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Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences


No Title Research by Year Abstract
1 Efficacy And Long-Term Effects Of Bone Marrow-Derived Stem Cells On Myocardial Functions After Acute Myocardial Infarction

Aye Su Mon Kywe 2013
2 Efficacy And Safety Of Laser And Light Treatments For Refractory/Resistant Melasma Aye Su Mon Kywe 2013
3 Role Of Mediterranean Diet In Cardiovascular Protection By Effects On Cholesterol Compositions Aye Su Mon Kywe 2013
4 Retrospective Study On Evaluation Of Efficacy And Safety Of Oral Capsule Sheep Placenta Extracts On Improvement In General Health And Skin Rejuvenation Lau Hee Sim 2013
5 Retrospective Study On Evaluation Of Efficacy And Safety Of A Fractional CO2 System,More-Xel, For Skin Resurfacing And Rejuvenation Lau Hee Sim 2013
6 Retrospective Study on Evaluation And Comparison Of Efficacy Of Testosterone Replacement Therapy For Late Onset Hypogonadism By Using Long-Acting Testosterone Injection (Nebido) And Topical Testosterone Gel (Androgel) In Daily Clinical Practice Lau Hee Sim 2013
7 Literature Review On Medical Purposes Of Intravenous Vitamin C And Its Possible Application On Facial skin Rejuvenation Rizin Bin L Kusop@Harry Kusop 2013
8 Literature Review On The Effectiveness Of Telomere Lengthening Agents In Human Regenerative Health Rizin Bin L Kusop@Harry Kusop 2013
9 Literature Review On Clinical Application Of Testosterone Undecanoate (TU) As Anti-Aging Hormone And Hormonal Contraception In Men Rizin Bin L Kusop@Harry Kusop 2013
10 Evaluation Of Patient Satisfaction After Receiving PRP Treatment: a Survey Dr.Rushmini Maris Binti Ismail 2013
11 Usage Of The Laser For Hair Removal: To Evaluate The Efficacy And Safety Of Different Types Of Laser Dr.Rushmini Maris Binti Ismail 2013
12 Effects Of Magnesium Supplementation On Blood Preasure And General Wellness Dr.Rushmini Maris Binti Ismail 2013
13 Evaluation Of Mainstream And Novel Therapies Available For Male Pattern Baldness Jasvant Singh A/L B.Kartar Singh 2013
14 Stem Cell Therapy For Articular Cartilage Regeneration Jasvant Singh A/L B.Kartar Singh 2013
15 Evaluation Of The Efficacy Of The Joint Supplements Glucosamine & Chondroitin In The Treatment Of Osteoarthritis Of The Knee Joint Jasvant Singh A/L B.Kartar Singh 2013
16 Topical Ascorbic Acid In Photoaging Skin Cheah Pei Lynn 2013
17 Evaluating The Efficacy Of First,Second And Third Generation Of Autologous Chondrocyte Implantation As Treatment For Symtomatic Full Thickness Cartilage Lesions Of Knee Joints Cheah Pei Lynn 2013
18 Exogenous Melatonin Administration As Treatment Option For Shift Work Disorder In Healthy Adultshifts Workers Cheah Pei Lynn 2013
19 Thyroxine Monotherapy (Or) Thyroxine and Tri. Iodothyronine Combination Therapy In Hypothyroidism Dr.Ei Thinzar Kyaw 2013
20 Efficacy And Safety Of Synergistic Action Of Multipolar Radiofrequency And Pulsed Magnetic Fields For Body Contouring(Retrospective Case Report) Dr.Ei Thinzar Kyaw 2013
21 Regeneration Of Healing Promoting Factors By Ozone Therapy In Management Of Chronic Diabetic Foot Ulcers Dr.Ei Thinzar Kyaw 2013
22 Evaluating The Use Of Dendritic Cells In Cancer Treatment A Literature Review Abd Khalid Jaafar 2013
23 ‘The Thyroid Connections’ Thyroid Hormones Deficiency Can Lead To Memory Impairment A Literature Review Abd Khalid Jaafar 2013
24 A Survey On The Usefulness Of Having a Web-Based Medical Record System For Patients (Aestheic and Medical) Abd Khalid Jaafar 2013
25 A Case Study : Efficacy Of Melasma Treatment With Combination Therapy (Alpha Arbutin + Vitamin C + Vitamin E + Tranexamic Acid + Q Switch ND: YAG Laser) Dr Norman Mohd Norawai 2013
26 A Case Study: The Effectiveness of Combinations of PRP and Honey on Treatment of Diabetic Non Healing Ulcer Dr Norman Mohd Norawai 2013
