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External Grants
NoNameProject TitleSource of grantTotal Amount
1Asst. Prof. Dr. Serene Tung En HuiFood insecurity, malnutrition and climate/weather variability among urban poor adolescents living in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.FRGS/1/2020/SKK06/UCSI/02/2RM 131,650
2Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ganeshsree A/P SelvachandranAn Artificial Intelligence System for the Automated Detection of Diabetic Retinopathy using Machine Learning Algorithms and Complex Fuzzy LogicFRGS/1/2020/STG06/UCSI/02/1RM 96,000
3Assoc. Prof. Ts. Dr. Ang Chun KitRobust Deep Learning-based Calibration for Data-Driven SpectroscopyFRGS/1/2020/TK0/UCSI/02/4RM 67,200
4Asst. Prof. Dr. Normina Binti Ahmad BustamiPrenatal exposure to heavy metals and its association with fetal growth, telomere length and DNA damage in newbornsFRGS/1/2020/SKK06/UCSI/02/3RM 130,900
5Assoc. Prof. Dr. Abdullah Al MamunExpediting the mass adoption of Green Practices for Environmental and Economics Sustainability of Malaysian Agro-Entrepreneurs using Machine Learning AlgorithmsFRGS/1/2020/TK0/UCSI/02/5RM 114,000
6Asst. Prof. Dr. Pui Liew PhingElucidation of the inhibition mechanism and release kinetics of nanoemulsified Polygonum minus Huds. essential oil for functional food packagingFRGS/1/2020/STG01/UCSI/02/3RM 172,800
7Asst. Prof. Dr. Yeap Swee PinEvaluation of Hetero-Interfacial Interactions in Graphene/Conductive Polymer System Towards Sensitivity of a Flexible SensorFRGS/1/2020/TK0/UCSI/03/3RM 108,812
8Dr. Vaidehi UlaganathanPsychometric properties of Salt@home and Salt@shopping approaches for investigating dietary salt consumption and sources in the diets of urban-poor Malaysian populationFRGS/1/2020/SKK06/UCSI/03/1RM 127,000
9Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ng Hui SuanEvaluation of electric fields incorporated aqueous two-phase system for keratinase separation and bioconversionFRGS/1/2020/TK0/UCSI/02/6RM 121,200
10Assoc. Prof. Dr. Cheah Shiau ChuenIdentifying the Signature Biomarker(s) of Early Metastasis Event in Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma using Heterotypic Multicellular Tumour SpheroidFRGS/1/2020/SKK0/UCSI/02/2RM 244,800
11Asst. Prof. Dr. Zhooriyati Binti Sehu MohamadMeaning in Life and Optimism as Intervention for Happiness of Adolescent Delinquents in Juvenile Detention CenterFRGS/1/2020/SS0/UCSI/03/2RM 69,400
12Asst. Prof. Dr. Ganesh A/L RamasamyA mix-method instrument for sustainable water conservation effort among generation Y in Malaysia: An approach of social cognitive theoryFRGS/1/2020/SS0/UCSI/02/2RM 91,250
13Asst. Prof. Dr. Siau Ching SinEstablishing a novel Family-Healthcare Stress Model: Does Strength-Based Parenting mediate between caregiver mental health and adolescent psychiatric patient outcomes?FRGS/1/2020/SS0/UCSI/02/1RM 63,900
14Assoc. Prof. Ts. Dr. Lionel In Lian AunA Dual-pronged Approach to Increase Production of Farmed Tilapia Using Lactococcal-based Vaccination and EnymbioticMalaysia Research Malaysia Research University Network Grant Scheme (MYRGS)RM 100,000
15Prof. Dato' Ir. Ts. Dr. Mohd Rizon bin Mohamed JuhariTowards affordable Al and IoT-based mass fever screening (MFS) systemPost COVID-19 Special Research GrantRM 20,000
NoNameProject TitleSource of grantTotal Amount
1Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mogana Sundari A/P RajagopalStandardization and The Mechanism of Action of Polyherbal Formulation MM-15 for Primary DysmenorrheaFRGS/1/2019/WAB07/UCSI/02/1RM 135,177
2Asst. Prof. Dr. Yam Hok ChaiComprehending the structural interaction between bacterial leukotoxin (LtxA) and human leukocytes.FRGS/1/2019/STG04/UCSI/03/1RM 167,800
3Asst. Prof. Dr. Michelle Soo Oi YoonInteraction of Acinetobactor venetianus and Cycloclasticus pugetii with acetylated Kapok (Ceiba pentandra) cotton fibres, and their ability to degrade crude oil.FRGS/1/2019/STG05/UCSI/03/1RM 127,800
4Asst. Prof. Dr. Lim Wei HongNovel Mechanisms of Evolving Convolution Neural Network Based on Novelty Search of Nature Inspired Algorithms for Data ClassificationFRGS/1/2019/TK04/UCSI/02/1RM 101,000
5Asst. Prof. Dr. Leong Choi MengForeign Monetary Policy Uncertainty and Macroeconomic Fundamentals Asymmetric Effects to Stock Prices Movements DeterminationFRGS/1/2019/SS08/UCSI/03/1RM 76,800
6Asst. Prof. Dr. Rohana Binti ShamBlockchain Mechanism In A Refuse Management SystemFRGS/1/2019/ICT04/UCSI/02/1RM 62,700
NoNameProject TitleSource of grantTotal Amount
1Asst. Prof. Dr. Satvinder KaurCircadian rhythm determination and its association with birth and infant outcomes, stress, physical activity ad chrononutrition among pregnant women in major cities of West Malaysia: A Prospective studyFRGS/1/2018/SKK06/UCSI/02/2 (MOHE)RM 162,000
2Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nyam Kar LinBioactive plant seed oils coloaded with nanostructured lipid carriers for UV protection and antioxidant activityFRGS/1/2018/WAB01/UCSI/02/1 (MOHE)RM 115,000
3Asst. Prof. Dr. Wong Chen WaiNanocellulose from Leucaena leucocephala as a bioplastic composite for the creation of an intelligent food packaging materialFRGS/1/2018/TK10/UCSI/02/1 (MOHE)RM 85,000
4Asst. Prof. Dr. Patrick Nwabueze OkechukwuPharmacological Analysis of Health Supplement from Oil Palm TruckCP-FAS-003 (Industrial Grant)RM 68,882
5Asst. Prof. Dr. Tan Choon HuiComparison study on Canned Foods sold in MalaysiaCP-FAS-002 (Industrial Grant)RM 30,316
NoNameProject TitleSource of grantTotal Amount
1Asst. Prof. Satvinder KaurStudying health aspect of the migrant workers in Top GloveProj-In-TGLOVE-001 (Industrial Grant)RM1,500
