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Library circulation is about the borrowing and returning of library books and other materials.

Borrow / Return
The borrower may approach the Circulation Counter, located on the 1st Floor of the UCSI University Library, for any borrowing and returning transactions during the library operation hours.

A photocopy machine is available in the Library. A user would need to purchase an access code at the Circulation Counter to use it. It costs about RM20 per 200 copies.

Self-Check Machine is a fully integrated self-service station that allows users to borrow or checkout library items in a fast and secure manner. It has an intuitive and easy touch screen monitor with step-by-step instructions.

Another advanced service provided by the UCSI University Library is the Book Drop Service. It is a self-check return service located on the left of the UCSI University Library main entrance, which allows borrowers to return materials at their own convenient time. As the material is dropped, its Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tag is instantly reactivated to register the return date of the borrowed material.
Document Delivery Services (DDS)
DDS provides students, academicians and researchers copies of articles from books, journals and other materials which are not available at the UCSI University Library. Users need to complete the DDS Form and submit their requests at the Circulation Counter.

Interlibrary Loan (ILL)
Books not available at the UCSI University Library may be acquired from other libraries within Malaysia via the free Inter-Library Loan service. ILL assists borrowers to locate needed materials by borrowing the books on behalf of its library members. Members need to complete the ILL Form and submit their requests at the Circulation Counter.

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