Assistant Professor Dr. Ravindran Latha

Assistant Professor Dr. Ravindran Latha

Assistant Professor | Department of English Language and Communication

Academic Qualifications

MA English Literature
BA English Literature


Areas of Interest
ESL Policy and Implementation
Teacher Professional Development
Curriculum development
English Language

Research Grants

  1. Name of grant: PSIF 
    Funder: UCSI University
    Project Title: Development of Teaching Case Videos for Pedagogical Upscaling of Non-Pedagogically Trained Instructors through Dramatization of Effective Teaching-Learning Practices in Private Higher Education Institutions in Malaysia 


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  1. Establishing the ground for multidisciplinary collaboration 18th April 2019. UTAR (Kampar Campus)
  2. Taylors’ Teaching and Learning Conference: ‘The Effects of School Culture Impacting on the Process of Change. 2016.  
  3. Presented a paper ( Latha Ravindran & Prof. Fatimah  Hashim) in Camtesol conference (Cambodia ) 23-24th Feb 2013. 
  4. Paper by Latha Ravindran & Prof. Fatimah Hashim,  presented at the Cyprus International conference in Educational Research, 8-10 Feb 2012. (online) 
  5. Presented a paper “Promoting change through teacher professional development in 2010. 
  6. Presented a paper in Madurai Kamaraj University, India in December 2008. 
  7. Presented a Paper in Melaka on “Teacher Beliefs” organized by UiTM in 2008.
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