Executive, Procurement And General Administration

Executive, Procurement and General Administration

Faculty/Department: Group Finance Office
Campus: Kuala Lumpur


• Reporting to the Head, Procurement and General Administration and Chief Finance Officer, Group Finance Office for all duties assigned to you.
• You shall record and list the FA listing in the FA register for tagging purpose, coordinate and conduct asset tagging, asset transfer and asset disposal.
• To oversee coordinate the dispatch work within and outside the campus as and when needed.
• To perform clerical duty i.e. photocopy, filing of documents, scanning and others administrative function as and when relates to your task.
• To source for new supplier, price negotiation, price comparison and also update supplier listing in relates to your purchasing duty.
• To perform data entry for purchasing, purchase invoice, payment voucher as well as cheque issuing.
• You shall verify invoices against Purchase Order and Delivery Note.
• To coordinate on submission of PRF and issue Purchase Order.
• You shall coordinate on the procurement arrangement of ordered goods between supplier and end user.
• You shall attend to supplier and staff request and enquiry over the counter, by phone or through email.
• You shall inform supplier by phone or email to collect cheques.
• You shall conduct inventory control, annual stocktake and audit for UCSI Group.
• You shall coordinate with Library Services on book arrival and verification on the accuracy of books received.
• You shall coordinate on insurance matter and waste disposal of UCSI Group.
• You shall perform daily bank in task on rotation basis.
• You shall perform parking collection task on rotation basis.
• You are to take full responsibility on the assets or documents entrusted to you if the lost is due to your negligent.
• You shall perform any other duties relating to the above as may be assigned by your supervisor from time to time.


• Minimum 4-5 years working experience.
• Excellent communication skills.
• Pro-active and self-motivated, with the ability to work independently as well as participate within the team.
• Able to work under pressure and meet deadlines, possess a mature attitude and a good team player.
• Strong communication, presentation and interpersonal skills and abilities.
• Willing to travel as and when the job requires.




Deadline: 30-Apr-2021
Last Update: 01-Jan-2021