Research Manager

Research Manager

Faculty/Department: CERVIE

Campus: Kuala Lumpur


Research Grant Management

  1. To develop plans and schedules for all the grants especially grants opening schedules and timeframe.
  2. To disseminate information on both internal and external (national, industry and international) research grant proposal/opening calls to the UCSI University’s researchers via email and/or eblast.
  3. To take charge of all documentation for grant management including grant applications, progress reports of ongoing research projects and closure and/or termination of research projects. All documentation to be recorded systematically in the cloud system provided by the university.
  4. To assist the Director of CERVIE in the monitoring of ongoing research projects.
  5. To prepare reports for overall research projects performance (comparing proposed outcomes and actual outcomes).
  6. To assist the Director of CERVIE in the planning and implementation of strategies to increase the number of successful grants applications.
  7. To assist Director of CERVIE in managing the research grant portals (i.e. MyGRANT, SDB, EC, etc) to ensure all grants applications are running smoothly.
  8. To assist the Director of CERVIE in appointment of both internal and external panels of grant evaluator/reviewer to support the grants review process.
  9. To liaise with all local and international agencies and bodies concerning research funding opportunities and management.

Management and Monitoring of the Research Data

  1. To compile and analyse the research and expenditure data for reporting to the management i.e. research grants, international linkages, etc. for Top Management Meeting, University Senate, University Council etc.
  2. All data to be recorded systematically in the cloud system provided by the university.
  3. To assist in the internal, external, MyRA and SETARA audits concerning all research funding matters.

Management of CERVIE Budget and Expenditure

  1. To assist the Director of CERVIE in the planning, forecasting and execution of the CERVIE Budget.
  2. To keep track on the departmental expenditure (operational and developmental expenditure).
  3. To keep track and monitor the fund disbursement for internal research grant.
  4. To ensure the expenditure of ongoing research projects are closely monitored within budget allocation.
  5. To assist the Director of CERVIE in projecting the proposed budget allocation and actual budget.

You shall perform all other duties relating to the above and any other relevant task assigned to you by your supervisor from time to time.


  • Min 3-5 years experience in research management
  • Excellence in technical writing and minutes taking
  • Academic and/or work experience related to the field of research
  • Minimum Master qualification
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Excellent IT skills and problem solving skill
  • Ability to work as part of a team while also using his/her own initiative
  • Experience in conflict resolution
  • Good leadership skills

Deadline: 31 Oct 2023 | Last Update: 25 Sep 2023

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