27 The Beneficial Effect of Omega 3 Fatty Acids on Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) and Hypercholesterolemia Dr Norman Mohd Norawai 2013
28 The Role of Coenzyme Q10 in Aging Heart in Improving Its Mitochondrial Function Dr Mohd Nasir Bin Othman @ Mustafa 2013
29 Treatment Of Stroke With Stem Cells- A Review Dr Mohd Nasir Bin Othman @ Mustafa 2013
30 Facial Fillers In Tissue Augmentation Techniques For Nasolabial Fold Dr Mohd Nasir Bin Othman @ Mustafa 2013
31 Evaluating The Efficacy And Safety Of Treatment Alternatives For Melasma Patients Who Do Not Respond To Or Develop Unacceptable Adverse Effects Following The Use Of Combination Therapy Comprising Hydroquinone 4%, Flucinolone Acetonide 0.01% And Tretinion 0.05% In Cream Base Jeffrey Lim Chung Yeow 2013
32 Generating Human Organs And Appendages Fact Or Fiction? An Evidence Based Review Jeffrey Lim Chung Yeow 2013
33 Evaluating The Effect Of Coenzyme Q10 On Cardiovascular Health  An Evidence Based Review Jeffrey Lim Chung Yeow 2013
34 The Acceptance of Regenerative Medicine Among The Patients Sivananthan Periethamby 2013
35 The Acceptance of Hormone Treatment Among The Patients Sivananthan Periethamby 2013
36 The Acceptance of Aesthetic Injectable Procedures Such as Botox & Dermal Fillers Among The Patients Sivananthan Periethamby 2013
37 A Study To Assess The Knowledge And Views Of Umbilical Cord Blood Banking Among Parents in Klang Valley Nurul Ain Abdullah 2013
38  Metformin And Its Role In Cancer Nurul Ain Abdullah 2013
39 A Study On How Much Women Are Willing To Spend In A Aesthetic Clinic For The Treatment Of Melasma: Topical Vs Laser Nurul Ain Abdullah 2013
40 Structured Review of Platelet Rich Plasma in skin Regeneration and Rejuvenation Dr. Shankar Periasamy 2013
41 Structured Review Of Amino Acids As Human Growth Hormone Secretagogues In Anti-Aging Dr. Shankar Periasamy 2013
42 Retrospective Study On Skin Rejuvenation With Hydradermabrasion Dr. Shankar Periasamy 2013
43 Can Coenzyme Q10 Be The anti-Aging Answer To The Treatment of Fibromyalgia? Sunitha C. Unnikrishnan 2013
44 Role Of Mesenchymal Stem Cells In The Management Of Chronic Wounds – A Broad Overview Sunitha C. Unnikrishnan 2013
45 The Therapeutic Effect Of Glycolic Acid Peels In Dark Skin People With Melasma Sunitha C. Unnikrishnan 2013
46 Effectiveness Of Using Platelet Derived Wound Healing Factors For Treatment Of Diabetic Ulcers Dr. Thu Hein Zaw 2013
47 Effectiveness And Safety Of Low Level Laser Therapy In Treatment Of Alopecia Areata Dr. Thu Hein Zaw 2013
48 The Role Of Coenzyme Q10 In Statin-Induced Myalgia Dr. Thu Hein Zaw 2013
49 Effects Of Calorie Restriction On The Biomarkers Of Longevity Aarthi Maria Francis 2013
50 Efficacy Of Adipocyte Derived Stem Cells In Facial Augmentation With Common Dermal Fillers Aarthi Maria Francis 2013
51 Hydroquinone Or Topical Vitamin C In The Treatment Of Melasma Aarthi Maria Francis 2013
52 Effect Of Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) On The Lipid Profile In Hypogonadal Men Dr. Zaw Min OO @ Jonathan 2013
53 Effectiveness And Safety Of Autologous Hematopoietic Stem Cell Therapy (AHSCT) For The Treatment Of Human Type-1 Diabetes Mellitus (Structured Review) Dr. Zaw Min OO @ Jonathan 2013
54 Retrospective Evaluation About The Efficacy And Safety On The Fractional Ablative Pixel 2940nm Laser Treatment For Atrophic Acne Scars In Four Patients Dr. Zaw Min OO @ Jonathan 2013
55 Platelet Rich Plasma For Knee Osteoarthritis : A Review Dr Koh Seng Kai 2013
56 Safety And Efficacy Of Laser Treatment For Acne Scarring In Dark Skin Patient Dr Koh Seng Kai 2013
57 Safety And Efficacy Of Oral Finasteride In Androgenic Alopecia : A Review Dr Koh Seng Kai 2013
58 The Role Of Selected Herbal Product In Male Sexual Dysfuction Lim Kok Hsiung 2013
59 Is Diet Intervention Helpful In The Treatment Of Acne Vulgaris? Lim Kok Hsiung 2013
60 Is Autologous Platelet –Rich Plasma Effective In Treating Chronic Skin Wound? Lim Kok Hsiung 2013
