About Us


CERVIE aims to promote research, value innovation and entrepreneurship as one of the University’s core drivers. CERVIE’s role is to establish the university’s reputation as a knowledge creator through the implementation of the triple helix model (Government, Industry and University). Therefore, research initiatives and support systems at UCSI University must be developed to nurture such partnerships locally and aboard.

The overall objective of developing a research culture through a strategic focus on research development is underpinned by four main strategic thrusts, namely Internal Capabilities, Smart Partnerships, Enterprise Value Innovation and Knowledge Dissemination. Internal Capabilities comprises Compliance, Equity, Effective Support Systems and Research Contribution. These objectives are aligned with the University’s overall strategic objectives.

CERVIE is strategically committed to excellence in its engagement with stakeholders in business, industry, government & communities.

CERVIE aims to leverage on Blue Ocean Strategy concepts of value innovation to transform people’s lives & the performance of all sectors of Malaysia’s economy and be the key driver of such activities.

CERVIE aims to provide leadership and support for UCSI University researchers with the purpose to build on international evidence-based best practice and take on projects to achieveits vision of.


Vision & Mission

To be highly acknowledged as a private university that emphasises research that is relevant to society.


  • Unleashing Staff & Student Research Talents
  • Leveraging and optimising external and internal research resources
  • Adding value to stakeholders via sustainable quality research output


CERVIE Strategic Focus Areas

5 main Strategic Focus Areas:

  • FOCUS on Key Quality Research Output
  • FOCUS on Establishment of Research Clusters
  • FOCUS on Establishment of Centralised Research Facilities
  • FOCUS on Enhancement of Research Skills Workshop
  • FOCUS on Formulation of Complementary Research Policy