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Peer Assisted Learning (P.A.L.)

Courses Offered
What is Peer Assisted Learning (P.A.L.)?
  • P.A.L. is an initiative of UCSI University to flourish the positive culture of learning excellence and academic development through student to student (s to s) method of delivery.

Who facilitates the learning sessions?
  • All sessions are led by trained P.A.L. student mentors. The mentors are past students of the course who have been successful in their academic performance.

How does P.A.L. work?
  • P.A.L. follows a group discussion format where students work together and consolidate understanding, reinforce key concepts and develop effective study strategies.

Who should attend?
  • P.A.L is open to all students from all disciplines, and is attended on a voluntary basis.

When it is conducted?
  • It provides regularly scheduled or on need-basis, out-of-class, peer-facilitated sessions.

Types of P.A.L. Programmes

Study Sessions

P.A.L. Study Sessions targets traditionally challenging academic courses (courses with low average marks or courses requested by lecturers or students).

Writing Mentor

P.A.L. Writing Mentor will work with you on your assignments. Mentors will help you in structuring your essays, improving sentence clarity or grammar.

Student registration

Mentor registration

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