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Built on a 40 acres’ site, UCSI University’s Springhill (Port Dickson) Campus is located adjacent with UCSI Hospital. The campus is designed to be a leading praxis centre of education, especially in the field of medicine and health sciences.

At UCSI University Springhill (Port Dickson) campus, we educate and nurture future doctors and nurses to be the best in what they do by allowing them access to the specialist-led medical institution – UCSI Hospital, that advocates clinical practice and the patient-centred model of care.

Housing two blocks, the Campus includes seminar rooms, lecture halls, a library and faculty offices that take up over 50,000 sqft in space.

The campus is part of the UCSI Health Metropolis – a mega project that is designed to turn Springhill into a hub of medical tourism, education and innovation. Its strategic location allows students accessibility to the Seremban business centre and Port Dickson – a tourism attraction spot.  With this, and more the campus is set to give you an experience that is not to be missed.