Accreditation Of Prior Experiential Learning (APEL) For Credit Award (C)


You have the relevant working experience to strive but need a formal academic qualification to justify your credentials? You can do that with us now through the Malaysian Qualifications Agency’s APEL (C) pathway.

What is APEL (C)?

APEL (C) is the award of credits given to individuals who have accumulated sufficient experiential learning for a course in an MQA accredited programme offered by a higher learning institution. In other words, your programme duration will be shortened once you have been assessed for sufficient knowledge and competency in the area of study programme that you will be applying for.

You will be assessed based on your prior:

Working experiences

Community-based learning

Professional development trainings

Independent or self-development programmes

Who can apply for APEL (C)?

Local and International students registered with the University


No age limit, thus, anyone can apply for this pathway

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