Dr. Sum Jing Yao

Dr. Sum Jing Yao

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Dr. Sum Jing Yao

Lecturer | Department of Chemical & Petroleum Engineering

Academic Qualifications

PhD Chemical Engineering
Bachelor Chemical Engineering

Areas of Interest
Membrane technology
Membrane for Wastewater Treatment
Membrane for Selective Separation

Current Research Project

  1. Development of PVDF UF membrane with enhanced antifouling properties
  2. Immobilization of photocatalst on a support for photocatalytic degradation of organic matter through sunlight irradiation
  3. Development of adsorptive NF membrane for selective separation of heavy metals from a mixture


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  1. International Conference on Membrane Science & Technology MST2012: Sustainable Energy and Environment, 22-23 August 2012, Bangkok, Thailand, Songkhla University 

Award and Recognitinos

  1. USM Sanggar Sanjung Award on excellent achievement in category of Journal Publication in year 2015