Admission Arrival

Step 1
Report to International Office, 2nd floor, Block A (South Wing)

All new international students must report to the International Support Team (IST) at, 2nd floor, Block A (South Wing, KL campus) at 9am on the next working day. Please report to IST on the following Monday if you arrive over the weekends. 

You are required to:

  • Attend new student post- arrival briefing – COMPULSORY ( * include new, variation & progression )
    • Obtain the Original LoA, VAL

  • Fill up the necessary forms
    • Endorsement of student pass application checklist

    • Medical examination form

Step 2
Admission Office (AO)at, 2nd floor, Block A (South Wing)
  • Submit appendix 1
  • Present original certificates ( certify purpose )

Step 3
Report to Student Affairs & Alumni (SAA) at 3rd floor, Block A (South Wing)
  • Activate the course selection
  • Obtain the orientation booklet

Step 4
Opening a bank account – MAYBANK (9.30am-4.30pm) (optional)
  • Original LoA, VAL, Passport and RM250(first deposit) are required
  • Other banks – student visa with original passport, student verification letter( request from LMS) and RM250(first deposit) are required

Step 5
Medical Examination at Laurent Bleu Clinic, Block J (North Wing)

Students need to attend the post arrival medical screening at Laurent Bleu Clinic (panel clinic) Block J (North Wing, KL campus) at 9am after attending the post arrival briefing on next working day. Medical screening must be done within 3 days of arrival in Malaysia. Students who fail the medical examination will need to appeal for the second time. Fail to fulfill the second examination requirement; students will have to return to home country immediately.

Students need:

  • Medical Examination form, blue background photo(1 piece), passport & New International Student – post arrival checklist
  • To receive medical acknowledgement slip from the clinic

Step 6
Report to Faculty / Institute / Centre / School

English requirement

  • Students, who do not meet UCSI University's English, requirement will have to sit for the English Placement Test (EPT) to determine the English proficiency. The EPT will be held at the Centre for Languages (CFL) at Ground Floor, Block J (North Wing, KL campus).
  • The Centre will release the result on the next working day. Depending on the results of the English Placement Test,
  • You are required to undertake the English programme prior to admission into the academic programme.

Exempted from English requirement

  • Students, who exempted from the English programme shall to report to the Faculty / Institute / Centre / School and meet the Head of School / Head of Programme / Programme Coordinator for advice on the course selection for the current semester.
  • Once approval is obtained from the respective school, student MUST submit the signed / approved Course Selection Form / Registrar's Office (RO), at 2nd floor, Block A for course registration.

Step 7
Submit passport to Visa Processing Unit (VPU), 2nd Floor, Block A (South Wing)
  • Students are given at least 5 working days to settle all matters and MUST submit the passport for student pass endorsement (multiple entry) according to the schedule given during the briefing.
  • Original passport with at least 18 month validity
  • Entry visa or Special Pass with at least 10 working days validity
  • Present the Medical Examination acknowledgment slip
  • Fill up the undertaking Letter and receive a certified copy of your passport

Important note

  • Students are advised not to arrange any travel plans until the endorsement process is completed and passport is returned which may take up to 4 weeks. Notification will be sent out to student via student email.
  • Failed to hand in the passports for endorsement may result in students overstaying and be classified as illegal immigrants by the Malaysian Immigration Department.
  • Overstaying is a serious offence under Malaysian law. It can result in imprisonment and deportation.
  • Your arrival will be denied upon arrival into Malaysia in future if you ever overstayed in this country.

General Information:

  • It would take at least 60 days for the Malaysian Immigration Department to issue the Visa Approval Letter. Please note that it is prerogative of the Malaysian Immigrations Department to reject any visa applications.
  • It is the student's responsibility to check with the Malaysian Embassy in their country of origin on any special requirements or visa requirements before coming to Malaysia.