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Foundation In Arts

Currently studying Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Accounting

The foundation lecturers are strict in terms of your learning progress, but I love how they interact with students after class. It was a meaningful and challenging experience of studying the Foundation in Arts as a Principal’s Award Scholarship holder!

Maham Tariq |  

Master of Clinical Pharmacy Practice

I am one of 280 applicants from all over Canada who passed the Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada (PEBC) evaluating exam in 2019. I also passed the Canadian qualifying exam part 1 (MCQ) in 2020. Now I am moving on to the last step to practise in Canada. Thank you to all the lecturers who solidified my knowledge in Pharmacy. I also learnt to improve my clinical judgement during my Master’s degree which helped me a lot in answering various questions. I plan to make my way towards becoming a specialist, thanks to the entire Faculty, especially the Professors. Hope to visit Malaysia again one day.  

Nur Zaihan Binti Muhammad Yusof |  

Bachelor of Pharmacy(Hons)

UCSI University has a very diverse pool of students and staff, which makes a fine studying experience. They have mentor-mentee support system, which I found to be very helpful as a student. Senior students and lecturers guide their mentees whenever they need help. We also have Skills Lab, which allows us to practise and improve our clinical skills.

Rifga Kamil |  

Master of Clinical Pharmacy Practice

The MCPP gave me some invaluable experiences in the hospital setting. I learnt to adapt quickly to different patient conditions and i enjoyed many opportunities to communicate with local patients. At UCSI, i enjoyed the privilege of learning from lecturers from different nations and this convinces me that i can enjoy a global career. I'm interested in teaching and i want to improve and develop the clinical pharmacy teaching system in Sudan. My experiences at UCSI have certainly prepared me for this.

Nahid Abdel Wahab |  

Master of Clinical Pharmacy Practice

I had a great experience at UCSI. I opted for the hospital pathway and the time i spent ar Hospital Kuala Lumpur was enriching. I could deal and communicate directly with patients and other hospital staff. This is a welcome difference as individuals like me are normally confined to the pharmacy in Sudan. The MCPP has empowered me with the confidence, knowledge and skills that will help me chart a successful career as a clinical pharmacist.

Rahtika Devi A/P Umathavan |  

Bachelor of Pharmacy(Hons)

UCSI lecturers are very helpful and always there when you need them. To make teaching more interesting, the lecturers use blended learning technique. Studying at UCSI was very interesting because of the many activities such as team building camps, Gala nights, holi festivals, are movie night, which are all organised by different student societies.

Tan Jit Kent |  

Bachelor of Pharmacy(Hons)

I have many sweet memories at UCSI such as organising various events, which taught me a lot about project management, time management, as well as dealing with people including my clients, superios, and those who are helpful to me today. These people have helped me build my network and enabled me to excel in my career.

Vignishwary Suthakaran |  

Bachelor of Pharmacy(Hons)

What I have learnt at UCSI University is the application of theoretical knowledge in my professional life. Apart from that, I was able to publish my research article in a reputable journal and all credit goes to UCSI University.

Choong Yin Leng |  

Bachelor of Pharmacy(Hons)

At UCSI University, I learnt leadership skills, event management skills, which made me a better person. From my experience, UCSI graduates are outstanding compared to other university graduates as we not only focus on academic activities, but also build our characters and enhance our critical and problem-solving skills.


Bachelor of Pharmacy(Hons)

Unity is the strength, when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved. I feel lucky to be a part of UCSIPharmCare, which is a social service project initiated by the Year 4 students and staffs of Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, UCSI University. With the slogan "Hands to Serve, Hearts to Love", this project aimed to enhance the role of pharmacists in the society for total pharmaceutical care. I hope to continue various community engagement activities and services that will have a positive impact on healthcare throughout her career as a pharmacist.