Head of School, School of Optometry

Head of School, School of Optometry

Faculty/Department: Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences
Campus: Kuala Lumpur


Strategic and Budgetary Planning

  • Developing a strategic plan for the School, including the preparation of a staffing and resource plan.
  • Reviewing the performance of the School in terms of its objectives as stated in its strategic plan and in its staffing and resource plan.
  • Having responsibility for all financial matters, including financial planning and sustainability, resource allocation, the identification of new sources of income, the monitoring of expenditure to ensure that it is within appropriate levels, ensuring the linking of resource allocation to strategic and operational planning; compliance with College approved financial policies; ensuring all staff are aware of the existence and extent of the College’s financial regulations.
  • Managing and monitoring of implementation of the resource allocation process within the School.
  • Manage the procedures for the accreditation of externally provided higher qualifications accredited by the College
  • Work with providers to encourage submission of new courses
  • Advise and support providers through the accreditation process
  • Attend accreditation meetings and assist with feedback to providers
  • Regularly review school examinations and assessments, and implement any changes resulting from such reviews
  • Participate in the management of appeals, exceptional circumstances and reasonable adjustments for all College examinations and assessments


  • Dealing with staff recruitment matters that fall within the remit of the School.
  • Allocating duties to staff within the School and the management of staff in accordance with College policies and procedures.
  • Managing relevant disciplinary procedures for both staff and students.

Teaching, Learning and Research

  • Having overall responsibility for the management of the School's programme of teaching and research and the implementation of the University's academic policy.
  • Ensuring the effective delivery of high quality teaching and the maintenance of academic standards.
  • Promoting a culture of learning that is directed to student needs, and of teaching that is informed by the research interests of the School's staff.
  • Dealing with professional matters where relevant to the activities of disciplines and in particular, the educational requirements of professional accreditation bodies.
  • Fostering the development of academic policy and initiatives within the context of the long-term strategies of the College and the School.
  • Developing and maintaining a vibrant research culture of international standard, including the promotion of research initiatives and networks.
  • Fostering interdisciplinarity both within the School and between Schools.
  • Promoting excellence and improvement in all matters of teaching, learning, research and administration.
  • Ensuring the regular review, evaluation and development of programmes offered by the School.
  • Liaising appropriately with the Faculty Dean on cross-School and Faculty-wide issues.


  • Ensuring the effective operation of the School in accordance with approved governance procedures.
  • The general management, subject to College policy, of the School's physical facilities and equipment, including the allocation of rooms and other space.
  • Other duties as may be assigned by the Faculty.

  • Applicant must possess PhD in Optometry or any related field.
  • Minimum 5 years working experience
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Pro-active and self-motivated, with the ability to work independently as well as participate within the team
  • Able to work under pressure and meet deadlines, possess a mature attitude and a good team player
  • Strong communication, presentation and interpersonal skills and abilities

Dateline: 30-Sep-2019
Last Update: 12-Oct-2018