61 Good Regular Sex Promotes Health, Longevity And Prevent Premature Aging Husna Hashim 2013
62 Regenerative Property Of Autologous Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) In Treatment Of Knee Osteoarthritis (OA) Husna Hashim 2013
63 Exploring The Patient’s Awareness Of Sunscreen In Prevention Of Malaysia Husna Hashim 2013
64 Effectiveness Of Platelet Rich Plasma On Hair Regrowth Jalis Hisham Bin Abdul Jamir 2013
65 Male Pattern Hair Loss – Structured Review And Recommendations On The Efficacy Of Adjuvants In Its Management Jalis Hisham Bin Abdul Jamir 2013
66 Does Oral Calcium Supplementation Increase The Risk of Cardiovascular Events Jalis Hisham Bin Abdul Jamir 2013
67 The Effect Of Stem Cells In Erectile Dysfunction Dr. Sai Shankar Gunasingam 2013
68 The Role Of Testosterone Deficiency In Depressed Mood Of The Aging Male Dr. Sai Shankar Gunasingam 2013
69 The Role Of Q-Switched ND:YAG Lasers In The Treatment Of Melasma Dr. Sai Shankar Gunasingam 2013
70 Literature Review: The Impact Of Sleep Disturbances On Mortality And Morbidity Ong Hin 2013
71 Literature Review: The Efficacy Of Acupuncture In Acne , Melasma And Rhytides Ong Hin 2013
72 Literature Review: To Evaluate The Epigenetic Influences On Somatic Cell Transdifferentiation On Neuronal Cell Ong Hin 2013
73 Adipose-Derived Stem Cells For Regenerative Medicine Ho Choon Moy 2013
74 Adrenal Fatigue : A Literature Review Ho Choon Moy 2013
75 Exploring Patients’ Perception Of Their Preference Between Cost, Comfort Or Effectiveness In Their Choice Of Treatment For Facial Hyperpigmentation In A Gynaecology Clinic Ho Choon Moy 2013
76 Stem Cells As Medium For Orthopedic Gene Treatment Suresh A/L Rajoo 2013
77 Role Of Antioxidants And Oxidative Stress In Cardiovascular Diseases Suresh A/L Rajoo 2013
78 Acceptance Of Aesthetic Procedures In Rural Population Suresh A/L Rajoo 2013
79 Knowledge And Perspective Of Cord Blood Banking And Donation Among Women Of Reproductive Age Group In Malaysia Arunah Chandran 2013
80 Effectiveness Of Topical Vitamin C Vs Hydroquinone In Hyperpigmentary Disorder Of Skin Arunah Chandran 2013
81 The Effect Of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin HCG By Means Of Simeons Therapy In The Treatment Of Obesity Arunah Chandran 2013
82 A Study To Assess The Knowledge And Views Of Umbilical Cord Blood Banking Among Parents In Klang Nurul Ain Abdullah 2013
83 A Study On How Much Women Are Willing To Spend In An Aesthetics Clinic For The Treatment Of Melasma: Topical VS Laser Nurul Ain Abdullah 2013
84 Treatment Of Knee Osteoarthritis With Intra-Articular Platelet-Rich Plasma(PRP) Injections In Comparison With Other Pharmacological Treatment Dr.Sivah A/L Sandrasakre 2013
85 The Efficacy Of Lasers And Photodynamic Therapy For The Treatment Of Acne Vulgaris A Review Of Published Articles Dr.Sivah A/L Sandrasakre 2013
86 To Evaluate The Efficacy Of Intra-Articular Mesenchymal Stem Cell Injection In Treating Knee Osteoarthritis Dr.Sivah A/L Sandrasakre 2013
87 Coenzyme Q10 As Preventive Migraine Dr.Wan Erlina Binti Wan Mohamad 2013
88 Effectiveness And Safety Of Low Fluence (1064 NM) Q-Switched ND-Y AG In Treatment Of Melasma A Review Of Literature Dr.Wan Erlina Binti Wan Mohamad 2014
89 Vitamin C Enhances Pluripotent Stem Cells Differentiation Intro Cardiac Myocytes In Vitro Dr.Wan Erlina Binti Wan Mohamad 2013
90 To Determine The Presenting Symtoms Of Adrenal Fatigue Among Previously Undiagnosed Patients Of Klinik Menara Norhaslinda Binti Mat Hassin 2013
91 The Use Of 100% Pure Mineral Powder In Post Laser Facial Rejuvenation Norhaslinda Binti Mat Hassin 2013
92 The Efficacy Of Autologous Bone Marrow Stem Cells Transplantation In Treating Type 2 Diabetes Norhaslinda Binti Mat Hassin 2013
93 Safety And Efficacy Of Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy In Menopause Dr.Sharmini Arumugam 2013
