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Press Releases 2012
Date Articles
31 Dec 2012 A future secured
27 Dec 2012 UCSI University welcomed students with jingle tunes at Orientation Day
26 Dec 2012 School of Information Technology receives initial collaboration token from Hilti
Dec 2012 UCSI team bags second runner-up in Shell FuelSave campaign
11 Dec 2012 Report on Garden*Christmas Ball cum Charity Donation
06 Dec 2012 A Polish Connection
Dec 2012 Sustainable solutions today
Nov 2012 School of IT empowers students through IT Knowledge Sharing Day
29 Nov 2012 Hands-on Aesthetic Training
24 Nov 2012 UCSI University expands offerings in Food Science
24 Nov 2012 IELTS Test Successfully Conducted at the Terengganu Campus
17 Nov 2012 UCSI University students sweep prizes at the KSL bridal competition cum exhibition
8 Nov 2012 UCSI University School of Information Technology Industrial Advisory Board Meeting with Hilti and CompuTech
Nov 2012 Dedicated to Quality Education
Nov 2012 Building a Bridge to Success
Nov 2012 More than a prep school
Nov 2012 Providing Solid Grounding in Drug Development Research
Nov 2012 Passion for the Profession
Nov 2012 Hyundai Veloster exhibit draws crowd at UCSI University
Nov 2012 UCSI University hosts SME forum
Nov 2012 Filming on Campus Grounds
31 Oct 2012 UCSI University partners with global company Hilti
30 Oct 2012 The Gulf Connection
25 Oct 2012 Visit by students of Sekolah Kebangsaan Sultan Sulaiman 1 to UCSI University's Terengganu Campus
13 Oct 2012 Professional Pathway Session and Book Prize Award Presentation
06 Oct 2012 A Corporate Social Responsibility Project (CSR) by U-SchoS
 03 Oct 2012 Capital Gains Game Competition at UCSI University
Oct 2012 UCSI University 2012 Pre-University Sports Carnival
Oct 2012 Industry Learning in Chemical Engineering
Sep 2012 Focus on Teaching International Students
30 Sep 2012 Pesta Tanglung 2012 & UCSI University Community Engagement
29 Sep 2012 UniYouth Gives Back to the Society
15 Sep 2012 Back to School, Rewrite the History!
Sep 2012 Eye-Opening Experience at The Student Leadership Summit Event
Sep 2012 Advocating Ethics in Aesthetics
Sep 2012 UCSI University's Interior Architecture student wins study trip to Europe
24 Sep 2012 Revelry at KT Campus
13 Sep 2012 UCSI University dazzles crowd with graduation show
Sep 2012 UCSI University's Tree Planting Campaign at Raja Musa Forest Reserve
13 Sep 2012 UCSI University Launches the Praxis-Industry-Compliance Programme
Sep 2012 Postgraduate motivations
11 Sep 2012 A New Arrival...
Sep 2012 Studying Logistics the Praxis Way
Sep 2012 Bridging the Community Divide
Sep 2012 Fusing Research and Psychology
Sep 2012 Making robotics, science and engineering fun for the future generation
28 Aug 2012 UCSI University and MyCenTHE receive praise
Aug 2012 UCSI University Successfully Runs Culinary Arts Appreciation Weekend
Aug 2012 Teaching and Learning System Development Using the Praxis Approach
01 Aug 2012 A.R.M - A Unique Learning Experience
Aug 2012 Industry Experience on Campus
Aug 2012 An Ascendant Tune
Aug 2012 Fun with Biotechnology at UCSI University
Aug 2012 The Way Forward for the Medical Frontier
Aug 2012 Nurturing the Actuarial Profession
21 July 2012 UCSI University organises 11th Annual Public Health Campaign 2012
21 July 2012 UCSI academic bags IET Young Woman Engineer Award 2012
15 July 2012 UCSI University Graduates 2000 Over Students
11 July 2012 Bringing In Industry to the Class Room
05 July 2012 Dr Hon Nets Research Grant
02 July 2012 Shared Commitment to Educational Excellence
July 2012 UCSI University Inks Milestone MoU with CADD Centre
July 2012 The Biotech Edge
July 2012 UCSI University Welcomes Delegates from the University of Macau's Student Union