2Ms. Carolyn Lim-LoongSensory Evaluation of Functional Food ProductsProj-In-ALPHA-001 (Industrial Grant)RM5,000
3Dr. Chong Pei NeeFunctional Cookies DevelopmentProj-In-ALPHA-002 (Industrial Grant)RM 10,000
4Assoc. Prof. Dr. Yim Hip SengFormulation and Development of Functional foods and BeveragesProj-In-ALPHA-003 (Industrial Grant)RM 65,000
5Asst. Prof. Dr. Wong Chen WaiTyrosinase and Melangonesis Inhibition by Malaysian Costal PlantsProj-In-FAS-052RM 25,000
6Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nyam Kar LinMicroencapsulation of Kenaf (hibiscus cannbinus) Seed Oil by Spray DryingProj-In-FAS-053RM 25,000
7Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ivan HoEffect of Fermentation Parameters on Fermented Red Dragon Fruit Drink and Its stability StudyProj-In-FAS-054RM 24,000
8Dr. Pui Liew PhingSuplementation of Fruit Juices and Herbal Drinks with Microencapsulated ProbioticsProj-In-FAS-055RM 22,500
9Dr. Pui Liew PhingDevelopment of Spices-incorporated Edible Packaging for Extension of Shelf Life in Meat-based ProductProj-In-FAS-056RM 24,000
NoNameProject TitleSource of grantTotal Amount
1Assoc. Prof. Dr. Yim Hip SengFunctional Properties Testing for Product N’ SpringProj-In-EDEN-001 (Industrial Grant)RM 20,000
2Senior Prof. Dato Dr Khalid YusofPopulation Urban Rural Epidemiology StudyProj-Intls-FMS-1RM 427,630.20
3Senior Prof. Dato Dr Khalid YusofHeart Outcomes Prevention Evaluation-4Proj-Intls-FMS-4RM 93,402.35
4Assistant Professor Dr. Marjan Sadat SeghayatMale Infertility and Non-occupational Exposure to Heavy MetalsFRGS/1/2016/SKK02/ UCSI/02/1RM 62,000
5Assistant Professor Dr. Kow Kien WohDeciphering mechanisms of magnetic-induced adsorption to enhance adsorption in anisotropic nano-ferrimagnetic composite”FRGS/1/2016/TK02/ UCSI/02/1RM 135,000
6Assistant Professor Dr. Yap Chin FookDevelopment of Credit Rating Model for SME'sFRGS/1/2016/SS01/ UCSI/02/1RM 65,000
NoNameProject TitleSource of grantTotal Amount
1Asst. Prof. Dr. Lionel InRecombinant Lactococcus Lactis As A Delivery Platform for Chemoimmunotherapeutic Vaccine regimen Againts KRAS Positive Colorectal Cancer02-02-22-SF0011(E-Science, MOSTI Grant)RM 238,000
2Dr. Hoh Boon PengAnalysis of Archaic Genomes Introgression and Natural Selection in Hunter-gatherers Negrito from Peninsular MalaysiaFRGS/1/2015/ST03/ UCSI/02/1RM 155,200
3Dr. NgerngRisk Management Framework for Investment Portfolio ProtectionFRGS/1/2015/SS08/ UCSI/03/1RM 7,200
4Dr. Rodney TanA Theoretical and Experimental Modeling of Mono c-Si, Poly c-Si Photovo;taic Module Performance under Partial Shading Condition and Fundamental study of its Impact to Large Photovoltaic systemFRGS/1/2015/TK07/ UCSI/02/1RM 85,200
NoNameProject TitleSource of grantTotal Amount
1Prof. Dr. Mirnalini KandiahEnhanced Biohydrogen Production by Genetic Modification06-02-22-SF0003 (E-Science, MOSTI Grant)RM 156, 600
2Dr. LionelImmuno-engineering of Metastatic Colorectal Cancer (mCRC)-tumor Specific Antigens as Recombinant Peptide-based Mimotope VaccinesFRGS/1/2014/SG05/ UCSI/03/1RM 139, 200
3Dr. GaneshreeIntuitionistic Fuzzy Soft Algebraic Theory and Intuitionistic Fuzzy Soft Hyperalgebraic TheoryFRGS/1/2014/ST06/ UCSI/03/1RM 41,800
4Dr. EuginieQuantification of Heavy Metals in Chinese Herbal Medicines (CHMs) Used During Pregnancy and Postpartum : Assessment of Associated Health RiskFRGS/1/2014/SKK10/ UCSI/03/1RM 70,000
5Dr. Cheah Shiau ChuenFISH Detection on Gene Rearrangement of Malaysia LymphomasFRGS/1/2014/SKK06/ UCSI/03/1RM 172,960
6Dr. Eric Chan Wei ChiangCreation of A Root Targeted Delivery Vehicle for Fertilizers using Cellulose from Duckweed and Other Agricultural Waste BiomassFRGS/2/2014/SG01/ UCSI/02/2RM 98,000
7Dr. GrracePartion Behavior of Hydrophobic and Hydrophilic in Aqueos Two-Phase SystemFRGS/2/2014/SG05/ UCSI/03/1RM 116,000
8Dr. Renee Lim Lay HongHeterologous Expression and Immunotherapeutic in Vivo Evaluation of Recombinant Ara h 2.02 Allergen in Lactic Acid BacteriaFRGS/2/2014/SG05/ UCSI/02/1RM 115,200
9Dr. Tan Chung KeatPM2.5 Particulate Matter in Ambient Air and associated Health Risks: A Comparative Study Between Indoor and Outdoor WorkersFRGS/2/2014/SKK10/ UCSI/03/1RM 165,800
10Dr. PalanirajanFormulation and Evaluation of Enteric Coated Capsules Filled with Oral Mucoadhesive PaliferminFRGS/2/2014/SKK02/ UCSI/02/1RM 130,200
NoNameProject TitleSource of grantTotal Amount
1Senior Prof. Dato Dr Khalid YusofCardiovascular Outcomes for People Using Anticoagulation StrategiesProj-Intls-FMS-2RM 196,226.80
2Dr. Hwang Jung ShanInvestigation of The Specific Binding of Pore-Forming Toxin to Human Cell MembraneFRGS/1/2013/ST03/ UCSI/02/1RM 110,000
3Dr. Patrick NwabuezeCharacterization and Potential Wound Healing Activity from Partially Purified Fraction A and E of DCM Leaf extract of Labisia Pumila in Type 2 Diabetic RatsFRGS/2/2013/SG05/ UCSI/02/1RM 66,000
4Yap Wai SamEpigenetic Study of Rice under Drought and High Salinity ConditionsFRGS/2/2013/ST04/ UCSI/03/1RM 134,300
NoNameProject TitleSource of grantTotal Amount
1Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hon Wei MinEnhanced Biohydrogen Production by Genetic ModificationFRGS, MOHE (FRGS Phase 1/2012)RM 212,500
2Dr. Crystale Lim Siew YingFarnesol, a Eukaryotic Quorum-Sensing Molecule, as an inhibitor of HeLa cell Proliferation via Telomerase DeactivationMAKNARM 25,000
3Dr. Ong Kian MingMalaysian Electoral Roll Analysis Project (MERAP)Foundation Open Society Institute (“FOSI”)RM 63,200
4Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tan Khang WeiUlytasound Assisted Isolation and Functionalisation of NanoCrystalline Cellulose (NCC) from Oil Palm Biomass for better Hydroquinone DeliveryERGS/1/2013/TK07/ UCSI/03/1RM 130,000