94 Off-Label Use Of Tranexamic Acid In The Treatment Of Melasma Dr.Sharmini Arumugam 2013
95 Clinical Responses And Outcomes Of Mesenchymal Stem Cell Therapy In Hematopoetic Diseases And Graft Versus Host Disease Dr.Sharmini Arumugam 2013
96 Does Estrogen Hormone Improve Cognition For Alzheimer’s Disease In Elderly Women? Wint Wint Khine 2013
97 Effectivess And Safety Of Long Pulsed Nd:Y AG Laser For Hair Reduction In Dark Skin Types Wint Wint Khine 2013
98 Clinical Efficacy And Safety Of Platelet-Derives Growth Factors For Wound Healing In Diabetes Mellitus Wint Wint Khine 2013
99 A Survey On Knowledge And Perception Of Regenerative Medicine By Doctors In Johor Bahru Dr.Paramasivam A/L Subramaniam 2013
100 A Cross Sectional Studies On The Diabetic Foot Ulcer In Clinic Megah Ria For The Period Of 2009-2011 Dr.Paramasivam A/L Subramaniam 2013
101 A Survey On Preference Of Doctor Or Beautician In The Treatment Of Aesthetics By The People Of Johor Bahru Dr.Paramasivam A/L Subramaniam 2013
102 Ablative Laser Resurfacing For The Treatment Of Facial Acne Scarring: A Literature Review Yasotha A/P N.Therukesparan 2013
103 Knowledge Of The Potential Of Stem Cell Therapy For Treatment Of Diabetes Among Malaysians In The Klang Valley Yasotha A/P N.Therukesparan 2013
104 Effects Of Mediterranean Diet On Non-Communicable Diseases Yasotha A/P N.Therukesparan 2013
105 Effects Of Okinawan Diet On The Biomarkers Of Cardiovascular Diseases Malinda Mohd Ali 2013
106 Effectiveness Of Superficial Chemical Peels In Treatment Of Melasma For Asian Skin Malinda Mohd Ali 2013
107 The Resveratrol Effects On Endothelial Progenitor Cells Malinda Mohd Ali 2013
108 A Retrospective Study Of Botulinum Toxin Type A On Palmar Hyperhidrosis In Poliklinik Ng Between September 2011 And March 2013 Dr.Ng Sing Beng 2013
109 Stem Cell Therapy: A Public Awareness Survey Dr.Ng Sing Beng 2013
110 The Anti-Aging Effects Of Testosterone Replacement Therapy, A Retrospective Descriptive Study Dr.Ng Sing Beng 2013
111 Herbal Treatment In Complementary And Alternative Medicines For Treatment Of Menopausal Symptoms Compared To HRT Dr.Mirija Angamuthu 2013
112 The Efficacy Of Cell Therapy In Treating Myocardial Infarction Patients Dr.Mirija Angamuthu 2013
113 The Efficacy Of PRP(Platelet Rich Plasma) For The Treatment Of Androgenetic Alopecia Dr.Mirija Angamuthu 2013
114 The Safety And Efficacy Of Azelaic Acid In The Management Of Mild To Moderate Acne Vulgaris Farzana Binti Mohammed Fazalullah 2013
115 The Potential Preventive Role Of Lutein And Zeaxanthin In Age-Related Macular Degeneration(AMD), A Structured Review Farzana Binti Mohammed Fazalullah 2013
116 The Safety And Efficacy Of Bone-Marrow Derived Cell Therapy In Critical Limb Ischemia, A Structured Review Farzana Binti Mohammed Fazalullah 2013
117 Melatonin In Female Night Shift Workers And Their Risk Of Cancer Ooi Tse Hun 2013
118 Self Perseived Efficacy And Side Effects Of Hydroquinone For Melasma Among General Public In Penang Between May 2012 To Jan 2013 Ooi Tse Hun 2013


No Title Research by Year Abstract
1 Breastfeeding Practice Among Chinese Mother In Kuala Lumpur Pua Shelley 2008
2 Study On The Knowledge Of Nurses Regarding Pain Management Kum Yoke Ching 2008
3 Exploration On The Knowledge And Practical Skills Of Nurses On Endo-Tracheal Suctioning Chiristien Rajathi Micheal 2008
4 Perceived Burnout Amongst Registered Nurses A Private Hospital In Klang Valley Teng Hie Chin 2008
5 Preoperative Care Delivery Among Registered Nurses In A Private Hospital Razlina Bte Ramli 2008
6 Student Nurses' Level Of Competency In Numerical Data Calculations Sarala Rani Arumugam 2008
7 Factors That Influence Participation Of Nurses In Continuing Nursing Education Siti Rohani Selamat 2008
8 Knowledge And Performance Of Breast Self-Examination Among Student Nurses. Tan Bee Kheng (Suzanna) 2009
