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Tan Yong Hui

Lecturer | Department of Biotechnology

Academic Qualifications

MSc Biotechnology
BSc (Hons) Biotechnology

Areas of Interest
Neuriteoutgrowth and neuroprotective properties of natural compounds
Growth substrate optimisation for mushroom cultivation
Enzyme biotechnology
Professional Affiliation

  1. Member of International Society for Mushroom Science (ISMS)
  2. Member of Mushroom Association of Malaysia


  1. Mushroom cultivation using different agricultural wastes (Ongoing)
  2. Extraction and purfication of enzymelaccase from mushrooms (Ongoing)
  3. Determination of antioxidants and nutritional contents of mushrooms (Ongoing)
  4. Molecular identification of bacteria identification of bacteria and fungus that contaminated mushroom substrate bags (Ongoing)
  5. Behavioral properties of locally isolated acinetobacter sp. In degrading hydrocarbon chain in crude oil and used cooking oil, production and characterisation of mung bean flour hydrolysate by acid and enzymatic hydrolysis (Completed)


Conference Proceedings

  1. Khoo, H. S., Tan, Y.H. & Woo, K. K. (2013). Laccase Enzyme from Mushroom. Paper presented at The 24th Intervarsity Biochemistry Seminar, Taylor University, Malaysia, (pp.32 )
  2. Soekwanto, J., Tan, Y. H. & Yim, H.S. (2012, August). Quantification of DPPH radical scavenging activity, total phenolic and protein contents of cultivated pink oyster mushroom (Pleurotus salmoneostramineus) on different rice husk percentages. Paper presented at the Proceedings of the 18th Congress of the International Society for Mushroom Science (China), Beijing (pp. 642-646)
  3. Tan, Y.H, Hii, S.L. & Woo, K.K. (2007) Isolation and characterization of isolated oil degrading bacteria. Abstract presented at 32nd Annual conference of the Malaysian society for biochemistry and molecular biology (Malaysia)
  4. Tan, Y.H, Hii, S.L. & Woo, K.K. (2007). Isolation and characterization of locally isolated oil degrading bacteria. Paper presented at 12th Biological Sciences Graduate Congress, Malaysia, 17-19 December 2007 (pp. 222) 

Awards and Recognitions

Scholarship to Protein Workshop in Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok on 28 Oct to 1 Nov 2013

Contributions to Society

  1. Club Advisor for UCSI Wushu Club 2011
  2. Committee member for UCSI Food Fair 2010 (Sponsor team)
  3. Committee member for UCSI Food Fair 2011 (Logistic)
  4. ASW 2012 (Charity)
  5. ASW 2013 (Charity)