Chris Lee Kam Fong

Research Impact:

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Chris Lee Kam Fong

Lecturer | Department of English Language and Communication

Academic Qualifications

Master of Applied Linguistics
BA Guidance and Counselling

Areas of Interest
Systemic Functional Linguistics (SFL)
Corpus Linguistics

Research Grants

  1. Name of grant: PSIF
    Funder: CERVIE, UCSI University
    Project Title: A Case Study on the First Year Undergraduates in UCSI Univerisity
    Duration: 2 years
    Role: Principal investigator
    Amount: RM13500
    Status: Completed


  1. Ahadzadeh, A., & Lee, K. (2017). Anonymous Source Undermines Credibility: An Elaboration Likelihood Model. Social Research Foundation, 5(2), 85-96.
  2. Ang, C., & Lee, K. (2017). Ability to Resist Temptations of Technology Use: A Qualitative Analysis of Children's Views on Factors Associated with Delay of Gratification. The Journal Of Genetic Psychology, 178(5), 291-297. 
  3. Lee, K.F., Ang, C. S., & Dipolog-Ubanan, G. (2019). “My First Year in The University”: Students’ Expectations, Perceptions and Experiences. JOURNAL OF SOCIAL SCIENCE RESEARCH, 14, 3134-3145.
  4. Determinants of First-Year Student Identity and Satisfaction in Higher Education: A Quantitative Case Study (Sage Open)
  5.  “My First Year in The University”: Students’ Expectations, Perceptions and Experiences (Journal of Social Science Research)


  1. Free Linguistics Conference (FLC), 11/07/2018, University Malaya, University Malaya
  2. Malaysian Association of Applied Linguistics International Conference (MAALIC), 08/12/2018 , University Malaya, Malaysia Association of Applied Linguistics
  3. The 9th Applied Linguistics and Professional Practices International Conference (ALAAP)

Contributions to Society

  1. Reviewer of Journal of Social Science Research, 2019