Kuala Lumpur, August 4 (Friday) - Minister of Higher Education, Dato’ Mustapa Mohamed will be the Guest-of-Honour for this year’s Patriotic Carnival Programme at Higher Education Institution Level on August 24. 

The annual Patriotic Day event, jointly-organized by the Department of Private Higher Education and representatives from various institutions of higher learning in the country will be held this year at University College Sedaya International (UCSI) in Cheras.It will be a hive of activities, which include special booth displays by the Armed Forces and the Police, a "live" orchestra and choir by the renowned UCSI Choir. Students from a number of universities will also be given a chance to express their patriotism towards the country through various stage performances which include poetry recital, dance-drama and the "dikir barat". 
As patriotism is always symbolized in the past by the shedding of one’s blood for the love of the country, staffs from the National Blood Centre, Ministry of Health, will also conduct a blood donation drive to help boost the blood bank. This will provide an opportunity for patriotic young people to give their blood to support their fellow countrymen who need blood transfusion in an emergency. The Patriotic Day carnival has always showcased to the world the spirit of unity among the various races in the country under the one Jalur Gemilang. It is also the Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Abdullah bin Ahmad Badawi’s call to tertiary students to "work with me, not for me" in the nation’s quest for excellence in pursuing the goals outlined in Vision 2020. 
According to UCSI’s Vice President of Research and Corporate Affairs, Professor Dr. Norfadzillah Hitam, this year’s theme will largely focus on the unsung heroes of the nation. "We want to give them due credit for their contributions towards the development of our country", she said. 
Some 1,200 tertiary students from all Private and Public Higher Education Institutions in the Klang Valley, including some like Kolej Shahputra from Pahang, are expected to participate in this half-day carnival. Kolej Shahputra and KUIS-Kolej Universiti Islam Selangor will be taking part in the ‘tabik hormat’ event while Universiti Putra Malaysia will be putting together a ‘Tarian Kombinasi Kaum’. Politeknik Sultan Azlan Shah, Behrang, Perak is also expected to dish out the ‘Dikir Barat’. 
This event will attract the participation of students from both public universities & private higher education institutions in the Klang Valley and Negeri Sembilan. 
If you need more information about this big celebration, please contact the Student Affairs office in your own college. The carnival will also be open to members of the public.

This press release is sent on behalf of the organizing committee chaired by the Department of Private Higher Education. For enquiries about this press release, please contact Mr. Stephen Ng (HP: 012-3347880).

"Without prejudice to the rights of UCSI the information herein is correct at the time of printing and UCSI reserves the right to make amendments without prior notice."