KUALA LUMPUR, Wednesday 14 December 2005 - When Eric the “Christmas Elf” went around hunting for an orphanage that he and his Student Council at UCSI (University College Sedaya International) could bring some Christmas joy, he found a little home in Kajang, known as Desa Amal Jireh in Kajang.
Together with his committee, they invited 18 children from the home to visit their campus ground in Cheras, to learn more about student life. And, to make it more meaningful for the children, Eric Teo, a Year One Electronics and Electrical Engineering student, who impersonated the Christmas Elf, and his team organized a charity sale to raise funds to buy Christmas presents for the children. she said.

And, while the children were waiting for the event to begin, Santa Ravi, the clever impersonation of the original Santa Claus by another UCSI student, made a surprise visit to give away the presents to the children. 
The presents were based on a Wish List provided by the children themselves, which the committee bought using the money raised from the charity sale. Over RM1400 in cash and kinds were raised from students and staff of UCSI.
To top it up, Metrojaya Berhad also jumped on to the bandwagon by contributing gifts and clothing, as well as a hearty McDonald’s lunch for the children.“The term ‘charity suffers long’ does not mean that charity is painful process. It means that charity is patient. It does not give up on others… I often think of my first semester as a member of the Student Council at UCSI,” said Teo. “Young and inexperienced, the wise counsel of the more experienced seniors have been truly thorough in walking me through my responsibilities.”
Teo said he still made mistakes and was patiently rescued each time. “Our Student Council members are longsuffering,” added Teo cheekily, at UCSI, in his welcome address as the Organizing Chairperson of the Christmas celebrations.
“I highly salute those who have done charitable acts that have meant so much to those in need.”

In his speech, Victor Rayan, who represented the home said: “We wish to extend our sincerest appreciation to UCSI, and more specifically, to those caring hearts who we believe have spent much of their valuable time, untiring efforts and personal sacrifices to ensure that the lives of these less fortunate children feel the love and joy in the true spirit of Christmas.” 

Rayan added with an appeal for scholarships to deserving children from the orphanages. “They need to have good quality education, in order to get out of the vicious cycle of poverty,” he said.

President and Vice Chancellor of UCSI, Peter T. S. Ng, and members of the UCSI Management Board, turned up – to the Student Council’s pleasant surprise – to laud their efforts. 

The children from the home were kept busy with a campus tour, ‘the amazing race’ ala UCSI, and treated to carols by UCSI’s local and international students. The highlight of the event was when Santa Ravi joined Peter Ng and Alice Tan, Metrojaya Assistant General Manager of advertising and promotion, in giving out Christmas goodies to the children. Ng also presented a mock cheque for the sum of RM1,000, made payable to the home, to Rayan on behalf of the Student Council.

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