Dr. Tim Huelsen

Dr. Tim Huelsen

Dr. Tim Huelsen

Adjunct Lecturer

Academic Qualifications



  1. Purple phototropic bacteria aggregates: In-situ protein-rich feed production from aquaculture wastewater (2020) UQ Early Career Researcher
  2. Efficient CO and CO2 conversion to biopolymers using phototrophic bacteria (2019–2022) ARC Discovery Projects
  3. Protein-rich feed production from agri-industrial wastewaters by phototrophic bacteria (2019–2022) Advance Queensland Industry Research Fellowships
  4. MLA - Wastes to Profits (Meat and Livestock Australia grant administered by Queensland University of Technology) (2018–2022) Queensland University of Technology
  5. Problem to Profit: Developing a sustainable feed base from agricultural wastes using single cell protein (2016–2018) Australian Meat Processor Corporation
  6. Anaerobic Ammonium Removal (AAR) Wastewater Treatment Facility (2015–2022) Meat & Livestock Australia
  7. Waste to Revenue: Novel Fertilizers and Feeds (2015–2018) Australian Pork
  8. Purple phototrophic bacteria for resource recovery from red meat processing wastewater (2015–2016) Australian Meat Processor Corporation


Book Chapter

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Journal Article

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Professional Bodies

  1. International Water Association
  2. Australian Water Association