July 2012 Raising the Bar of Design Excellence
July 2012 Enhancing One's Knowledge in Drug Research and Development
30 June 2012 UCSI University Raises Over RM15,000 for Refugees
26 June 2012 Close to 50 Companies at UCSI University's Career Carnival
22 June 2012 UCSI University Announces Blue Ocean Strategy Masters in Business Administration
21 June 2012 Boost for tourism as MyCenTHE launches its Penang cluster
17 June 2012 UCSI University as Host for "My Connaught" Community Project
10 June 2012 Intensive English Camp in Kuala Terengganu
01 June 2012 The Master Chef Appeal
June 2012 Transcending Architectural Borders
31 May 2012 British Council and UEA Team Up in Kuala Terengganu
28 May 2012 Asian Conference in Education Co-Hosted by UCSI University
28 May 2012 I Choose to Reuse
20 May 2012 Jazzing things up at UCSI University
11 May 2012 'Hackers Are Here, Where Are You?'
08 May 2012 International Shoe Festival 2012 Award Ceremony
May 2012 UCSI University Freshman Camp May 2012
May 2012 UCSI University Centre for Pre-University Studies Graduation and Awards Day
May 2012 GLOWING ENDORSEMENTS: UCSI University spearheads efforts to reshape the domestic tourism and hospitality industry
24 Apr 2012 UCSI University Duo Bag Top Award
02 Apr 2012 UCSI University enhances ‘University Life' through ideas and innovation
02 Apr 2012 National BizVid Challenge 2011/2012 Finalists Workshop
Apr 2012 Playing Host To Saudi Students
30 Mar 2012 Penang World Music Festival to serve as a case study for students in tourism and events
27 Mar 2012 Centre for Pre-U Studies at UCSI University Sarawak Campus
23 Mar 2012 Alumni Forum by the School of Music
23 Mar 2012 Scholarship for UCSI University A-Levels Students
21 Mar 2012 Management Student Association Carnival
16 Mar 2012 UCSI University Receiving Sponsorship for Its Sports Carnival
10 Mar 2012 UCSI University Successfully Organised Its Vintage Flea Market
10 Mar 2012 A-Level Students ---- Pride of UCSI University Sarawak Campus
06 Mar 2012 UCSI University Organising Vintage Flea Market This Coming Weekend
04 Mar 2012 Apple IT Workshop Sharing with High school students around the Klang Valley
04 Mar 2012 Liew wins Iron Chef contest with Hawaiian Fettuccine
23 Feb 2012 Integrated Energy Saving System impresses at Schneider Electric University Challenge 2011
17 Feb 2012 Uzbekistan and Malaysia celebrate 20 years of friendship through culinary heritage
15 Feb 2012 UCSI UNIVERSITY OPEN DAY - 18th & 19th February: UCSI University Sarawak Campus Pre-U Day
15 Feb 2012 UCSI UNIVERSITY FEBRUARY ROADSHOW - Meet UCSI University at Your Town
14 Feb 2012 UCSI University Logistics Student Association Industry Visit to PKT Logistics
13 Feb 2012 Staff Development Training with Shandong Institute of Commerce and Technology (SICT)
11 Feb 2012 UCSI University Alumni Mastering the Art of Chinese Tea Drinking
10 Feb 2012 UCSI University Sarawak Campus GCE A-Levels Programme
09 Feb 2012 Book Fair 2012, UCSI University Terengganu Campus
04 Feb 2012 Student Development Programme "Smart Study, Memory Skills"
02 Feb 2012 UCSI University Pre-U Centre Undertaking the Edexcel GCE A-Levels External Examination
20 Jan 2012 UCSI University A-Level Graduation and Award Day
19 Jan 2012 UCSI University Sarawak Campus as Center of Excellence in Tourism and Hospitality Education (CenTHE)
15 Jan 2012 Syafinaz Selamat at Alumni Home Coming 2012!
12 Jan 2012 UCSI University Sarawak Campus Information Day - 14th & 15th January: Center of Excellence in Tourism and Hospitality Education (CenTHE)
08 Jan 2012 UCSI University 11th Annual Public Health Campaign 2012 (Sub-event)
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