Graduate Research Assistant (GRA)

Graduate Research Assistant (GRA)

Faculty/Department: Institute of Computer Science and Digital Innovation

Campus: Kuala Lumpur


Name and Email of Supervisor(s)

Research Project Title & Funding Agency

Monthly Stipend & Duration

Academic and Research Skills Requirements


Assoc. Prof. Ts. Dr. Shayla Islam

Email: [email protected]

A Novel Distributed Mobility Anchoring Scheme for Internet of Medical Things Network Devices in 5G Environment


Funding: FRGS, MOHE

MSc – RM 1500/month up to 2 years

Area of Research:

Computer Networks and Internet of Medical Things


Academic requirement:

BSc Degree holder in Computer Science or Information Technology



  1. Malaysian citizen
  2. Experience /skill in Programming (Matlab, C++/Python) and network simulators.
  3. Able to start immediately


Asst. Prof. Dr. Heshalini Rajagopal

Email: [email protected]

Development of a Web-based Stocktaking Application in Businesses


Funding: REIG, UCSI

MSc – RM 1500/month up to 19 months

Area of Research:

Inventory Management and E-Commerce


Academic requirement:

BSc Degree holder in Computer Science or Information Technology



  1. Experience /skill in Programming (Java, HTML, C++/Python) and web development
  2. Able to start immediately


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Chloe Thong Chee Ling

Email: [email protected]

Development of Mobile/Web application in Doctoal Education: A Comparison Study between Malaysia and/or New Zealand


Funding: REIG, UCSI

MSc – RM 1300/month up to 10 months

Area of Research:

Mobile/Web application and Database Management


Academic requirement:

BSc Degree holder in Computer Science or Information Technology



  1. Experience /skill in Programming and mobile/web app development
  2. Able to start in Jan 2024

Note: Only shortlisted applicant(s) will be contacted for interview.



Gather Research Data

  • The central responsibility of a graduate research assistant is gathering data related to their projects. This aspect of the role depends largely upon the field in which the assistant is conducting research. A scientific researcher, for example, may gather data from experiments and test subjects.

Analyze Findings

  • Data analysis is also central to this role. Graduate research assistants may use both qualitative and quantitative methods to analyze data, and some may use advanced data modeling technologies to derive insights from the information they have gathered. In any case, graduate research assistants analyze information to determine whether their working hypotheses are correct.

Prepare Reports and Paperwork

  • Throughout the research process, graduate research assistants prepare reports related to their activities and findings. This can include information about test subjects and results, for example, or transcripts of subject interviews. Generally, graduate research assistants provide these reports to the professor or researcher in charge of the project, who may request further information or more detailed analyses.

Maintain Databases

  • Many graduate research assistants also maintain project databases throughout the research process. In some cases, this can require familiarity with one or more programming languages or subject-specific database programs. Graduate research assistants may receive data from several sources and use database programs to maintain and update records related to project participants and findings.

Verify Data

  • Along with entering data into research databases, graduate research assistants also ensure accuracy by verifying data that they work with. This can involve comparing reports to raw data to reduce errors and make sure that all information is up to date and as complete as possible. Graduate research assistants may need to follow up with research subjects or other researchers to verify information.

Assist in Teaching and Administrative Duties (for scholarship recipients and GRA stipend recipients from UCSI Internal Funding only)

  • Voluntarily contribute effort and time to assist faculties or administrative offices at UCSI University. These includes but not limited to assistance in classes, labs, projects, general office administration and day-to-day operations.



The applicant is expected to meet the following criteria:

  • Possess a good command of English, both spoken and written.
  • Possess good communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Responsible, self-motivated, ability to plan and work independently.
  • Resourceful, willing to learn & share.


Please email your (1) cover letter together with your (2) curriculum vitae, (3) academic transcripts and (4) degree certification to the respective principal investigators.

Deadline: 31 Oct 2023 | Last Update: 14 Aug 2023

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