tashi Dorji Vijaya Lingham 2005
61 A Research On-Security System-File Locking System In Personal Computer Lam Yu Pang 2005
62 Firefox Add-On For UCSI University Online Materials Akazua Luminous Ogochukwu 2010
63 E-Appointment Assistant: An Appointment System For UCSI University Yakubu Aisha Aliyu 2010
64 Blackberry Application For UCSI RSS Feed Sukento Lim 2010
65 Pathfinder For UCSI Low Kin Bin 2010
66 Bus Ticketing Reservation System With Mobile Confirmation Nzom Charles Lotanna 2010
67 Blog Editor Based On Google Wave Lam Chi Tak 2010
68 Face Analysis System Chia Wai Mun 2010
69 Smartphone Campus Application Ibrahim Mohammed Sheriff 2010
70 H1N1 Basic Application For Smart Mobile Phones Thom-Fortune Isobobo 2010
71 Enhancing Desktop Search Using Variable Search Indexing Kuan Hon Keat 2010
72 Integrating Ontologies Of Personalization E-Learning For Undergraduate Student Ong Shi Wei 2010
73 Home Watch Webcam Capturing Security System Sadiq Inuwa Baba 2010
74 Graphical Passwords Resistant To Shoulder Surfing Vahid Salem 2012
75 Malaysian University recommendation System Alireza Afsharian 2012


No Title Research by Year Abstract
1 Contributing Factors Of Transportation Efficiency On ICT Application Adoption In Malaysian Freight Transportation Guek Kia Wee 2012
2 Green Supply Chain And Performance Lee En Hui 2012
Faculty of Social Sciences & Liberal Arts

English Language

No Title Research by Year Abstract
1 Articulation And Subtitution Of / O / And O' / Among Malaysian Students At University College Sedaya International (Ucsi). Eric Chok Jay Yun 2008
2 Reading Comprehension Skills And English Language Proficiency Of Chinese College Students In Kuala Lumpur. Du Pei Liang 2008
3 Teaching Mathematics And Science In English: In Two Secondary Schools In Gombak, Kuala Lumpur. Noor Rashidah 2008
4 Genre Analysis Of The English Application Letters Written By Chinese Guo Zhong Ming 2008
5 Lexical Borrowing In Chinese-English Newspaper Lu Xiaopeng 2008
6 Tun Dr.Mahathir's Political Speech: A Critical Discourse Analysis Goh Yee Shen 2008
7 Language Learning Strategies Of Chinese Students In Kuala Lumpur: An Exploratory Study Ma Qian Li 2008
8 Funstions And Reasons Of Code Switching Among Malaysian University Students Yu Mei Hua 2008
9 English Blogs: Construction Of Gender Identity In Malaysia. Tan Jenny 2008
10 Chinese Students' Use Of Translation As A Strategey To Learn English Huang Sai Nan 2009
11 Gender In Role Relationships And Communicative Styles In The Workplace Mohd Shahril 2009
12 Malaysian English Blogs: A Multimodal Analysis Bhanu 2009
13 A Contrastive Analysis Of Dialogues In "Family Albu,U.S.A" Huang Shi Qi 2009
14 Discourse Stratgies In Mixed-Gender Conversations Shi Xiao Hui 2009
15 Approaches In Teaching English As A Second Language (Tesl): Case Study Of Selected Secondary School Learners Lim Su Ann 2009
16 Attitudes & Perception Of Malaysians Towards Malaysian English Audrey Lin Jie Yun 2009
17 Euphemism On Culturally Taboo Language In Malaysian English Newspaper(The Star) S.Ranjeetha 2009
18 A Study Of Verb - Noun Collocation Among Ucsi Chinese Nationals Li Lu Yao 2009
19 English Language Proficiency And Comprehension Of Child Soldiers Music Video Of Ucsi Students:A Correlational Study Tan Yong Ching 2009
20 Gender Roles And Swearing Behaviour Of Malaysian Students Patrica Antoinette 2009
21 Multimodal Analysis Of Gender Identity In Male And Female Magazine Covers Chan Wy Yee 2009
22 Rhetorical Figures In Print English Advertisement Headlines Weng Mei Ling 2009
23 Analysis Of The Simple Tenses Used By Chinese Students Yang Yin 2009
24 Language Vitality In Tri-Generational Chinese Families In Malaysia Chin Kuo Ren 2009
25 Discourse Markers: Politeness Strategies In Conversations Among College Students Lui Sun Wah 2009
26 A Correlational Study Of Students' Attitudes Andperformance In  English In Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Chaah Pang Sha Nee 2009
27 Language Choice And Gender Construction: A Case Study Of Lesbian Language In Malaysia Loo Xiang Qing 2009
28 Identity Construction In Blogs Of Malaysian Teenagers Izyan Syazwani 2009
29 Cross-Cultural Content Analysis Of International Magazine Advertisements Li Jiu Liong 2010
30 A Speech Act Analysis Of A Malaysian Rape Case Garaldine Lim Yen 2010
31 International Students' Perception Towards Their Native Andnon-Native English Teachers In Malaysia Lim Chia Jui 2010
32 Character Portrayal : Female Characters Of Jane Austen'spride And Prejudice Zhang Jin 2010
33 Content Analysis Of Gender Differentations In Malaysiaenglish Language Textbooks (Kbsm) Yvonne Lwee Vy 2010
34 Hip Hop Music And Music Videos: Malaysian Fans' Perspective Racheal A/P Peria 2010
35 Linguistics And Cultural Differences In The English And Mandarin Translations Of "Angels And Demons" Teo Pin Ngoh 2010
36 Short Message Service (Sms) Practices Among Ssla Students Of Ucsi University Stephanie Angel A/P Oothama Kumar 2010
37 Language Choice Of Indonesians Student In Ucsi University In Different Domain Of Communication Rizal Shahputra 2010
38 The Effects Of Using Archie Comics In Teaching English As A Second Language (Tesl) Esther Yap Zi Lei 2010
39 Language Choice And Language Shift: A Tri-Generational Study Of Tamil Families In Malaysia Johty A/P Ganisan 2010