Carolyn Loong Yook Lean

Research Impact:

Research Gate

Carolyn Loong Yook Lean

Lecturer | Department of Food Science with Nutrition

Academic Qualifications

MSc Food Sc. & Technology
BSc Food Technology

Areas of Interest
Food product development for healthy ageing
Food product renovation with functional ingredients
Shelf life extension in traditional foods

Research Grants

  1. Name of grant: Proj-In-ALPHA-001
    Funder: Alpha Active Industries Sdn Bhd
    Project Title:  Sensory Evaluation of Functional Food Products (Weight Management Cookie )
    Code: Proj-In-ALPHA-001
    Duration: 1 year
    Role: Principal investigator
    Amount: RM 5,000
    Status: Completed
  2. Name of grant: Proj-In-ALPHA-002
    Funder: Alpha Active Industries Sdn Bhd
    Project Title: Product Development andPhysico-chemical Evaluation of Weight Management Cookies
    Code: Proj-In-ALPHA-002
    Duration: 1 year
    Role: Co-Investigator
    Amount: RM28,600
    Status: Completed


Current research project

  1. Product Formulation of A Functional Cookies: Study on Physico-chemical Properties & Consumer Acceptability.
  2. Incorporation of Applesauce, Avocado and Pumpkin Puree as a Fat Replacers in Sarawak Layer Cake: Effect on Physico Chemical Properties and Consumer Acceptability.
  3. Effect of Incorporation of Coconut Flour in Spongecake
  4. Effect of Incorporation of Chia Seeds on Jam, Jelly and Sponge Cake.
  5. Product Improvementand Shelf-life extension of Dodol


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  1. 4th Asia Pacific International Food Safety Conference; Loong,C.Y.L and Chong,Y.S “Food Safety Knowledge and Practive Among Students from A Private University”; 11-13 Oct 2016; St Giles Wembley, Penang, Malaysia; ILSI SEA
  2. 9th Scientific Seminar on Drivers of Consumer Food Choices; Loong C.Y.L, Sia W. and Ho,W. “A Qualitative Study on Consumer Motivations Behind Purchase of Functional Foods”; 16 Nov 2016; Istana Hotel, Kuala Lumpur; ILSI SEA