Assistant Professor Dr. Shaik Ibrahim Khalivulla

Assistant Professor | Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Academic Qualifications

Bachelor of Science (Hons)

Areas of Interest
Pharmaceutical analysis of the marketed drugs.
Ultra-violet, Infrared, Mass, NMR Spectral characterization of the bioactive compounds.
Bioassay guided fractionation and isolation of the bioactive natural products.
Design and synthesis of Bio-active natural products and their analogues.
Professional Bodies

  1. Member in Malaysian Natural Products Society.
  2. Member in Malaysian Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.


Research project




Investigation on chemical Characterizations of the bioactive extracts of Keladi Candek (Alocasia longiloba Miq.) for wound healing

Ministry of Education Malaysia (MoE) Fundamental Research Grant Scheme


Universiti Malaysia Kelantan, Malaysia


Development and Validation of HPTLC and FTIR methods for the determination of Alendronate sodium in tablets

Pioneer Scientist Incentive Fund (PSIF)


UCSI University


Phytochemical Analysis, Preliminary Screening of Anti-cancer Activity and Oral Toxicity Study of Clinacanthus nutans Leaves Extract



UCSI University




PhD students (Current)

  • Aya Yaseen Mahmood Alabdali


Master students (Completed)

  • Sawsan Ibrahim (2015)


Undergraduate students (Completed)

  • Tan Ker Ying (2019)


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  1. Cytotoxicity study of Clinacanthus nutans on Human Liver Cancer Cell (Hep-G2). 8th International Traditional and Complementary Medicine, 30th October – 2nd November 2014, Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre, Malaysia
  2. Sub-Acute (28 Days) toxicity study of methanol leaves extract of Clinacanthus nutans in rats. 27th Malaysian Society of Pharmacology and Physiology (MSPP) Scientific Meeting, September 6-8, 2013, MS Garden Hotel, Kuantan, Pahang, Malaysia
  3. SRJ23, a promising new anti-prostate cancer agent. Pemaran Reka Cipta, Penyelidikan dan Inovasi 2009 (PRPI’09), July 28-30, 2009, Page 51. Universiti Putra Malaysia, Malaysia

Journal Reviewers

J Enzyme Inhib Med Chem; Toxicology and Industrial Health

Awards and Recognitions

  1. SRJ23, a promising new anti-prostate cancer agent. Pemaran Reka Cipta, Penyelidikan dan Inovasi 2009 (PRPI’09), 28th July, 2009. Universiti Putra Malaysia, Malaysia (GOLD MEDAL).
  2. TEA–4G, Herbal remedy for Gout, Malaysia Technology Expo – 2020, 20-22nd February 2020 Putra World Trade Centre, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (GOLD AWARD).



  • External advisor, “Pharmacological screening and toxicity studies of pharmaceuticals” for AMIPRO LAB (Collaboration with IPHARM-NIBN), Penang, Malaysia, since May 2018.