TotalRM 300,700
NoNameProject TitleSource of grantTotal Amount
1Dr. Renee Lim Lay HongGenotyping of candidate genes related to myopia and obesity in a cohort of secondary school studentsFRGS, MOHE(FRGS Phase 1/2010)RM 38,640
2Dr. Ho Chun WaiLipid, cholesterol and Trialcylglycerol Lowering Ability of an Agribiotechnology Health-based ProductFRGS, MOHE (FRGS Phase 2/2010)RM 65,000
3Dr. Nyam Kar LinProduction of Emulsified and Microencapsulated Emulsified Roselle Oils With Improved Bioavailablity for Food SupplementFRGS, MOHE (FRGS Phase 2/2010)RM 62,000
TotalRM 165,640
Internal Grants
NoProject CodeProject TitleProject DurationLead ResearcherFund Approved (RM)
1REIG-FBM-2020/001Determinants of information integration for 'sertu' cleansing technique in halal logistics operations1/7/2020 - 31/6/2022 (24 months)Asst Prof Dr Noorsiah AhmadRM 21,000.00
2REIG-FAS-2020/002Blood Brain Barrier Penetration Of Tiger Milk Mushroom for Neuroprotection In Vitro1/7/2020 - 30/6/2022 (24 months)Assoc Prof Dr Crystale Lim Siew YingRM 45,700.00
3REIG-FAS-2020/003Incorporation of Lactococcus lactis NZ3900 with KRAS mimotape into yogurt drink and fruit juice1/7/2020 - 30/6/2022 (24 months)Asst Prof Dr Pui Liew PhingRM45,000.00
4REIG-FAS-2020/004 "Humanization of a single-chain variable fragment (scFv) targeting cells harbouring G12V mutated K-ras antigens."1/7/2020 - 30/6/2022 (24 months)Assoc Prof Dr Lionel In Lian AunRM45,000.00
5REIG-FAS-2020/005Therapeutic effect of recombinant Lactococcus lactis harbouring Ara h 2.02 peanut allergen coupled with FIP-Lrh as adjuvant on peanut allergy mouse model1/7/2020 - 30/6/2022 (24 months)Assoc Prof Dr Renee Lim Lay HongRM46,500.00
6REIG-FAS-2020/006Chrononutrition and Light Exposure: Its association with birth outcomes.1/7/2020 - 30/6/2022 (24 months)Asst Prof Dr Satvinder Kaur A/P Nachatar SinghRM45,000.00
7REIG-FAS-2020/007Farm to table programme for the improvement of fruits and vegetables consumption among primary school children in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.1/7/2020 - 30/6/2022 (24 months)Asst Prof Dr Serene Tung En HuiRM45,000.00
8REIG-FAS-2020/008Development of E-Learning Module to promote healthy-school food environment among adolescents in secondary school (SHINe-module) (School: Healthy & Improved Nutritional Environment e-module)1/7/2020 - 30/6/2022 (24 months)Dr Vaidehi UlaganathanRM38,500.00
9REIG-FMS-2020/009Invasion of Heterotypic Multicellular Tumour Spheroids from Metastatic Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma1/7/2020 - 30/6/2022 (24 months)Assoc Prof Dr Cheah Shiau ChuenRM49,500.00
10REIG-FMS-2020/010Pattern of Consumption and Heavy Metals Contamination in Commercial Infant Food (CIF): Assessment of Potential Health RiskAsst Prof Dr Eugenie Tan Sin SingAsst Prof Dr Noorsiah AhmadRM49,000.00
11REIG-FETBE-2020/011Development Marine Traffic Proximity Monitoring for the Avoidance of Ship Collision and Ship-to-ship Oil-Siphoning1/7/2020 - 30/6/2022 (24 months)Dr Jonathan Yong Chung EeRM44,600.00
12REIG-FETBE-2020/012Green synthesis of graphene oxide polymer-based mixed-matrix membrane1/7/2020 - 30/6/2022 (24 months)Dr Chai Pui VunRM44,000.00
13REIG-FETBE-2020/013Extraction of human brain wave electrical signals using Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) on MR images.1/7/2020 - 31/7/2021 (13 months)Asst Prof Dr Chow Li SzeRM27,000.00
14REIG-FETBE-2020/014Fabrication of polymeric membrane via sacrificial resist for CO2 separation1/7/2020 - 30/6/2022 (24 months)Dr Lai Li SzeRM46,000.00
15REIG-FETBE-2020/015"Surface Modification of Fabric Material with nano-Fe3O4: A Novel Flexible Catalyst for Organic Pollutant Removal Novel Flexible Catalyst for Organic Pollutant Removal"1/7/2020 - 30/6/2022 (24 months)Asst Prof Dr Yeap Swee PinRM48,355.00
16REIG-FETBE-2020/016Conceptualising a community-centric smart city: Towards the improvement of the ‘Malaysia Smart City Framework’1/7/2020 - 30/6/2022 (24 months)Dr Ng Keng KhoonRM21,000.00
17REIG-FOSSLA-2020/017The influence of parental health and parenting on the mastery motivation and academic functioning of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder1/7/2020 - 30/6/2021 (12 months)Asst Prof Dr. Siau Ching SinRM19,530.00
18REIG-FOSSLA-2020/018The Mediating Role of Coping Strategies on the Relationship between Self-Compassion and Psychological Distress among Undergraduate Students1/7/2020 - 30/6/2021 (12 months)Asst Prof Dr Mohtaram RabbaniRM12,145.00
19REIG-FETBE-2020/019Synthesis of Biodegradable Plastic: The Properties and Biodegradation Mechanisms1/7/2020 - 30/6/2022 (24 months)Asst Prof Dr Kiew Peck LooRM45,000.00
20REIG-FAS-2020/020Identifying the Intestinal microbiota of shrimps impervious to Acute Hepatopancreatic Necrosis Disease (AHPND) and development of disease-control feed incorporated with indigenous probiotics1/7/2020 - 30/6/2022 (24 months)Asst Prof Dr Yam Hock ChaiRM48,000.00
21REIG-FAS-2020/021A gene network-based microarray analysis of Basella alba leaf extract on global gene expression profiles in the human breast carcinoma cell line MDA-MB 2311/7/2020 - 30/6/2022 (24 months)Asst Prof Dr Baskaran GunasekaranRM47,900.00
22REIG-FETBE-2020/022Synthesis of ilght-sensitive buoyant photocatalyst composites through heat attachment of nitrogen-doped zinc oxide on perlite granules for degradation of chemical oxygen demand (COD) from river water1/7/2020 - 30/6/2022 (24 months)Dr. Sum Jing YaoRM44,300.00
