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  • Lecture Theatre

    Lecture Theatre

    Well-equipped with sound systems, audio/visuals, and recording facilities.

  • Conference Room

    Conference Room

    This room is fully equipped with state-of-the-art conference equipment, including individual delegate microphones and audio-visual apparatus, making it the ideal venue for conducting meeting, conferences, seminars and workshops.

  • Library


    The UCSI University Library offers a comprehensive collection of all the latest texts and references, both in hardcopy and online. The e-Library provides access to a wide array of references, from academic peer-reviewed international journals to music scores and audio-visual items. Also available are discussion rooms and workstations, as well as supplementary audio references.

  • Multipurpose Hall

    Multipurpose Hall

    Serves as an alternate examination hall and other social functions.

  • Volleyball Court

    Volleyball Court

    The Campus premise is equipped with Volleyball Court, which were built to meet the requirements of UCSI’s active students.

  • Tennis Court

    Tennis Court

    The Campus premise is also equipped with Tennis Court, which were built to meet the requirements of UCSI’s active students. The court can be used to play both doubles and singles matches.

  • Futsal Court

    Futsal Court

    Staff and students can use the indoor futsal court when the Multipurpose Hall is not booked for functions, events and examinations.

  • Gymnasium


    Students and staff may use the University’s Gymnasium, which has stationary bicycles, treadmills, free weights and machines. They may also consult an experienced gymnasium instructor who can supervise the training sessions during prescribed hours.

  • Cafeteria


    The Cafeteria serve a wide selection of popular Malaysian and international food to cater to every taste and fancy.

  • Student Lounge Area

    Student Lounge Area

    The student lounge area is a spacious and comfortable meeting point for students to socialise and unwind in between classes. With full WiFi capabilities, students can surf the Internet for information while discussing their assignments.

  • Sick Bay

    Sick Bay

    The sick bay is an important facility in providing full care of a student and always be fully resourced to cater for any minor injury or complaint. It is easily accessible and is monitored by a staff member.

  • Shuttle Bus

    Shuttle Bus

    The campus provide a fee shuttle bus services for staff and students. Passengers must display their UCSI University ID cards before boarding.

  • Pantry


    The campus equipped with a pantry for students to stored beverages, food, and sometimes dishes.

  • TV Room

    TV Room

    The TV Room is a spacious and comfortable room for students to watch television and unwind in between classes.

  • Students Room

    Students Room

    Our students room is fully furnished with beds, study tables and chairs, wardrobes, water heaters, refrigerators, washing machines and induction cookers. It is just a stone’s throw away from the campus.

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