James Ly Toong Kwok

James Ly Toong Kwok

Lecturer | Department of Mass Communication

Academic Qualifications

MSc 3D Animation
BA Multimedia Design

Areas of Interest
Contemporary Art
Visual Communication
Photo elicitation
Artistic Research

Current Research Project

  1. The sacred , archetypes and symbolism , mythology
  2. Kelantan Documentary Project



Selected Publications

  1. Adolescence: An exhibition exploring reminiscence and reconnection through contemporary images of imaginary tales and folklore.
  2. Inner Visions: An exhibition uncovering what lies within the female subconscious. Through art we explore the inner worlds of five female artist relating to nostalgia, longing, origins of habits and desire.
  3. Duality: An exhibition showcasing the work of two artists exploring the conscious, practical processes of photography and subconscious, intuitive aspect of painting. Through their work we see the cross pollination of ideas through different mediums and processes, while a photograph is still and captures a moment in time to perfection revealing the visible (conscious, rational), in painting one sees a rhythmicality that develops with every stroke and reveals a narrative beyond what is portrayed but rather the accumulation of experiences that reveals the invisible (subconscious, intuitive)
  4. Kelantan: Cradle of Malay Culture