23REIG-FOSSLA-2020/023An Adaptation of the Blue Ocean Strategy Concept for Educators: Embedding Opportunities for Professional Development in Higher Education1/7/2020 - 31/7/2021 (12 months) Asst Prof Dr Latha RavindranRM15,000.00
24REIG-FOSSLA-2020/024 Linking the Past and Present: Redefining Virtual Ethnography and the Re-evaluation of Past Cultures Through Social Memory and Immersive Reality1/7/2020 - 31/12/2021 (18 months)Mr James Ly Toong KwokRM25,000.00
25REIG-FETBE-2020/025Recognition of Human Face in Presence of Facial Expresssion and Decoration Variation Using Spectra Imaging System and Deep Learning1/7/2020 - 30/6/2022 (24 months)Prof. Dato' Ir. Ts. Dr. Mohd Rizon Bin Mohamed JuhariRM47,900.00
26REIG-ICSDI-2020/026A Vehicle Position Predictive Model with Interpolation and Machine Learing"1/7/2020 to 31/7/2021(13 months) "Ts. Dr. Raenu KolandaisamyRM22,000.00
27REIG-FAS-2020/027Interaction of transition metals with kapok (Ceiba pentandra) cellulose and its implications on hydrolysis and pyrolysis reactions1/7/2020 - 31/6/2022 (24 months)Assoc Prof. Dr. Eric Chan Wei ChiangRM32,300.00
28REIG-FAS-2020/028Insect Biorefinery and evaluation of Nano-emulation based on oil extracted from mealworm: Characterization, antioxidant, and tyrosinase inhibitory activities1/7/2020 - 31/8/2022 (26 months)Dr. Foong Lian Chee RM50,000.00
29REIG-FAS-2020/029Formation and mitigation of monochloropropandiol (MCPD) esters and glycidyl ester (GE) during microwave frying1/7/2020 - 31/8/2022 (26 months)Dr. Goh Kok Ming RM47,000.00
30REIG-FAS-2020/030Preclinical assessment of a hemisynthesized juglone derivative for its anticancer effects on various solid tumors1/7/2020 - 31/8/2022 (26 months)Dr. Michelle Teo Yee Mun RM50,000.00
31REIG-FAS-2020/031Evaluation of Molecular Mechanism of Action of Novel Glycosylated Aryl Sulphonylurea (2DGs)1/7/2020 - 31/8/2022 (26 months)Assoc. Prof. Dr. Patrick Nwabueze Okechukwu RM50,000.00
32REIG-FAS-2020/032 Identification and characterization of reversed antibiotic resistance compound from galangal essential oil against clinical acquired multidrug resistant Klebsiella pneumonia"1/7/2020 to 31/8/2021(14 months) "Asst. Prof. Yap Wai Sum RM50,000.00
33REIG-FBM-2020/033Cryptanalysis of images based on neural networks"1/7/2020 to 31/8/2021(14 months) "Dr. Manikandan Munia Samy RM23,000.00
34REIG-FOSSLA-2020/023An Adaptation of the Blue Ocean Strategy Concept for Educators: Embedding Opportunities for Professional Development in Higher Education1/7/2020 - 31/7/2021 (12 months) Asst Prof Dr Latha Ravindran RM13,700.00
35REIG-FHTM-2020/035Flow experience, Emotional Exhaustion and Employee Rretention among Hotel Employees1/7/2020 - 31/12/2021 (18 months)Nursyafiqah RamluRM14,100.00
36REIG-ICSDI-2020/036Proximal Alternating Direction Method of Multipliers Algorithm for Large-scale Optimization Problems"1/7/2020 to 31/8/2021(14 months) "Prof Dr Raveendran ParamesranRM15,000.00
37REIG-FETBE-2020/037Synthesis of biosorbents from agricultural waste for diclofenac sodium removal from pharmaceutical wastewater1/7/2020 - 31/8/2022 (26 months)Dr. Chung Ying TaoRM42,200.00
38REIG-FETBE-2020/038Synthesis of Poly(vinyl) Alcohol Biocomposite Film from Cellulose Nanofiber1/7/2020 - 31/8/2022 (26 months)Asst. Prof. Dr. Lee Kiat MoonRM50,000.00
39REIG-FETBE-2020/039Elucidating the Physical-Chemical Characteristics of Silver Nanoparticles Adsorption Behavior onto Different Activated Carbon Adsorbents1/7/2020 - 31/8/2022 (26 months)Dr. Ruzaimah Binti Razman RM48,200.00
40REIG-FETBE-2020/041Development of Rigid Port Pavement by Using Nano Materials as Additives and Evaluation of Its Properties1/7/2020 - 31/8/2022 (26 months)Taha Mohammed JassamRM50,000.00
41REIG-FAS-2020/031Evaluation of Molecular Mechanism of Action of Novel Glycosylated Aryl Sulphonylurea (2DGs)1/7/2020 - 31/8/2022 (26 months)Assoc. Prof. Dr. Patrick Nwabueze Okechukwu RM50,000.00
42REIG-FETBE-2020/042 Enhancement of Mass Transfer and Anode Configuration in Up-flow Membrane-less Microbial Fuel Cell with Integrated Phototrophic Organisms1/7/2020 - 31/8/2022 (26 months)Dr Thung Wei Eng RM44,200.00
43REIG-FAS-2020/043Transcirptomic Analysis of Multidrug Resistant Escherichia coli pMG309 Strain Treated with Peppermint Essential Oil1/7/2020 - 31/8/2022 (26 months)Tan Yong Hui RM50,000.00
44REIG-FMHS-2020/044Effect of Pharmacological inhibitors of HIPPO pathway in COL1A1 synthesis and fibroblast aging1/7/2020 - 30/8/2022 (26 months)Assoc. Prof. Dr. Farahnaz Amini RM50,000.00
45REIG-FHMS-2020/045Association between heavy metals in cord blood with telomere length and DNA damage in newborns1/7/2020 - 30/6/2022 (24 months)Asst. Prof. Dr. Normina Ahamd BustamiRM49,910.00
46REIG-FOSSLA-2020/046The Relationship Between Positive State And Positive Mindset With Subjective Well-Being For Long Term Romantic Relationship in Malaysian And Indonesian Married Couples1/7/2020 - 31/8/2022 (26 months)Dr. Zhooriyati Binti Sehu MohamadRM20,700.00
47REIG-FOSSLA-2020/047Factors associated with namophobia among university students and their readiness to change1/7/2020 - 31/8/2022 (26 months)Mr. Ho Meng ChuanRM13,200.00
48REIG-FPS-2020/048Effects of Pandanus amarylifolius and Ziniber officale effect on Bacillius cereus and its Application in the Preservation of Cooked Rice1/7/2020 - 31/8/2022 (26 months)Ms. Anabelle Rose JoykinRM40,100.00
49 REIG-FPS-2020/049Evaluation of Polyherbal Formulation, MM-15 for Dual Inhibition of 5-Lipoxygenase (5-LOX)/Cyclooxygenase 2 (COX-2) and 5-LOX derivatives in the Mechanistic Pathway of Primary Dysmenorrhea1/7/2020 - 31/8/2022 (26 months)Mr. Por Choo Shiuan RM49,400.00