9 Perception Of Male Upper Secondary Students' On Nursing As A Career Choice Hepzibha Alexander 2009
10 Experiences Of Women Who Underwent Mas Tectomy In Maldives Zarana Mohamed Ali 2008
11 Job Satisfaction Among Nurses Working In A Hospital In Maldives Rishfa Aminath 2008
12 Effectiveness of Inhaler Techique By patient In A Hospital In Maldives Shiuna Aminath 2008
13 Appreliminary Study On Strees Among First Year Diploma Nursing Students Of UCSI UNIVERSITY Nazva Abdul Gudoos 2009
14 Hand Hygiene Practices Among Intensive Care Unit Nurses Working In The National Heart Centre RafizahOmar 2009
15 Knowledge And Attitude Of Nurses Regarding Prevention of Pressure Ulcer Among Patients In National heart Institute. Saridah Bt Abdul Hamid 2009
16 Knowledge, Attitude And Practice Of Breastfeeding Among Working Mothers Who Live In Male' Maldives Aishath Warudha 2009
17 A Study Of Information Literacy Level Among Student Nurses In UCSI UNIVERSITY Zaifa Khatum 2009
18 Awareness Of Hiv/Aids Amongst Maldivian Adolescents Fathimath Khumaira 2009
19 Knowledge Of Foot Care Amongst Type 2 Diabetic Clients Attending The Diabetic Clinic In Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital Khadeeja Shakir 2009
20 Are Incidents Of Phlebitis Among Paediatric Patients To The Knowledge,Practice And care Of The Paediatric ward Nurses Of IGM Hospital Male' Maldives Saadha Ali 2009
21 Awareness Of Indhira Gandhi Memoria lHospital Operating Room Nurses' Regarding Blood-Borne Diseases Nazra Hussain 2009
22 Belief, Behaviour And Attitude Of Tobacco Smoking Among UCSI UNIVERSITY Students. Makinde Ifelola Yetunde 2009
23 A study of Information Literacy Level Among Student Nurses in UCSI University Zaifa Khatum Abdul Mohamed Ibnu 2009
25 Factors Associated With Smoking Among Secondary School Students In A Private Boarding School Wong Yee Ning 2010
26 The Relationship Between Patients' Knowledge And Blood Pressure Control Among Patients With Essential Hypertension Evelyn Yong Kah Khee 2010
27 The Relationship Between Social Demographic Characteristics And Patients' Illness Response To Breast Cancer Lee Siew mei 2010
28 Prevelance And Risk factors Of Lowback Pain Among Nurses Of Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH) In Maldives Mariyam Masoodha Ali 2011
29 A Study On Nursing Students' Perception Of Experiences In Their Clinical Learning Enviroment Aminath Dhifleen 2011
30 Factors Affecting The Participation Of Registered Nurses In Continuing Professional Development In Zamfara State Nigeria Bashir Mohammed Mafara 2011
31 Stress Experience And Coping Abilities Of Diploma Student Nurses Tang Yea Hung 2011
32 Knowledge And Attitude On Sexual And Reproductive Health Among Foundations Students In UCSI UNIVERSITY Katherine Chong Khai Yen 2011
33 Knowledge Of Diabetes Mellitus Among Student Nurses Sia MeeHsia 2011
34 Knowledge And Dietary Practices Among Medical, Pharmacy, And Nursing Students Joanne Lai Yah Li 2011
35 Perception Of Students' In Health Related Programmes Towards Physical Activity G.Sneha Lourdes 2011
36 Student Nurses’ HIV knowledge, Attitude And Willingness To Care For People Living With HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) Choon Mei Kuan 2012
37 Knowledge And Practice On Preventing Needle stick Injuries Among Nurses In A Chinese Hospital Zhang Ping 2012
38 Student Nurses’ Attitudes Towards Caring For Dying Patients Tan Boon Theng 2012
39 Self Esteem Of Nursing Students In A Private University Goh Hui Jiun 2012
40 Patient Satisfaction With Nursing Care In Maldives Raheema Adam 2012
41 Factors Associated With Career Decisions Among Student Nurses Tambuwal,abubakar Alhaji 2012
42 Nurses’ Knowledge, Perceptions, Beliefs And Barriers In Adopting Evidence Based Practice Into Clinical Nursing Decision Making Akudo Augustina Chigbu 2013
43 Compassion Fatigue Among Nurses Lee Wai Yee 2013
