Fourth Industrial Revolution or in Europe refer as “Industry 4.0”, has assumed center stage in the world’s discussion This is where the advances in information and communications technology (ICT) of the Third Industrial Revolution is expected to combine with the new understanding of electronics, biotechnology and nanotechnology to drive a new wave of applications which will disrupt businesses and industries on a level never before envisaged. 

As one of the main platform that connects, deliver and transmit knowledge to the younger generation and future leaders, educational institutions play a vital role in continuously stimulating and creating new approaches to meet the new demand presented by the Fourth Industrial Revolution. As Klaus Martin Schwab envisioned, this revolution will all come down to people and values. We need to put people first, empowering them to shape a future that works for all of us.

Our response to this revolution is the key to be competitive as a respectable industry and remain credible as a higher learning institution. The time has come to strategise and to achieve our new goals and values, shaping the future of our industry and universities.

Who should attend?
Senior Management from Universities and Industries

Vice ChancellorsDeputy Vice-Chancellors
Company CEOsManaging Directors
Human Resource DirectorsBusiness / Corporate Planners / Analysts
Head of Corporate Affairs / ServicesPartnership and Collaboration Directors
Heads of Research, Strategy and InnovationDeans and Heads of School / Faculty
Managers and TrainersIP and Commercialisation Directors
Marketing and Communications / Branding Directors