50REIG-FPS-2020/050 Assessment of obstetrics and gynaecology prescribing patterns at woman and Children Hospital Kuala Lumpur using the WHO prescribing indicators1/7/2020 - 31/8/2021 (14 months)Asst. Prof. Dr. Omotayo Oladuntoye FatokunRM22,000.00
51REIG-FPS-2020/051Design and Synthesis of Andrographolide Derivatives and their in vitro analysis of Acetylcholinesterase (ACheE) enzyme inhibition1/7/2020 - 31/8/2022 (26 months)Asst. Prof. Dr. Shaik Ibrahim KhalivullaRM40,500.00
52REIG-FPS-2020/052Development of curcumin, tetrahydrocurcumin Nanostructured Lipid Carriers based on in-vitro -In-silico prediction of its solubility in Polymeric Macromolecules (PM) for enhanced bioavailability1/7/2020 - 31/8/2022 (26 months)Assoc Prof Dr Palanirajan Vijayaraj Kumar RM50,000.00
53REIG-FPS-2020/053Evaluation of the local protocol of vancomycin-therapy based on targeted trough level and extrapolated area under the curve in Tengku Ampuan Rahimah (TAR) General Hospital1/7/2020 - 28/2/2022 (20 months)Asst. Prof. Dr. Fazlollah Keshavarzi RM17,200.00
54REIG-FPS-2020/054Impact of an educational intervention on public knowledge, attitude, and practice of breast self-examination among females in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia1/7/2020 - 31/8/2022 (26 months)Ms. Hee Mei QiRM49,500.00
55REIG-FPS-2020/055Incidence and associated risk factors of acute renal failure among cancer patients in Malaysia.1/7/2020 - 31/8/2022 (26 months)Mr. Muhammad Ahsan Iftikhar BaigRM31,000.00
56REIG-FPS-2020/056Cognitive status, Complementary and alternative medicine usage, medication beliefs and their association with medication adherence among patients with stroke1/7/2020 - 31/6/2022 (24 months)Dr. Muhammad Junaid FarrukhRM21,500.00
57REIG-FPS-2020/057Antibacterial mechanism and synergistic study of 7-hydroxycoumarin derivatives: sturcture-activity relationship, molecular docking study against multi-drug resistence clinical strain bacteria1/7/2020 - 31/8/2022 (26 months)Yap Chuan ShengRM45,000.00
58REIG-FAS-2020/058The mediating role of self-esteem on the relationship between social media use and social anxiety, depression and loneliness among university students1/7/2020 - 31/8/2022 (26 months)Dr. Hong Sok LaiRM17,000.00
59REIG-FPS-2020/059Community Empowerment on Prevention and Control for Covid 191/7/2020 - 31/8/2022 (26 months)Ms. Haryati Binti Anuar RM39,000.00
60REIG-FPS-2020/060Immunoengineering and evaluation of an orally administered mutated KRAS multivalent tandem vaccine against colorectal cancer1/7/2020 - 30/9/2022 (28 months)Assoc. Prof. Dr. Palanirajan Vijayaraj KumarRM50,000.00
61REIG-FETBE-2020/061Evaluation of Activities, Spaces and Architectural Elements in Houses of Worship that encourage Social Inclusivity across faiths for Nation Building in Malaysia: Mosques and Churches in Kuala Lumpur1/07/2020 - 30/09/2021 (15 months)Prof. Dr. Mohd. Tajuddin Mohd RasdiRM24,200
62REIG-FOSSLA-2020/062The association between media influences, food addiction, and psychological well-being among university students in Malaysia1/7/2020 - 30/9/2021 (15 months)Asst Prof Dr Vimala A/P GovindasamyRM11,300
63REIG-FOSSLA-2020/063Application of the Psychological Flexibility Model to Young People with Chronic Pain and Their Parents1/7/2020 - 30/6/2022(24 months)Mr. Lee Sook Huey RM22,690
64REIG-FPS-2020/064High-Performance Liquid Chromatographic Method for Quantitative Determination of Clozapine and Amlodipine Drugs in Human Plasma and its Application to Pharmacokinetics Studies in Healthy Malaysian Subjects.1/7/2020 - 31/10/2022 (28 months)Mr Fazlollah KeshavarsiRM50,000.00
65REIG-FPS-2020/065Establishing dysmenorrhea-associated neuropsychological phenotypes in mice and potential therapeutic effect of Polyherbal MM-15 Formulation1/7/2020 - 30/11/2022(2 years)Assoc Prof Ts Dr Lee Ming TattRM31,000.00
66REIG-FETBE-2020/066Synthesis of Carbon Quantum Dots Photocatalytic Stability in Photo-degradation Activity using Organic Pollutants1/7/2020 - 31/10/2022(28 months)Asst Prof Dr. Ng Ching YinRM49,200
67REIG-FAS-2020/067Bioconversion of plastic wastes to edible biomass: The effects of plastic eating worm substitution and the physiological and nutritional performances on pacific white shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei)1/7/2020-31/5/2022 (22 months)Asst Prof Dr Loh Jiun YanRM43,400
NoProject CodeProject TitleProject DurationLead ResearcherFund Approved (RM)
1Proj-2019-FOBIS-019Mobile Car App for Travel Agency (MyUCSICar)01/07/2019-30/06/2021Dr. Chloe Thong Chee Ling42,800.00
2Proj-2019-FOBIS-020The Impact of Financial Literacy Towards Emplyabilities in Financial Industry01/06/2019-31/05/2021Dr. Eaw Hooi Cheng7,000.00
3Proj-2019-In-FAS-062Proteome Profiling to Decipher the Role of Lavender Essential Oil on Reversal Antibiotic Resistance Mechanisms of Multidrug Resistant klebsieela Pneumoniae01/06/2019-31/05/2019Ms. Yap Wai Sum25,000.00
4Proj-2019-In-FAS-063Solid State Catalysts for The Acetylation of Kapok (Ceiba Pentandra) Cotton Fibre as A Support Material for Immobilised Acinetobactor Venetianus and Cycloclasticus Pugetii01/09/2019-31/08/2021Michelle Soo50,000.00
5Proj-2019-In-FAS-064Characterization and Optimization of Growth and Fermentation Conditions of Newly isolated Carotenoids-producing Bacterial Strain and The Pigment01/09/2019-31/08/2021Grrace Ng Hui Suan50,000.00
6Proj-2019-In-FMHS-032E-Learning Stem Education in Malaysia1/8/2019-1/8/2021Dr. Sheiladevi23,950.00
7Proj-2019-FETBE-061Ultrasound and osmotic assisted solvent extraction of hazelnut oil and protein01/05/2019-01/04/2021Asst. Prof. Dr. Tan Mei Ching35,753.93
8Proj- 2019-FETBE-062Development of a Vegetable Oil Based Nano Cutting Fluid for Sustainable Manufacturing01/06/2019-31/05/2021Dr. Olugu Ezutah50,000.00
