Assistant Professor Dr. Luqman Lee


Academic Qualifications

PhD in Cultural, Literary & Postcolonial Studies
MA (Visual Arts)
BA (Hons) in Creative Multimedia
Diploma in Graphic Design

Areas of Interest
Malaysian Television and Film
Gender and Queer Studies
Cultural Studies
Digital Arts
Identities and Performativity
Lacanian Studies
Research Grants

2020 Televisual Gender Subjectivities: Positive-negative Female Engagements in Malay Television
Principal Investigator, UM RU Grant (Govt.) (MYR10,000).

2020 Rethinking Gender Roles in Song Performance of Malaysian Huachang
Co-Researcher, UM RU Grant (Govt.) (MYR7,000).

2020 Lived Experiences of Female Indian Dance Practitioners in Klang Valley
Co-Researcher, UM RU Grant (Govt.) (MYR7,000).

2019 #itubukancinta: Program Tingkatkan Amalan Perhubungan Sihat Dan Tolak Perhubungan Tidak Sihat
Co-Researcher, UMCares Grant (Govt.) (MYR26,975).

2018 Television Directors and Authorial Power: Imagining Malay on Senario
Principal Investigator, UM RU Grant (Govt.) (MYR10,000).

2012 Consortium Project Grant. Shifting the Research Paradigm: The Mirror, Docufiction, & Identity
(MYR73,000) UTAR Research Fund.



  • Lee, L (2022). Binary Inversions and Gender Fluidity in the Malay Sitcom Senario. Bijdragen tot de Taal – Journal of the Humanities and Social Sciences of Southeast Asia (Forthcoming; article accepted for publication, 29 November 2021) (WoS/ISI-Indexed SSCI, AHCI)
  • Lee, L (2019). Constituting (Fe)Male in Malay Television: The Case of Senario. Indonesia and the Malay World, 47(137), 90-107. (WoS/ISI-Indexed AHCI)
  • Lee, L (2018). Do Be Malay(sian): 8TV’s Fantasy and the Malay Other. Kajian Malaysia, 36(2), 21-41. (SCOPUS-Indexed)
  • Badaruddin, M. I., Soon, S., Lee, L., Sahibil, Z., & Saad, M. L. I. H. M. (2019). Teori dan Kaedah Analisa Terhadap Nilai Apresiasi Motif Reka Corak Tradisional Melayu: Satu Perbandingan Umum. International Journal of Heritage, Art and Multimedia, 2(5), 56-71. DOI:10.35631/ijham.25005
  • Badaruddin, M., Soon, S., Lee, L., Sahibil, Z., & Ahmad Tarmizi, M. (2019). Bird As a Subject In Wood Carving Motifs: An Observation On Bajau Traditional Weapons. Borneo Research Journal, 13, 115-138. doi:10.22452/brj.vol13no1.7
  • Lee, Luqman. (2018). Review article [review of Cosmopolitan Intimacies: Malay Film Music of the Independence Era]. Malaysian Journal of Performing and Visual Arts, 4(1), 79-83.
  • Tan, S.B. (2011). Huayue Tuan di Malaysia: Adaptasi untuk kelangsungan. (Luqman Lee, Trans.). Jurnal Terjemahan, Alam & Tamadun Melayu, 2(2), 130-150. Selangor: Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. ISSN 2180-043X


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Conference Papers and Presentations

2020 “Diaspora Space witin the Political: Amir Muhammad’s New Wave Documentaries”
Advanced Forum on Documentary Creation and Education (Dec 18-20, 2020) Documentary Creation Research Center of Yunnan Arts University
Yunnan, CHINA. Role: Invited Speaker/Presenter

2019 “Democratising Post-television”
6th International SEARCH Conference 2019 (July 27-28, 2019)
Selangor, MALAYSIA. Role: Presenter

2019 Jagat Film Panel
Temple of Fine Arts Kuala Lumpur (December 1, 2019)
Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA. Role: Invited Panelist

2017 “Performing Televisual Malay: The Feminizing of ‘Senario’”
10th International Convention of Asia Scholars (ICAS) (July 20-23, 2017) International Convention of Asia Scholars and International Institute for Asian Studies
Chiang Mai, THAILAND. Role: Presenter

2016 “The Televisual Senario of Race and Nation”
Emerging Trends in Southeast Asian Literatures and Screen Cultures (Panel 41, Session 2, Sept 16-18, 2016) Association of Southeast Asian Studies in the United Kingdom (ASEASUK)
London, UNITED KINGDOM. Role: Presenter

2012 “Malay culture & minority cultures; performing the dominant culture on television”
Politics: Tension and Trends (May 18-19, 2012)
Shifting Dialogues. The Politics of Site, Locality & Context in Asian Performance and Visual Arts. International Symposium of the Asian Art and Performance Consortium (AAPC)
Helsinki, FINLAND. Role: Presenter


2007 World PROMAX & Broadcast Design Awards 2007, New York Gold Award, Best Non-Promotional Animation – Gerak Geri Gasing, Astro CERIA

2007 World PROMAX & Broadcast Design Awards 2007, New York Bronze Award, Best Packaging Promotion – Gerak Geri Gasing, Astro CERIA

2003 8th Malaysian Video Awards (MVA), Kuala Lumpur Finalist, Best Music Video – Kembali music video, Ning Baizura

Television Interviews

2019 Night School, BFM RADIO. (Aired, 23 Dec 2019)
2012 Bernama Today, BERNAMA TV. 12th July 2012

Networks & Industry Linkages

Editorial Board Member for MANUSYA: Journal of Humanities (SCOPUS-indexed)
Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand. 2020 – Present.

Vice-President, Asian Pacific Automation and Robotics Association
Hong Kong, China. 2020-2021.

External Assessor for the Diploma in Digital Animation programme
UOW-KDU Penang University College. 2019-2024.

Curator for Ray Langenbach’s Gulag Archipelago Zig-Zag art show (2019)
University Malaya, Tufts University Galleries, School of the Museum of Fine Arts Boston.

Contributor for Garis Panduan Penapisan Filem (National Film Censorship Guidelines, Malaysia) (2009) (p.54) Bahagian Kawalan Penapisan Filem dan Penguatkuasaan, Kementerian Dalam Negeri.