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BSc (Hons) Industrial Metallurgy
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Approval Code KA 11151; 07/2015
Classification BSc (Hons)
Subject Area Industrial Metallurgy
Course Mode Full Time
Course Duration 3 1/2 Years
Course Location UCSI University, Kuala Lumpur Campus
Intakes January and May
Programme Details
The steel and metal industry, one of the growing industries in Malaysia, is currently facing a shortage of highly-skilled and specialised metallurgists. This has inspired the University to take the initiative to train and produce future industry leaders and experts in this area.

The programme which is designed to develop students’ basic knowledge and understanding of the discipline in Year 1, progresses at the later stage, to more advanced topics on industrial metallurgy, including real hands-on experience during the internship Co-Operative Training placement programme.
Programme Objectives
Our objectives for the programme are to:
  1. Provide students with an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the relationships between processing, structure, properties and performance of metals in the context of metal science, technology and industries
  2. Develop students’ abilities to apply theoretical knowledge and putting it to practice, as well as to prepare graduates to assume positions as scientists, researchers and managers in the field of industrial metallurgy
  3. Cultivate students’ abilities to communicate, evaluate, investigate and make decisions critically and creatively to solve operational problems in the context of industrial metallurgy based on evidence and experience
  4. Produce graduates who possess the necessary technical skills in areas such as extracting metals from their ores, refining crude metals, the production of alloys, financing, capital budgeting, allocation of costs and revenues, … etc. which are essential for the efficient running and management of industrial metallurgy businesses
  5. Produce enterprising graduates who dare to take leadership roles and responsibilities with the ability to work in local or international environments
  6. Produce graduates who are active in seeking knowledge (lifelong learning), with an awareness of the social, environmental and industrial issues surrounding the metal industry.
Programme Learning Outcome
Upon successful completion of the programme, a graduate of this programme will be able to:
  1. Demonstrate in-depth knowledge and understanding of the range of topics (such as extractive metallurgy, the refining of crude metals and its production,…etc.) essential for a metallurgist to perform effectively in one or more of the following processes: selection of materials, production, recycling, design forming and processing techniques
  2. Develop practical skills (such as formulating experimental procedures, problem analysis and data collection)
  3. Acquire soft skills (such as leadership, decision-making, presenting and reporting results both individually and as part of a team) necessary to contribute to the development and growth of the metal industry and the nation at large
  4. Think critically, to assess and criticise existing strategies and the techniques related to the extraction, refining, production and the identification of its inefficiencies
  5. Identify and plan for efficient and justifiable new strategies & techniques including designing experimental procedures (related to the selection of the metal system and/or the alloy based on availability, manufacturability and sustainability) with careful considerations of the environmental, economical, social, and ethical implications
  6. Select and use appropriate simulation programme(s)/ software tools to analyse and evaluate the performance of the materials and the commercially-important metals and alloys
  7. Demonstrate proficiency in conducting oral, written and/or visual presentations when communicating with specialists and non-specialists
  8. Effectively manage time, lifelong learning plans, projects and financial resources.
Entry Requirements
Minimum Admission Requirements for the Degree Programme:
UCSI Foundation Pass
STPM 2 Principals (C) in Chemistry, Biology & Mathematics / Physics
A-Level 2 Ds in Chemistry, Biology & Mathematics / Physics
UEC 5 Credits including Chemistry, Geology & Maths./Physics
Equivalent Course Case-by-case basis
Minimum Admission Requirements for the Foundation Programme:
SPM/ O-Level or its equivalent 5 Credits including Maths. & 2 Science courses
UEC 3 Credits including Maths. & 2 Science courses
English Language Requirements:
A distinction (A1 or A2) in SPM / UEC English, MUET Band 5, or a score of 213 (Computer based) / 550 (Written-based) / 79-80 (Internet-based) in TOEFL, or Band 5.5 in IELTS. If English Language requirements are not fulfilled, additional English course(s) must be taken at UCSI University.
Lectures, Tutorials, Case-Study, Research, Laboratory and Industrial Placement.
Career Opportunities
Metallurgists may be employed in the research and development of products and processes of extractive metallurgy, refining of crude metals or in production. In addition, B. Sc. (Hons.) Industrial Metallurgy graduates may find career opportunities in formulating experimental procedures, carrying out data analysis and data collection.

Thus, graduates from this programme will be able to apply new strategies and techniques including designing manufacturing procedures with careful considerations for the environment, economy, as well as for social and ethical implications. Graduates in this field could work at:
  • Steel and other metals manufacturing industries
  • Computer and electronic parts manufacturing factories
  • Scientific research centres on the investigative studies of material failure and material properties
  • Machinery manufacturing
  • Shipping industries
  • Automotive industries
  • Plastic industry
  • Chemical manufacturing
  • Aeronautical industry
  • Fabrication of metallic components
  • Mining industry
Courses Offered
Year 1
  • Basic Chemistry for Industrial Metallurgy
  • Essential Mathematics for Metallurgists
  • Technical Communication
  • Introduction to Electrical Engineering
  • Experimental Techniques in Metallurgy
  • Introduction to Metallurgy
  • Physics of Metals
  • Industrial Safety 
  • University Life
  • Study Skills and Employability
  • Malaysian Studies
  • Bahasa Kebangsaan
  • Co -Operative Training Placement I
Year 2
  • Metallurgical Thermodynamics
  • Fuels, Furnaces and Refractories
  • Phase Diagram, Transformation & Alloying Principles
  • Introduction to Extraction of Metals
  • Foundry Technology
  • Energy Conservation
  • Principles of Heat Treatment & Surface Modification
  • Fluid Mechanics & Heat Transfer
  • Tools of Trade
  • Moral Studies  
  • Islamic Studies
  • Co-Operative Training Placement II
Year 3
  • Metal Forming
  • Analytical Laboratory
  • Joining of Metals (similar and dissimilar)
  • Corrosion and its Control
  • Metrology and Quality Control
  • Industrial Water and Waste Water Treatment
  • Material Design and Selection
  • Powder Metallurgy
  • Final Year Project I and II
  • Pollution & Remediation Science
  • Industrial Management
  • Material Failure Analysis and Non-destructive Testing
  • Production of various steels
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Co-Operative Training Placement III
Year 4
  • Industrial Management
  • Material Failure Analysis and Non-destructive Testing
  • Production of various steels
  • Preventive Maintenance
General Courses (MPU) are compulsory for all students.

U1 –   For Malaysian students:
  1. Ethnic Relations
  2. Islamic Civilisation and Asian Civilisation

–   For foreign students:
  1. Malaysian Studies
  2. Communication in Bahasa Melayu 3
All information is correct at the time of upload and UCSI University reserves the right to make amendments without prior notice.
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