9Proj- 2019-FETBE-063Development of Rapid in Situ Analysis for Fruits Quality using Miniature Handheld Spectrometer Combined with Machine Learning Calibration01/07/2019-30/06/2021Dr. Mahmud Iwan Solihin50,000.00
10Proj- 2019-FETBE-064Dynamical Analysis of Compliant Leg of A Stewart-Gough type Parallel Mechanism Actuated by Soft Actutors01/08/2019-30/07/2021Manickam Ramasamy25,000.00
11Proj- 2019-FETBE-065Statistical Analysis of Potential Evapotransportation in Malaysia01/08/2019-30/07/2021Dr. Ng Jing Lin49,720.00
12Proj- 2019-FETBE-066Study on the Engineering Properties of High Strength Lightweight Concrete Incorporating Agricultural Waste01/09/2019-31/08/2021Dr. Lee Jin Chai49,900.00
13Proj-2019-In-FPS-017Development and Characterization of Multilayer Gold Nanocarrier For Cancer Therapy01/08/2019-31/07/2021Dr. Jeetendra50,000.00
14Proj-2019-In-FPS-018Identification of Dual Inhibitors of PDE1B and PDE10A using Ligand and Structure-Based Drug design Approach01/06/2019-31/05/2021Dr. Anand50,000.00
15Proj-2019-In-FPS-019Formulation and Evaluation of Mangosteen and Seaweed based Face Cream for Anti-Aging and Anti-Acne Effects01/12/2019-30/11/2021Dr. Mogana50,000.00
16Proj-2019-In-FPS-020Formulation and Clinical Evaluation of Mangosteen and Seaweed Range Shampoo and Conditioner for Anti-Hair Fall, Anti-Dandruff and Hair Moisturising Effects01/12/2019-30/11/2021Dr. Manogaran50,000.00
17Proj-2019-In-FPS-021Formulation and Clinical Evaluation of Mangosteen and Seaweed Based Face and Eye Serum for Anti-Aging and Anti-Acne Effects01/12/2019-30/11/2021Dr. Ashok50,000.00
18Proj-2019-In-FPS-022Formulation and Clinical Evaluation of Mangosteen and Seaweed Range of Skin Cleanser, Exfoliator, Toner and Their Biological and Clinical Evaluations01/12/2019-30/11/2021Mr Rajesh50,000.00
19Proj-2019-In-FPS-023Formulation of Mangosteen and Seaweed-Based Sunscreens and Evaluation of the in vitro and Clinical Efficacy01/12/2019-30/11/2021Mohammed Saleem50,000.00
20Proj-2019-In-FPS-024Formulation of Mangosteen and Seaweed-Impregnated Bio-Cellulose Facial Mask for Anti-Aging and Amti-Acne effects01/12/2019-30/11/2021Dr. Omotayo50,000.00
NoProject CodeProject TitleProject DurationLead ResearcherFund Approved (RM)
1Proj-In-FAS-059Investigation of Prostective Effect of Spirulina and Catechin on Bone Fragility Induced by Garcinia cambogia on High fat diet Obese Rats8/1/2018-31/07/2020Dr Chan Hor Kuan24,993.00
2Proj-In-FETBE-052Recycling of Plastic Wastage to Green Applications01/09/2018-31/08/2020Dr Ammar Abdul Aziz25,000.00
3Proj-In-FOBIS-016iOS Time and Location Tracker for Shuttle Bus03/07/2018-30/06/2020Asst. Prof. Dr. Chloe Thong Chee Ling20,600.00
4Proj-In-FPS-016Development and Validation of Attenuated Total Reflectance Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy02/12/2018-31/01/2019Lokesh46,700.00
5Proj-In-FAS-058KidChen Study: Tackling Childhood Obesity by Advocating Healthy Meal Preparation Practices Among Primary School Children in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia01/07/2018-30/06/2020Asst. Prof. Dr. Satvinder Kaur24,200.00
6Proj-In-FETBE-056Microfluidic-Assisted Photocatalytic Degradation of Azo Dyes with Metal Oxide Nanoparticle loaded Chitosan Microcapsule26/12/2018-31/12/2020Mohd Fadhil B Majnis25,000.00
7Proj-In-FOBIS-0153D Aided Augmented Mobile App dictionary for Children01/06/2018-31/07/2020Chit Su Mon25,000.00
8Proj-In-FETBE-053SNR Estimator Aided Cooperative and MIMO Communicaton System01/11/2018-31/10/2020Shahid Manzoor31,000.00
9Proj-In-FAS-061Genetically Engineered Recombinant Intrabodies Targeting Inner Membrane-bound Mutated KRAS Cancer Antigens01/12/2018-01/07/2020Asst. Prof. Dr. Lionel In Lian Aun25,000.00
10Proj-In-FAS-060Seaweeds as Microhabitat to Faunal Invertebrates: An Association Study18/01/2018-01/12/2020Chew Li Lee25,000.00
11Proj-FOSSLA-010Development of Teaching Case Video for Pedagogical Upscaling of Non-Pedagogical Trained Instructors Through Dramatization of Effective Teaching-Learning Practices in Private Higher Education Institution in Malaysia01/12/2018-30/05/2020Dr. Vighnarajah22,600.00
12Proj-In-FOSSLA-009Relationship between negative Life Events, emotional Intelligence and mental health among University Students: Exploring Moderating Role of Social Support01/12/2018-30/11/2019Tan Yeng Teng18,800.00
13Proj-In-FOBIS-017Critical Success Factors Towards Green warehouse Practices in Malaysian Logistic Industry28/12/2018-31/12/2021Siti Norida Wahab24,250.00
14Proj-In-FAS-057Effects of Different Drying Techniques on Antioxidant and Anti-iflammatory properties of Basella alba01/06/2018-31/07/2019Baskaran A/L Gunasekaran25,000.00
15Proj-In-FETBE-049Development of Polymer Flocculation-Assisted Magnetic Sedimentation Technique for Fast Separation of Highly Stabilized Magnetic Nanoparticles01/01/2018-31/12/2019Dr. Yeap Swee Pin21,881.50
16Proj-In-FETBE-054Development of a Clinical Trial Prototype to Early Stage Breast Cancer01/11/2018-31/10/2020Dr. Tiang Sew Sun24,000.00
17Proj-In-FOSSLA-008Reading Strategies among EFL teachers and Learners29/12/2018-28/11/2020Dr. Mansour Amini14,000.00
18Proj-In-FETBE-050Development of Charging Management Strategy for Electric Vehicle using Swarm Intelligence Approach01/09/2018-31/08/2020Dr. Lim Wei Hong17,800.00
19Proj-In-FOSSLA-006Development of ESL Reading Assessment Tool for Malaysian Prescholers01/12/2018-01/01/2020Dr. Lin Siew Eng24,500.00
20Proj-In-FOSSLA-005Challenges and Coping Strategies Experienced by Rohingya Unaccompanied Minors in Alternative Care Arrangements01/12/2018-01/12/2019Dr. Zhooriyati25,000.00