44 Body Mass Index, Physical Activity And Dietary Practices Of Registered Nurses In A Private Hospital In Klang Valley, Malaysia Wong Ik Hang 2013
45 Perceptions, Motivating Factors and Barriers To Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Among Chinese Nurses Li Chau 2013
46 Students’ Perceptions Of Nursing Careers In Malaysia Chong Kylie 2014
47 Perceptions Of Role Transition Among The Final Year Student Nurses In A Private College Tran Thi Ngoc Nga 2014
48 Use Of Internet For Health Information Among Malaysian Young Adults Monkutlwatsi Kaone Kutlo 2014
49 Public’s Perception And Attitude Towards The People With Mental Illness Thuso Nkhumo 2014
50 Nurses’ Perception On Factors Affecting Medication Compliance Of Pulmonary Tuberculosis Patients At A Referral Hospital,Botswana Mhlauli Thabiso 2014
51 Functional Capacity And Lifestyle Patterns Among Older People In Selected Cheras Communities Masego Ramatlakapela 2014
52 Smoking Among University Students In Malaysia Luckly Hendrick Giri 2014
53 Dietary Patterns And Views On Nutrition Among Older People In Selected Cheras Communities Masego Tiroyaone Basima 2014
54 Recreational Reading Habits Among University Students Annita Gonewa Mmonadibe 2014
55 Knowledge And attitude Of Cigarette Smoking Among Students In A Private University In Cheras,Malaysia Thatayaone Ntesang 2014
56 Self-Reported Behaviour Towards Academic Honesty In Health Related Programmes Tiyapo Makhubalo 2014
57 A Survey On Awareness Of Breast Cancer Among African Women In Cheras Malaysia Tebogo George 2014
58 Nurses Perception Towards Disaster Preparedness Khumo Mokgachane 2014
59 Knowledge,Attitude And Practices On Cervical Cancer And Its Prevention Among The Female University Students In A Private University In Cheras  Eunice Lemson 2014
60 Knowledge And Attitude On Exclusive Breastfeeding Among A Selected Group Of Malaysian Child Bearing Aged Women Khutswane Segomotso 2014
61 History Of Fall And It’s Risk Factor Among Older People In Cheras Communities Keamogetse Andrew Gaeboloke 2014
62 Knowledge and Practices On Diarrhea Prevention Amongst Mothers With Children Less Than Five Years of Age In Lobatse (Botswana) Duduetsang Tracy Lekoto 2014
63 Health Beliefs Towards Prevention Of Osteoporosis Among Pre-Menopausal Women And Post-Menopausal Women Takongwa Tabulawa 2014
64 Perceived Barriers To Healthcare Access For Older People In Cheras Community Wang Xin 2014
65 Knowledge And attitude Towards Hepatitis B Among Health Related Course Students Dorah Matlou 2014
66 Perception Of Nurses Towards Electronic Medical Records Tshepho Keebone 2014
67 Knowledge And Practices Of HIV/AIDS Among African Women In Cheras Willie Vigilance 2014
68 Knowledge And Attitude Of Female Students Towards Emergency Contraceptives In Private University In Malaysia Vincent Mothusi 2014
69 Knowledge, Practices and Attitudes of Oral Contraceptive Pill Among Female University Students In A Private University Johannes Bokamoso 2015
70 Lifestyle Among The Elderly Patients With Cardiovascular Disease In Baoding, China Shi Mingxi 2015
71 Knowledge And Attitude Regarding Ebola Virus Disease Among The Community In Rasesa Village In Kgatleng District, Botswana Kgaleleo Amantle Mosweu 2015
72 Transexuality In Malaysia: Health Maintenance Of Transsexuals After Transformation Oscar Moabi Letshwenyo 2015
73 Knowledge And Practices On Dengue Fever And Its Prevention Amongst Students In A Private University In Malaysia Nametso Letebele 2015
74 Medication Adherence Among Hypertensive Nigerians Attending A Tertiary Healthcare Facility David Emmanuel 2015
75 The Knowledge Of HIV/AIDS Among University Of Botswana Students Onalethata Matsenkule 2015
76 Medication Adherence Of Patients With Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus In Two Private Hospitals In Klang Valley, Malaysia Chong Poh Li 2015
77 Knowledge And Practice On Diabetic Foot Care Among Patients With Type-2 Diabetes In Two Private Hospitals In Klang Valley, Malaysia Cindy Chua Qiu Ee 2015
