Envision a future in engineering or architecture?

Join us for a special two-day showcase and meet leading academics who are at the forefront of their disciplines.

Ir Associate Professor Dr Jimmy Mok Vee Hoong

Assistant Professor Dr Tan Khang Wei
Head (Research)

Dr John Tan Teng Hwang
Head (Electrical and Electronic Engineering)

Dr Lee Kiat Moon
Head (Chemical and Petroleum Engineering)

Assistant Professor Dr Ang Chun Kit
Acting Deputy Dean, Head (Mechanical Engineering)

Assistant Professor Ar Chia Lin Lin
Head (School of Architecture and Built Environment)

Assistant Professor Dr Ammar Abdulaziz Majeed Al-Talib
Head (Postgraduate Studies)

Ir Assistant Professor Dr Deprizon Syamsunur
Head (Civil Engineering)

Ummi Zulaikha bt Abd Rahman @ Abd Malik
Head of Programme (Mechanical Engineering)

Farhana Binti Abdul Barri
Head of Programme (Chemical and Petroleum Engineering)

Assistant Professor Dr Tiang Sew Sun
Acting Head of Programme (Electrical and Electronic Engineering)

Norizan Binti Daud
Head of Programme (Master of Architecture)

Atirah Hazwah Binti Abdullah Hani
Head of Programme (Architecture)

Angelyn Tan 'G'-Ling
Head of Programme (Diploma Studies)

Hafizuddin Bin Haron
Head of Programme (Interior Architecture)



Know the difference between a BEng and a BTEch.

Not all engineering degrees are created equal. Choosing the wrong credential could derail or delay your dreams of becoming a professional engineer.

Find out how a UCSI Engineering degree prepares you for global careers.

UCSI Engineering graduates are recognised by engineering regulatory bodies in the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan, among others.

Benefit from UCSI's links with some of the world's leading engineering firms.

UCSI Engineering students gain at least two months of internship each academic year through Co-Op - Malaysia's widest university-industry programme.

Understand how UCSI students have won prestigious competitions organised by global firms like Schlumberger.

From developing plug-ins that improve oil well testing to enhancing oil recovery, our students constantly show how a UCSI education gives them an edge over the competition.