21Proj-In-FOSSLA-007Causes & Consequences of Excessive Online Gaming among Malaysian Young Adult01/12/2018-30/11/2019Dr. Mimi Fitriana24,100.00
NoProject CodeProject TitleProject DurationLead ResearcherFund Approved (RM)
1Proj-In-FPS-011Discovery of Natural Product Inhibitors of Phosphodiesterase 10A Using a Multistep Virtual Screening Protocol10/3/2017-10/12/2017Dr Anand Gaurav18,000.00
2Proj-In-FETBE-037Solar Driven Green and Sustainable ZnO/Co-Chitosan Photocatalyst Beads for Degradation Dyes Effluents01/02/17-30/07/2018Mohd Fadhil B Majnis23,200.00
3Proj-In-FETBE-038Element Free Galerkin Method for ray Propulsion Mechanism01/02/2017-31/01/2019Teh Wah Yen23,000.00
4Proj-In-FETBE-039A Vission-based Identify Verification System01/02/2017-31/01/2018Ir. Asst. Prof. Dr. Matthew Teow Yok Wooi23,000.00
5Proj-In-FETBE-040An Empirical Modelling of Standalone OFF-Grid Solar Photovoltaic System for Small to Medium Load Applications01/02/2017-31/01/2018Ir. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Rodney Tan25,000.00
6Proj-In-FETBE-041Corrosion Study for Monoethanolamine Based Hybrid Solution in CO2 Absorption Unit01/02/2017-31/01/2019Ir. Dr. Tan Lian See24,700.00
7Proj-In-FETBE-042Water Hardness Removal Using Cation Exchangers Prepared from Fruits Peels01/02/2017-31/01/2019Dr. Cheok Choon Yoong24,500.00
8Proj-In-FETBE-043Synthesis of Environmental friendly Nanocrystalline Cellulose Pickering Emulsion10/3/2017-30/11/2018Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tan Khang Wei25,000.00
9Proj-In-FETBE-044Ultrasound Treated Adsorbent for Dye and Heavy Metal Removal10/3/2017-31/1/2019Dr. Tan Mei Ching24,000.00
10Proj-In-FETBE-045Influence of Fines on Liquefation Resistance of Sand Matrix SoilsDr. Tan Choy Soon23,000.00
11Proj-In-FETBE-046Photobioreactor With Gas Bubble Redistribution and Auto Cleaning Mechanism01/05/2017-30/04/2018Ir. Dr. Nordin20,000.00
12Proj-In-FETBE-047Water Management in Aquaculture Industry using Membrane filtration Technique10/3/2017-10/3/2019Dr Ng Chin Ying23,700.00
NoProject CodeProject TitleProject DurationLead ResearcherFund Approved (RM)
1Proj-in-Fobis-006KEDAI RAKYAT 1MALAYSIA (KR1M) and Consumer WellbeingQuah Kheng Siong21,925.00
2Proj-in-Fobis-012Intergrated Weakly-and-Semi-Supervised Learning for High Performance Pedestrian DetectionAsst. Prof. Dr. Kyaw Kyaw Htke19,310.00
3Proj-in-Fobis-013“Android-Based Time Tracker for Shuttle Bus”01/07/2016 to 30/06/2018Asst. Prof. Dr. Chloe Thong Chee Ling20,100.00
4Proj-In-FOBIS-014The Algebraic Structures of Complex Intuitionistic Fuzzy Soft Sets Associated with Groups, Rings, Ideals and Their Homomorphism Theorems01/09/2016 to 28/02/2018Asst. Prof. Dr. Ganeshsree5,500.00
5Proj-In-FETBE-025“Fundamental Study of Photovoltaic Performance of dye-sensitized Solar Cells based PANI-Ni-doped TiO2 Nanocomposite Thin film”Ms. Siti Nur Fadhilah Binti Zainudin24,150.00
6Proj-In-FETBE-026Stochastic Modelling of Biogas Production from Palm Oil Mill Effluent Supported by Natural Optimization Algorithm for the Advanced Process Control SystemMohd Fauzi B Zanil15,000.00
7Proj-In-FETBE-027Development of a Heat Absorber for Generating Electricity for Electrical ApplicationsFong Yu Chooi @ Albert24,450.00
8Proj-In-FETBE-028Design of Autonomous Balancing Control for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles on Uneven TerrainDr. Ang Chun Kit24,800.00
9Proj-In-FETBE-029Measuring Sleep Quality based on Artificial Intelligence ApproachDr. Ang Chun Kit25,000.00
10Proj-In-FETBE-030The Direct and Indirect Effects of Inflation on the Motorcycle to Passenger Car Ownership RatioChu May Yen15,440.00
11Proj-In-FETBE-031Advanced Mathematical Modelling and Control of Gas Phase Olefin Polymerization in Fluidized Bed Reactors01/07/2016-31/06/2018Dr. Ahmad Shamiri25,000.00
12Proj-In-FETBE-032Carbon Dioxide Capture Using Sustainable and Environmentally Friendly Methods01/07/2016-31/06/2018Dr. Ahmad Shamiri24,000.00
13Proj-In-FETBE-033Development of An Electrical Sensing (e-sensing) Device for Rapid Detection of Pesticide Residue in Crops01/07/2016-31/06/2018Asst. Prof. Dr. Mahmud Iwan Solihin25,000.00
14Proj-In-FETBE-034Investigation on Machinability and Fatigue Life of a PEEK/CNF Composite for Bone Plating Applications14/07/2016-14/04/2017Dr. Elango Natarajan20,675.00
15Proj-In-FETBE-035Study of Gas Pipeline Materials to Encounter Medium Impact of Earthquake in Klang Valley01/08/2016-31/07/2018Dr Noraini Surip17,960.00
16Proj-In-FETBE-036Carbon Dioxide Capture Using Sustainable and Environmentally Friendly Methods01/08/2016-31/07/2018Chua Huang Shen24,550.00
17Proj-In-FOSLA-001“Kelantan, Land of Malay Heritage” Research and Visual Documentation02/05/16-02/05/17Ghazila Binti Ghazi24,800.00
18Proj-In-FOSLA-002"A Case Study of First Year Undergraduate Engagement with UCSI University"01/05/2016-01/03/2017Dr. Chan Nee Nee13,500.00
19Proj-in-FOSLA-003Social Media and its Effect on Body Dissatisfaction Among University Students-YouthAshraf Sadat Ahadzadeh11,500.00
20Proj-in-FOSLA-004Plagiaristic Behaviours among Undergraduates and Postgraduates in Public and Privates Universities01/12/2016-31/11/2018Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tan Bee Hoon24,920.00
21Proj-In-FAS-026“Bioethanol and Bio Fertilizer production from Seaweed Biomass”15/04/16-15/04/18Asst. Prof. Dr. Teo Swee Sen24,600.00
22Proj-In-FAS-027“Direct Recovery of Ectoine from Marinococcus sp. broth Using Improved Aqueous Two-Phase System (ATPS)01/04/16-31/03/18Dr. Ng Hui Suan25,000.00
23Proj-In-FAS-030Processing Development of Low Cost Bio-Based Composite Packaging Materials15.1.2016Dr. Tee Yee Bond24,900.00