78 Stress And Coping Strategies Among Undergraduate International Students In A Private University Malaysia  Muhammad Umar Baba 2016
79 Dietary Intakes And Food Patterns Of International Students In A Private University In Malaysia Okonkwo Maureen Emmanuella 2016
80 A Study On Motivating Reasons Amongst Malaysian Students In Choosing Nursing As A Career Pathway Ch’ng Sze Yee 2016
81 Knowledge And Attitude Of University Students Towards Reproductive Health In China Zhou Siyu 2016
82 Knowledge And Attitudes Of Nursing Students Toward Older People Wang Xiaonan 2016
83 Working Hours And Job Stress Among Hospital Staff Nurses In China Zhao Xinhui 2016
Faculty of Business & Information Sciences


No Title Research by Year Abstract
1 Develop a Stock Control Application for Hock Heng Huat Ltd.Co. Lee Ying Huay Nil
2 The Impact of Multi Core Processors in the IT Industry Gan Yow Chuan Nil
3 The Customers' Satisfaction Level of Mobile Users Among Students in Klang Valley,Malaysia Ha Thi Huyen Trang Nil
4 Evaluate the Evolution and Impact of Mobile Communication Network in Malaysia Yap Beau Chan Nil
5 Assess the Relevance of IS/IT Outsorcing Support to SMEs' Nguyen Thanh Huong Nil
6 Investigation of the Market Potential on Using Interactive Whiteboard in Learning Institutions as Tool for Classroom Education in Malaysia Tan Poh Choy Nil
7 How Can Technology be Used to Support a Problem-based Approach to Distance Education in China-Beijing? Hu Wenting Nil
8 Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and Their User Perspective Emad Uddin Fazlullah Nil
9 The Effectiveness of Internet Banking Service in Malaysia Miranda Sekar Gunung Sitanggang Nil
10 An Investigation of Security Implementation of Wireless Networks Low Chee Voon Nil
11 Role Play 3D Free-trade Area (RP3), A Human Stereoscopic Interactive Shopping Platform Pan-Xiabo Nil
12 Factors Influency Purchase of Online Airline Ticket in Malaysia Chandra Vijaya Letchumi Nil
13 Research on the Acceptance and Adoption of e-commerce for small to medium enterprise(SMES) in Malaysia Pee Teng Kian Nil
14 The Issue of Copyright and Pirated Music Through Music Downloads Via Internet in Malaysia Yang Xiaoyan Nil
15 A Study on Gaming in Game Consoles, Personal Computer and Mobile Devices Jason Ng Sai Kuan Nil
16 A Study of Urban Areas of Vietnam-Hanoi in the Context of The ADSL Boom in Asia Pacific Region Bui Thu Giang Nil
17 Information in Organization:Knowledge Management-SnT Global Web Sdn.Bhd Ting Yen Sing Nil
18 The Introduction of e-commerce/E-business at Alkhalid Pharmacy Group at Dhaka in Bangladesh Md.Farhadur Reza Nil
19 Study and Examine the Implementation of Multimedia Components Through Prototyping an E-training Systems Harris Ng Boon Thiam Nil
20 Effectiveness of Internet Banking in Malaysia M.Thavasegaran Nil
21 Recruiting New Staff Through Internet Advertisment in Malaysia Navin Menon Nil
22 Comparison Between Short Messaging Service (SMS), Multimedia Messaging Service(MMS) and Unified Messaging Service(UMS) Muffaddal Husain Nil
23 Investigation Computing and Technical Requirements for Communicationg Between Handhelds with System Wirelessly. Wong Ee Zern Nil
24 The Development of Online Games in Malaysia Mohd Anwar B.Muhammad Nil
25 Terrorism Over Information Network Mamun Al Zerin(Rusell) Nil
26 A Study on the Effectiveness of Different E-commerce Marketing Techniques Deepa Baskar Nil
27 Info Kiosk:Hornbill Tours & Travel Khairina Dawek Nil
28 E-learning-technology or Pedagogy:How can these Two Elements be Combined to produce Effective Learning Environments? Chan Weng Keong Nil
29 Investigate the Computer Requirements for Tuition Centers Yau Wen Jin Nil
30 An Investigate of Computing Equipment for Mobile Nursing in Malaysia Hoo Yin Lein Nil
31 Distance Education in the Developing Countries to Ensure Maximum Utility Deborah S.Bose Nil
