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Year 2017

Date Topics Speaker University
13 Jan 2017 Pre-departure Briefing Ms Michelle Cheong QUT, Australia
17 Jan 2017 Pre-departure Briefing Ms Sharleen Deakin University, Australia
21 Feb 2017 Information Day Ms Sujitra Supachokjaroensin University of Manitoba, Canada
27 Feb 2017 Guest Lecture: "Nutrition and Dietetics in the 21st Century" Prof Danielle Gallegos QUT, Australia
01 Mar 2017 Information Day Mr Andres Bayer RMIT University, Australia
07 Mar 2017 Information Session Ms Annette Lim University of Queensland, Australia
09 Mar 2017 Seminar: "Trace Evidence: Catching Criminals by Molecular & DNA Profiling" Mr Dann Turner University of the West of England, Bristol, UK
Workshop: "Introduction to Cognitive Processes" Ms Janet Watkins
20 Mar 2017 Guest Lecture: “How to Read a Film: Media by Moments” Dr Steven Peacock University of Hertfordshire, UK
23 Mar 2017 Information Session Ms Farrah Halim Middlesex University, UK
16 May 2017 Guest Lecture: "Designing for Creativity and Interaction" Prof Andrew Brown & Ms Michelle Doughlas Griffith University , Australia
09 Jun 2017 Pre-departure Briefing Ms Corrine Francken & Mr Bernard Khong University of Queensland, Australia
13 Jun 2017 Information Session Ms Nicole Lim Northumbria University, UK
15 Jun 2017 Pre-departure Briefing Ms. Sharleen Lim Deakin University, Australia
30 Jun 2017 Guest Lecture: "Understanding Mindfulness & Unlocking Your Potential" Prof Frank Bond Goldsmith, University of London, UK
07 Jul 2017 Talk on UCAS, Choosing a University, Admission Requirements & Personal Statement Writing Guidance MABECS's Counsellor MABECS
18 Jul 2017 Presentation: Admissions & University information Ms Karina Shum Hong Kong Universiy of Science & Technology, Hong Kong
26 Jul 2017 Guest Lecture: "Making Sense of the World Through Common Plots" & "Working with Christopher Booker ‘The Seven Basic Plots’" Mr Simon Wilmot Deakin University, Australia
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