Sunil Govinda Gomindas Solanki

Sunil Govinda

Research Impact:

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Sunil Govinda Gomindas Solanki

Lecturer | Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering

Academic Qualifications

MSc Electrical Energy & Power
BEng Electrical Power

Areas of Interest
Water & Wastewater Treatment
Professional Bodies

Member of Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC)


Research Area

  1. Name of grant: PSIF, UCSI University, KL, Malaysia
    Funder: UCSI University, KL, Malaysia
    Project Title: Analysis of energy consumption in between inline AC power supply and solar PV system for the second generation bio-energy combustor for biomass via pyrolysis technology
    Code: proj-in - FETBE-036
    Durations: 2 years
    Role: Researcher
    Amount: RM 24,550
    Status: Done in 2018


Current Research Project

  1. ​Intermittency solution by energy storage technology
  2. Hybrid Energy storage system for power quality improvement.


  1. “AIRDUINO GUITAR” International Conference on Information and Convergence Technology for Smart Society Jan. 21-24, 2015 in Bangkok, Thailand.
  2. “Design & Modeling for V- Track motor”, International Conference on Information and Convergence Technology for Smart Society,(ICICTS 2015), January 2015, Thailand
  3. ”SNR estimation in OFDM based cooperative communication systems”, IEEE MICC 2017, Johar bahru, Malaysia
  4. “PID controller design for a magnetic Levitation systems”, IEEE ROMA 2018, Tamil Nadu, India, December 10-12.
  5. “Design and development of OFF grid Solar Inverter”, IEEE ROMA 2018, Tamil Nadu, India, December 10-12. 
  6. Matlab Design and Power Analysis of MPPT Controller for Solar PV using Perturb and Observation Algorithm”, Conference: 4th Renewable Energy and Green Technology International Conference, At Malacca
  7. IoT based parking, IEEE RAS, India 2018

Networks and Collaborations on Research

  1. UNITEN,2016 to 2020
  2. KDU, 2019

Contributions to Society

  1. Design Project exhibition 
  2. ITEX judge 2018 
  3. FLL judge 2016,2017,2018
  4. STEMS Engineering Conference 2018