32 The Effectiveness of E-learning in Higher Education Hew KhaI Yin Nil
33 To Study the Effecticeness of Computer Technology Used on Keeping Vehicle Safety Zhang Hua Nil
34 Could Single Storage Device Replace the Multiple Varieties of Storage Device in Malaysia? Chok Yen Peng Nil
35 Investigate How SMEs Could be Encouraged to Trade Via The Internet Rather than Just Marketing Presence. Ding vincent Nil
36 An Evaluation of the Implementation of Wireless Technology in UCSI Trevor James Sta Maria Nil
37 Sms Notification System Of Time Table Change In UCSI University Shen Zhao An Nil
38 Student Attendance Tracking System Of UCSI University Xu Ai Li Nil
39 A Study Of Utilizing Wiki Software For E-Learning In Malaysia Universities Yang Hui Nil
40 Web Based Social Networking For Business Organization Lim Wah Peng Nil
41 Analysis Of Mobile Ranking Acceptance By Yemenis Banks Customers Nasser Abdurabu Mohsen Al-Awd Nil
42 Personalized Web-blog Notification System Punithamalar Panneerselvam Nil
43 The Model For Baby Health Blogging Is For The Use Of Parents And Physician Chen Lian Nil
44 A Reseach On The Library Reference Tool For UCSI Wikiversity Hu Xiao Yan Nil
45 Impact Determination On Facebook Ma Ling Ji Nil
46 [ UCSI University Classroom 2.0 ] Fan Jun Nu Nil
47 Online Help Desk ( OHD ) System Zhang Zhen Nil
48 Purchasing Management System In Demand - Supply Chain Management Model The Case Of Jiangsu. China Timber Floor Enterprise Ma Jun Nil
49 Customer Management System For Tertiary Education Instituitions With Customer Analysis And Alert Features Liu Yun Feng Nil
50 Computer Based Assessment System For Creativity Of Universities Yan Hai Zhou Nil
51 Evaluating Library-Catalog System Inyang Uduak Otu Nil
52 The Design And Implementation Of An E-Commerce Site For Online Apparel Sales Salim Hossain Nil
53 An Independent Project Report Submitted In Partial Fulfilment Of The Regulations Governing The Award Of The B.Sc. ( Hons.) In Computing, 2010 Maudlyn Ireju Imegi Nil
54 A Study On the personalization of wikis for university personnel Pan Xia Nil
55 A Research On E-Care Assistant With In-Depth Observation And Inquisition On The Child's Growth Tan Chong Hau Nil
56 Web-based Learning: Infrastructure and Interactive User Interface Shen Ling Ye Nil
57 E-commerce in Bangladesh Md. Farid Hassan Nil
58 E-attendance Zhuzheng Nil
59 Online eMart System Shah Mohammad Hasanul Haque Nil
60 Java Steganography Aiman Adham Ebrahim Nil
61 A Research on UCSI Wikiversity Online Student Resources and Information System Daniel Ling Howe Yii Nil
62 Mobile Library SMS System Joseph Iyeuma Nil
63 The Impact and Implication of New Short Messaging System (SMS) Service on User Preferences Ahmad H.H. Dazayi Nil
64 Online Student Verification and Validation System for UCSI University Oyelekan Oyebode Olusegun Nil
65 Applying Spelling Error Correction Techniques for Children Search in Internet Xu Ren Yan Nil
66 E-TAL (Talent Search with Data Mining Integration) Lee Lai Leng Nil
67 E-Notification System Victor Chin Kok Choong Nil
68 Online Taxi Reservation System Huang Zheng Hong Nil
69 Online Discussion Forum For BIS Student in UCSI Lee Chew Yee Nil
70 Web Based Illness Diagnosis Via Symptoms Idebtification Atoyebi Oluwaseun Saheed Nil
71 Online Auctioning Shop For UCSI University Mohammed Shettima Baga-Gana Nil
72 Clinic Information And Route Public Transportation Search Integration System Tijjani Shamsuddeen Nil
73 Emotion Determination Template On Facebook To Justify Emotional level Roxanne Wong Xie Nil
74 Online Reservation Ticket System Oputa Mary-Jane Nil
75 Research Portal For Knowledge Management Among Faculty Members Dost Mohd Bayzid Majumder Nil
76 UCSI Competition Management System (UCMS) Ali Mutahar Almahaqeri Nil
77 Mobile (Android) Real Estate Agent Application Wang Qiang Nil
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