Dr. Tee Mcxin

Dr. Tee Mcxin

Head of Department, Management Studies | Department of Management Studies

Academic Qualifications

PhD Knowledge Management
Bachelor Business & Knowledge Management

Areas of Interest
Knowledge Management in Achieving Sustainability
Knowledge Management in Tourism

Journal Articles

  1. Mcxin Tee, Rusli Abdullah, Salfarina Abdullah, Jamilah Din & Liming Wu (2017). Green SD adoption using knowledge management facilitation – a motivational perspective. Journal of Theoretical and Applied Information Technology, 95(17). 
  2. Mcxin Tee, Rusli Abdullah & Liming Wu (2017). Towards developing agent-based KMS in managing knowledge of Green SD for community of practice. Journal of Telecommunication, Electronic and Computer Engineering. 9(2-4), 71-76.
  3. Liming Wu, Noraini Che Pa, Rusli Abdullah, Wan Nurhayati Ab. Rahman & Mcxin Tee (2017). Towards developing knowledge sharing model for enhancing requirements elicitation. Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences. 
  4. Rusli Abdullah, Salfarina Abdullah, Jamilah Din & Mcxin Tee (2015). A systematic literature review of green software development in collaborative knowledge management environment. International Journal of Advanced Computer Technology. 4(1): 63-80.

Conference Proceedings

  1. Rusli Abdullah & Mcxin Tee (2014). Toward developing green software development model in managing knowledge of IT practitioners for sustaining future generation. In Proceedings of Knowledge Management International Conference 2014 (KMICe), August 2014, Langkawi, Malaysia, pp. 226-231. 

  2. Rusli Abdullah, Salfarina Abdullah & Mcxin Tee (2014). Web-based knowledge management model for managing and sharing green knowledge of software development in community of practice. In Proceeding of Software Engineering Conference 2014 (MySEC), September 2014, Langkawi, Malaysia, pp. 210-215.

Poster Session

Mcxin Tee (2017). Knowledge Management to Promote Green Knowledge Transparency on Environmentally Sustainable Smart City. Poster session and Extended Abstract presented at 5th Smart City Symposium, University Putra Malaysia, Serdang.