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International Student Engagement Programme
Spearheaded by the Student Affairs & Alumni Division, International Student Engagement Programme aimed to assist international student to improve their understanding on the cultural differences and adapt to Malaysian culture through these 3 activities:

International Fresher’s Session

On week 3 of January, May and September semester, new international student who join UCSI University on that particular semester will be invited to attend the International Fresher’s Session. During the session, there will be forum that involve current international students to do their experience sharing, activities which introduce Malaysian culture and the way to adapt to new environment.

Topics that will be covered in the International Fresher’s Session.

What is adjustment? How it relates to homesickness?
  • Definition of adjustment
  • The importance of adjustment in life
  • How to deal with adjustment effectively
  • Counseling as helping service
How do you find Malaysian culture? How it different from your own culture? How do you adjust with Malaysian culture?
  • Introduction to Malaysia (food, culture, tourism, etc).
  • Comparison of Malaysia culture and panelist’s culture
  • Student experience in adjustment to Malaysian culture
  • Experience sharing of panelist
How do you see homesickness? How did you deal with homesickness? Share your story!
  • Definition of homesickness
  • Effect of homesickness (negative & positive)
  • Tips to deal with homesickness
  • Experience sharing of panelist
How to balance between study and social life?
  • How to achieve good mark in UCSI University
  • What can international student do outside study time (Social life)
  • Tips to balance academic & social
  • Experience sharing of balancing academic & activity
How to live your life lively as International Student in UCSI University?
  • Active student life ; involve in activity
  • Promoting students club
  • Benefits of active life ; social skill
  • Experience sharing of life as international student at UCSI University

MYBuddy Programme

MYBuddy Programme is an international freshman programme, which pair senior student from the University with junior student that come from foreign countries, junior student will be paired up with their seniors from various countries, including Malaysia, Bangladesh, Indonesia, China, Pakistan, and Yemen.

Senior and junior will be link together in this programme for one semester, the role of a senior is to be the source of first-hand knowledge about Malaysia and UCSI University life, they will assist you in your university life and also complete a list of activity together with you, for example, bring you to a local restaurant to have lunch/dinner with you, bring you together to attend an event in UCSI University, a tour which show you the location and function of each department of UCSI University, interesting place within and around UCSI University.

At the end of the semester, ELE point and certificate will be given to the senior base on a simple report from the junior.

Fill up the form below and send it to yewwz@ucsiuniversity.edu.my to join this programme, registration for junior student open on the month of January, May and September, while registration for senior student open anytime.

Application Form for Senior: Click here
Application Form for Junior: Click here

Visitation to Local Tourist Attractions

Every semester, weekend tour to various tourist attractions around Kuala Lumpur will be organised, transportation is fully sponsored by Student Affairs & Alumni, optional tour and food & beverages will be at participants own expenses, each trip will be led by a senior student to the destination, participants will be given free and easy time at the destination, detail of the destination and arrangement will be blast out to the student through student email.

For more information about the International Student Engagement Programme, you may contact:

Mr. Andrew Yew yewwz@ucsiuniversity.edu.my
Mr. Roy Goh gohqr@ucsiuniversity.edu.my
Mr. Ammar Saifullah Kamalie ammar@ucsiuniversity.edu.my
Ms. Tan Huey Yen tanhy@ucsiuniversity.edu.my

Or visit to the Student Affairs & Alumni office, located at Level 3, Block A, KL Campus (South Wing)

Or Student Affairs & Alumni Facebook page: http://fb.me/ucsisaa

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