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A nod to the past in UCSI University Life Showcase 2016
8 March 2016

Senior Prof Dato’ Dr Khalid, in his speech, encouraging students to push themselves further so that their names will be remembered by the future generation.

Nearly 500 UCSI students took part in the University Life Showcase.

Students passionate about robotics with their booth showcasing the topic.

KUALA LUMPUR: Participants of UCSI University’s (UCSI) University Life Showcase 2016 were empowered by the various breakthroughs in science and technology made by some of the leading thinkers throughout the modern age. From advancements in the field of medicine to the recent invention of the 3D printer, the freshmen of the university did their very best to pay homage to the inventive nature of Man.

The showcase was a course requirement for the Year 1 students taking the subject of University Life here in UCSI. In line with the theme of the showcase, “Learn from the past, Create the future”, participants introduced important innovations that have made a difference in today’s life.

The semesterly event was officiated by the Vice-Chancellor and President of UCSI, Senior Professor Dato’ Dr Khalid Yusoff.

In his speech, Dato’ Khalid spoke about the University as a means and a platform for helping students excel, to realise their ambitions and to achieve their aspirations of being a better person. He cautioned students against letting time pass by without making full use of it and to seek meaningful fulfilment in life.

“Today is like yesterday, and most likely, tomorrow is just like today. And this year alone…the first quarter is almost gone. What have you accomplished?

Among the standouts during the showcase was a group of students from the Faculty of Business & Information Science . According to them, their motivation stemmed from the desire to inform their fellow students on the application of robotic technology, and its existence beyond humanoid forms. .

A group of students from the Institute of Music were also present to showcase their passion for animation and its relevant technologies.

“Animation in the 20th century should not be dismissed as simply a form of entertainment. Everything around us, everything we watch, in the television or the radio, all of it revolves around animation and its role in the transmission of social messages. Sometimes it may be inappropriate, but otherwise it is good for educating children as it can be a highly entertaining media form.”

The University Life Showcase was also attended by Associate Professor Dr Toh Kian Kok, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Quality Assurance and Enhancement and Vice-President of UCSI Group Human Resource; Professor Dato’ Dr Ahmad Hj Zainuddin, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Academic Affairs and Support and Director of De Institute of Creative Arts and Design; Abu Bakar Bin Jalaluddin, Vice-President of UCSI Group Legal Office and Margaret Soo, Director, Centre for Languages. 24 visiting Japanese students from Hosei University, Japan also enjoyed the event.

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