Programmes available:

Diploma in Logistics Management

Working in logistics entails managing the complex flow of materials, services, information or capital from source to customer. This programme is designed to equip students with the fundamental competencies, knowledge and skills for effective management of resources and people so that as graduates, they will be well-prepared to maximise the potential of their organisation's supply chains. Graduates will also have the option of furthering their competencies with UCSI’s complete logistics pathway up to master’s level.

B.A. (Hons) Logistics Management

This programme is meticulously designed to address the pertinent concepts, techniques, and principles that underlie logistics and supply chain management – underscored by UCSI’s deep understanding of the industry as a corporate affiliate of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport, the international professional body for all sectors of the transport and logistics industry. Graduates play the role as the pulse of any business as they ensure goods and supplies are delivered all over the world without interruptions.

B.A. (Hons) Supply Chain Operations Management

Supply chains can make or break businesses for an efficient flow of goods and services from the point of origin to the end consumer is required to keep companies competitive and profitable. This carefully designed programme will equip students with the essential management principles as well the processes and techniques involved in developing operations strategy and managing supply in global manufacturing operations.

Why Choose UCSI?

UCSI stands out as one of Malaysia’s best universities but did you also know that:

UCSI Co-Operative Placement Programme
Our students have kept the world moving with industry heavyweights like Schlumberger, TNT Express Worldwide and Worldgate Express.

A Setara 5 education
UCSI University is rated in Tier 5 (Excellent) – the highest rating achieved by universities in Malaysia – in the latest Rating System for Malaysian Higher Education Institutions (SETARA).

Professional Recognitions and Paper Exemptions
The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT), Malaysia Full exemption for the Professional Qualifying Examination.

Strong Industries Connections
Regular seminars and workshops conducted by ucsi’s industry partners.

Passport to the world
International degree pathways to universities in Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, UK and more.

Success Stories

“UCSI and its IDP programme was a lifetime opportunity that ultimately enabled me to pursue an education that was not only internationally recognised, but was also my stepping stone towards a better career.”

BA (Hons) Logistics Management President, Logistics Student Association (2014-2015) 2+1 IDP Programme at Northumbria University

“Choosing UCSI was my best decision as it shaped and prepared me to face the challenges in the logistic and supply chain industry. A million thanks to this amazing university for getting me to where I am now.”

BA (Hons) Logistics Management Vice-President, Logistics Student Association (2011-2012) Acting Logistics Operation Manager at Aramex International, Saudi Arabia

“My experience at UCSI has been nothing short of amazing. With the University’s effective Learning Management System and the unwavering guidance from excellent lecturers, I am able to reach new heights towards success.”

BA (Hons) Supply Chain Operations Management Secretary, Logistics Student Association (2014-2015) Student Representative (2015-2016) UCSI Trust Scholarship Recipient

“My logistic lecturers have given me a truly inspiring and enlightening education that has influenced me greatly in both my academic and professional journeys.”

Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Logistics Management Diploma in Logistics Management Vice-President, Logistics Student Association (2012-2013)

The 2017 UCSI University Trust Scholarships and Grants Programme.

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