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Recent Highlights

Conversations with Hijjas Kasturi


Installation of Mu Alpha chapter

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) – the world's largest professional association dedicated to advancing technological innovation and excellence – established the first Malaysian chapter of its student honour society at UCSI University on Jan 10, 2015.

The UCSI chapter, christened Mu Alpha, saw the induction of 12 students from UCSI’s Faculty of Engineering, Technology and Built Environment.

Mu Alpha is the third IEEE – Eta Kappa Nu (IEEE – HKN) chapter in the Asia Pacific region, after Hong Kong University and the National University of Singapore, as well as IEEE – HKN’s 232nd chapter. As the student honour society of IEEE, IEEE-HKN is committed to encouraging and recognising excellence in the IEEE-designated fields of interest.

Boasting alumni such as Google co-founder Larry Page, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, Intel co-founder and chairman emeritus Gordon Moore, Yahoo co-founder David Filo and internet pioneer Vint Cerf, among others, IEEE-HKN will open avenues for UCSI students and staff in the area of internationalisation.

What our members say

Kok Wai Chan - President
It is definitely an honour for me to be inducted into IEEE-Eta Kappa Nu (IEEE-HKN). I believe the Mu Alpha chapter will open new doors for me to work together with my peers in UCSI University activities, and community outreach and STEM education programmes organised by Mu Alpha. These will surely equip us with the necessary skills and knowledge to engineer a better future.
Kai Shen Ee - Vice-President
It’s a great pleasure to be part of the 1st IEEE-HKN chapter in Malaysia and 3rd in Asia Pacific, after Hong Kong University and the National University of Singapore. IEEE-HKN provides the ideal platform to showcase Malaysia to the world – especially top universities in the US (like MIT, Purdue, UC Berkeley and UMich) – and is also the contact point in Malaysia for IEEE-HKN members from other countries.
Chee Wai Leong Richard - Treasurer
I am honoured to be a part of the IEEE-HKN Mu Alpha chapter in UCSI University as we are the first such chapter to be established in Malaysia. I believe that even as a student chapter, we can make a difference in our University as well as the community if we have the courage and persistence to keep our eyes on the stars and our feet on the ground.
Mhd Amen Summakieh - Recording Secretary
Twelve members among thousands of other students in Malaysia; that is our privilege in being part of the IEEE-HKN Mu Alpha chapter in UCSI University. I can think of HKN as a Hardworking Knowledgeable Network that will benefit many people. We will definitely work hard and give our best in all we do.
Rashed Bassam Ghandour - Corresponding Secretary
I’m so lucky to be part of a distinguished chapter such as the IEEE-HKN Mu Alpha. This will give me the opportunity to not only challenge myself to constantly improve but to also work with a dedicated and brilliant team. Mu Alpha will be a good challenge for me, because as a member, I will need to hone my skills regularly.
Mohammed Ghazwan Mohammed - Web Correspondent
I'm really honoured that I was chosen to be part of IEEE-HKN; by working together, we can achieve our goal in making the world a better place. I believe this journey will help us unleash our hidden talents and skills.
Santi Santi - Member
I feel very grateful and honoured to be part of the IEEE-HKN Mu Alpha student chapter in UCSI University. In this team of 12, I hope we can showcase how competent UCSI students are – both academically and leadership-wise – to the world.
Chi Hou Chong - Member
After joining IEEE-HKN Mu Alpha Chapter, I got to know myself better and realised what I was lacking as a leader. I will continue to develop myself and work hard together with the other Mu Alpha chapter members to serve the community.
Ang Jia Chen Jonathan - Member
The IEEE-HKN Mu Alpha chapter in UCSI University provides us with a very good platform to build our leadership skills and use our knowledge – gained from university – to serve the community.
Lo Ka Heng Alex - Member
Membership in the IEEE-Eta Kappa Nu Mu Alpha chapter is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. With this, I hope to share all my unique experiences and knowledge gained from this chapter with everyone.
Mohammad Al Mouakeh - Member
IEEE-HKN is a grand stage where the most outstanding people in our field stand on. As students of UCSI University and the first IEEE-HKN representatives of Malaysia, we are tasked with the responsibility to ensure that what we do not only match the values and vision of IEEE-HKN but are also kept abreast of the latest cutting-edge knowledge and technology so we can positively impact society.
AbdilHakim Mohamoud Hussein - Member
IEEE-HKN Mu Alpha! It’s an astonishing once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to improve my leadership and communication skills. It also provides a great opportunity for each member to prove their capability and give their best in serving the community and society.
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