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Student Welfare Council

Terms of Reference

  1. Purpose
    The Student Welfare Council (SWC) serves as a platform where all members of the Student Welfare Committee meet and come together to table, address, advice and execute matters pertaining to students, be it academic or administrative in nature.

    The SWC reaches out to diverse members in the University to initiate the process of engagement in seeking for different stakeholders’ inputs before putting it into practice and spur good practice in enhancing students’ experience.

    The SWC is to report back to the Vice Chancellor through the office of the Deputy Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and Alumni on a quarterly basis.

    The objectives of the SWC are:
    • To recommend on policies relating to students’ welfare (students’ experience)
    • To monitor and ensure the “One Stop Centre” at Student Welfare Committee level is being implemented effectively
    • To recommend on the enhancement of student facilities, students’ life and experience during their time at the University
    • To focus on all relevant student issues determined by current events and/or by suggestions of committee members
    • To review orientation processes and practices of each constituent in order to ensure these programmes meet the needs of all students
    • To work closely with other members of the University to enable the SWC to appropriately function

  2. Composition and Members
    • Chairperson: Deputy Vice Chancellor, Student Affairs & Alumni Division
    • Vice Chairperson: a member of SAA to be designated by the Chairperson
    • Secretary: to be appointed by the Chairperson
    • Members:
      • A Deputy Dean from each respective Faculty
      • The Director from each respective Academy/Centre/Institute
      • One student representative from each Student Welfare Committee from respective Academy/Centre/Faculty/Institute (to be named by the respective deans/directors)
      • The President of the Student Council
    • Invited Parties: Any member of the University may be invited by the Chairperson for meeting in areas relate to them

  3. Term of Office
    The term of office for each member will be for one year beginning January 1st and shall end by December 31st of the year and is subject to renewability.

  4. Quorum
    • Quorum refers to a simple majority of the council members to be at least 50% of the staff member and at least 50% of the student members present.
    • A quorum is required for a meeting to be legitimate.
    • If a quorum is not met, discussions can still occur. Matters discussed shall be communicated with absent members after the meeting via circulation of minutes.

  5. Frequency of Meetings
    At least twice (2) per semester

  6. Procedures
    • SWC meetings will be convened by the Chairperson as often as necessary or at least twice (2) per semester.
    • Notification to all members will be provided by the Secretary of the SWC at the direction of the Chairperson at least three (3) working days in advance of the meeting.
    • Members who are unable to attend are required to notify the Chairperson via the Secretary of the SWC within 24 hours of the meeting.
    • Students may submit written issues or concerns to the SWC through the SWC members, the Student Council of the University or the Office of the DVC-SAA.
    • Meeting via teleconferencing may also be utilized when necessary.

  7. Voting Rights of Members of the Student Welfare Council
    • The Chairperson will make a decisive vote based on the advice/guidance by the voting members.
    • The Vice Chairperson, Deputy Deans/Directors, Student Representatives, and President of the Student Council will be voting members.
    • The Secretary and Invited Parties will be non-voting members.
    • Deputy Dean’s/Director’s representative (in the absence of the Deputy Dean/Director) will be voting members.

SWC Flowchart

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