Student Exchange Programme

Student Exchange Programme

UCSI University's Student Exchange Programme offers students a unique opportunity for cultural immersion, in-depth academic learning, plus various types of research placements with its partner universities around the world. Such approach will enhance the student’s international experiences and develop cross-cultural competencies while preparing them to be better global citizens.


  • It is a unique platform to have a once-in-a-lifetime international experience in the most affordable way.
  • Additionally, the academic credits earned at the host university can be transferred back to meet home university’s degree requirements.
  • Such an experience will allow students to gain in-depth understanding and first-hand knowledge of the host university’s learning methodology and host country’s socio-cultural structure.
  • Through daily interactions, students learn the host university’s local language and they stay connected with the local community.
  • It allows students to work towards their degree pathway while developing intercultural skills and building international network.

Partner Universities

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