E-Open Day

The e-Open Days will enable students and parents to meet with lecturers virtually and gain a perspective of what academic excellence is all about. Aside from interacting with lecturers, students and parents will also experience lectures conducted real-time.


All new and existing students have the flexibility to register and make payment online via the website and all confirmation and letters of offer will be easily transmitted online.


New students will be virtually exposed and orientated to the structure and operations of the University, faculty and programme layout. Every briefing will solely be conducted online in respect of the Covid-19 pandemic that calls for physical distancing. Rest assured, students will be well-informed of eveything they need to know prior to joining, and even during their time at UCSI.

E-Lecture and E-Tutorial

Lectures and tutorials are conducted via various online platforms, where students will be able to access them at real-time, be marked for his/her attendance and play recordings repeatedly at their convenience.

E-Lab and E-Demo

Lab practical sessions are conducted using live recording of experiments, data sharing, case study discussions, videos and virtual simulations for students to experience, learn and troubleshoot various protocols and lab techniques. While actual physical practical experience is still essential and will be provided eventually, viewing the e-demo still serves its intended purpose.


Online forums involving panelists from the faculty and the industry are held regularly to deliberate on various topics/issues, exposing students to latest insights from industry experts, with room for students to ask questions directly.


Short checkpoints to assess the understanding of students on the subject matter are conducted periodically via online.


Enhanced resources via the online library include JSTOR, Emerald, Elsevier, Springer, Proquest One Academic and Wiley, etc have been easily accessed by both staff and students alike. Physical books are also available to be borrowed after e-checking the availability, followed by an e-booking. Several workshops via webinar are regularly conducted to expose student and staff to various resources. The Library also organises Online Database Quiz and Book Review Competition.


Innovative assessment methods have been permitted by the Education Ministry to implement on students at a distance. This enables lecturers to evaluate and give marks to students every semester.


UCSI’s counsellors perpetually connect with students via social media, emails, phone calls, etc. to provide emotional support for psychological well-being of students. Counselling services such as individual and group counselling with consultation have been provided actively through online platform such as e-counselling and Microsoft Teams. Talks, sharing sessions and workshops are conducted regularly through virtual platform for all, including hostel residence.


The Student Affairs & Alumni works with student organisations, faculties as well as industry partners to introduce online activities to ensure student engagement and experience. More than 30 online activities have been conducted between March and May 2020, with more varieties and content coming up for the rest of the year.


Students are able to utilise the online My-Coop portal for employment and internship opportunities. The usual physical career fair has been turned into a virtual career fair along with the support of collaboration partners for students to search for jobs and engage with employers online. The Co-Op department also actively updates its job/training vacancies with the industry on student job placement.