Professor Dr Shamala Devi A/P K.C. Sekaran, FASc


Academic Qualifications

PhD in Immunovirology
Master in Counselling
Master in Immunoparasitology
BSc in Genetics & Microbiology
BSc in Biology

Areas of Interest
Virology & Immunology - dengue virus, CMV, BK, diagnostics, immune responses, cytokine profiles
Virology - Dengue Diagnostics and Pathogenesis
Bacteriology - Antibiotic resistance mechanisms and detection
Virology - Antiviral screening, drug discovery

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  10. Zika virus and the blood-brain barrier Rishya Manikam, Soe Hui Jen, Amni Adilah Ismail, Chandramathi Samudi Raju, and Shamala Devi Sekaran. 2021. In Zika Virus Biology, Transmission, and Pathways The Neuroscience of Zika Virus. Chapter 19: 209-217 


Current Research Project

  1. HLA and non-HLA genetic susceptibility to dengue infection in sabah population.
  2. Characterisation and evaluation of aptamer based Screen Printed Electrode (SPE) biosensor derivatives as a potential method for differentiating antibodies among Flaviviruses.
  3. Investigations into the Mechanisms of Vascular Leakage in Severe Dengue that are Associated with Diabetes and Obesity.


  1. Speaker, The many unanswered questions about Dengue. Inaugural FAScinate Talk, Academy Science Malaysia. 12 November 2019. 
  2. Speaker, Anticancer properties of Four Phyllanthus spp. Hunan Innovative International Conference on Biomedicine and Chinese Medicine, Hunan University of Chinese Traditional Medicine,  25 October 2019.
  3. Speaker, Antimicrobial properties of Four Phyllanthus spp. 1st International Symposium on Medical resources along One Belt and One Road, Guangxi University,  21 October 2019.
  4. Speaker, Obesity in Dengue. National Dengue Conference, Ministry of Health & TIDREC, 7 to 8 July 2019.
  5. Speaker, Dengue Diagnostics. National Dengue Conference, Ministry of Health & TIDREC, 7 to 8 July 2019.

Award and Recognition

  1. Fellow of The Royal College of Pathologists (2020)
  2. Fellow of Academy of Sciences (2021)
  3. Exper Panel for MOSTI Research & Development (R&D) Fund, Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI) (2021)
  4. Validators  for Malaysian Research and Development Classification System (MRDCS), Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI) (2021)