24Proj-In-FAS-032Production of a New functional Fungal Immunomodulatary Protein from Tiger Milk Mushroom in the Pichia Pastoris Expression System1.1.2016Dr. Renee Lim Lay Hong25,000.00
25Proj-In-FAS-033“Study of HALT Toxins-Lipid Interaction in Human Cell Membrane”01/04/16-30/09/17Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hwang Jung Shan25,000.00
26Proj-in-FAS-034"Healthy School Canteen Intervention: Development of Nutritious Snack Foods for Secondary School Students in Kuala Lumpur"01/09/2016-31/10/2018Dr. Tan Choon Hui22,000.00
27Proj-In FAS-035Sleep habits, Hydration status and other nutritional related factors associated with cognitive function of adolescence in Klang Valley, MalaysiaSerene Thung23,600.00
28Proj-in-FAS-036Association of Maternal Socio-demographic and Lifestyle Factors with Gestational Weight Gain and Infant Birth Outcomes in Urban and Rural Area of Central Malaysia01/06/2016-31/05/2018Asst. Prof. Dr. Satvinder Kaur18,422.24
29Proj-In-FAS-037School Canteen Food: A Qualitative Insight from Secondary School Students, School Personnel, Parents and Canteen Managers01/06/2016-31/11/2017Ms. Shashikala Sivapathy14,500.00
30Proj-In-FAS-038In Vitro Evaluation of Potential Wound Healing Activity of Eicosane, Pentadecane and Palmitic Acid Identified in Purified Fraction A Leaf Extract of Labisia Pumila in Type 1 and Type 2 STZ-induced Diabetic Rats01/11/2016-31/10/2018Asst. Prof. Dr. Patrick Nwabueze Okechukwu22,833.70
31Proj-In-FAS-039Bone Fragility is Linked to Obesity, Insulin-resistance and Diabetes via Fox01 and PPARy Expression01/09/2016-31/08/2018Asst. Prof. Dr. Patrick Nwabueze Okechukwu25,000.00
32Proj-in-FAS-040Design and Synthesis of Short Hypothectical Antifreeze Peptides Derived from Winter Founder Antifreeze Protein01/01/2017-31/12/2018Assoc. Prof. Dr. Bimo Ario Tejo25,000.00
33Proj-in-FAS-041Construction of A Phage-display cDNA Library for the Screening of Codons 12 and 13 Mutated Anti-K-ras Single Chain Variable Fragments (scFv) Againts KRAS- positive Cancers”01/12/2016-31/05/2018Asst. Prof. Dr. Lionel25,000.00
34Proj-in-FAS-042A Novel Serine Protease from Tiger Milk Mushroom: Cloning and Production of Recombinant Serone Protease in E. Coli for Functional Study01/01/2017-31/12/2018Assoc. Prof. Dr. Renee25,000.00
35Proj-in-FAS-043Association of Neuritis Expression in Rat Pheocromocytoma Cells with Neurite Outgrowth upon Treatment with Mushroom Extracts01/12/2016-30/11/2018Tan Yong Hui25,000.00
36Proj-in-FAS-044Elucidation of Reveal Antibiotic Resistance Modifying Mechanisms in Multidrug Resistant Escherichia Coli J53 pMG309 by Proteomic Analysis01/12/2016-31/12/2017Ms. Yap Wai Sum24,500.00
37Proj-in-FAS-045Novel Peptide Inhibitors Derived from a-Enolase for Suppression of Autoimmune Disease01/12/2016-31/11/2018Assoc. Prof. Dr. Bimo Ario Tejo25,000.00
38Proj-in-FAS-046Insight into School Food Handlers Practices, Barriers and Beliefs for Safe Food Handling in Klang Valley01/12/2016-31/11/2018Stephanie Wong24,000.00
39Proj-in-FAS-047Development of Bambara Groundnut Based Beverage: Physicochemical Characterization and In-Vivo on its Effect in Lowering Cholesterol01/12/2016-31/11/2018Dr. Tan Choon Hui25,000.00
40Proj-in-FAS-048Development of Edible Film from Flaxseed Mucilage01/12/2016-31/11/2018Dr. Tee Yee Bond25,000.00
41Proj-In-FAS-049Antibiotic Enhances and Quorum Sensing Inhibitors from Selected Ulam Herbs, Gajus, Sireh, Kesum,Ulam Raja and Pegaga01/12/2016-31/11/2018Assoc. Prof. Dr. Eric Chan Wei Chiang24,900.00
42Proj-In-FAS-050Workplace Air and Noise Pollution and Its Association with Non-communicable Disease (NCD) Risk Factors among Foreign Construction Workers in Kuala Lumpur01/12/2016-31/11/2018Dr. Chong Pei Nee24,720.00
43Proj-In-FAS-051Elucidation of Rubber Biosynthesis Pathway in Lactarius Deliciosus via Genome Survey01/12/2016-31/12/2017Dr. Yam Hok Chai25,000.00
44Proj-In-FMHS-028“Heavy metals in Vegetarians Versus Non-Vegetarians Diets: Human hair as Indicator”01/05/16-01/04/18Dr. Normina Bt Ahmad Bustami24,940.00
45Proj-In-FMHS-029“Correlation of Leucocyte Telomere length and Micronutrients Intake in Different Diet (Vegan and Non-Vegetarian)”01/05/2016-30/04/2018Assoc. Prof. Dr. farahnaz Amini25,000.00
46Proj-In-FMHS-030Prevalence and Predictive Model for Refractive Error in Adult Malaysians01/12/2016-31/11/2018Dr. Sayantan Biswas15,400.00
47Proj-In-FMHS-031Prevalence and Risk factors for Refractive Error Among Primary School Children in an Urban Area in Kuala Lumpur01/12/2016-31/05/2018Dr. Lili Asma17,140.00
NoProject CodeProject TitleProject DurationLead ResearcherFund Approved (RM)
1Proj-in-Fobis-012Development and Evalaution of A Novel Direct Compressible XYLITOL-STARCH Base Co-processed Adjuvant for Orally Disintegrating Tablet Application01/10/2015-01/11/2016Liew Kai Bin24,000.00
2Proj-in-Fobis-013Optimisation of Processing Variables for Superior Quality Film-Coated Tablets01/10/2015-01/10/2016Asst. Prof. Dr. Palanirajan25,000.00
3Proj-In-FOBIS-014Determination of Alemdronate Sodium and Acarbose in Tablets: Development and Validation of HPTLC and FTIR Methods01/11/2015-01/10/2016Asst. Prof. Dr. Shaik Ibrahim Khalivulla25,000.00
4Proj-In-FMS-008Notch and Wnt Specific Phytochemicals Inhibitors of Cancer Stem CellJanuary 2013-December 2015Assoc. Prof. Dr. Cheah Shiau Chuen170,000.00
5Proj-In-FMS-024Stress,Depression,Neurotism and Coping Strategies among UnisZa Nursing StudentsAugust 2015-July 2016Assoc. Prof. Dr. Retneswari7,000.00
6Proj-In-FMS-025Comparison of Sress and Depression among Medical Students between a Private and Public University in MalaysiaAugust 2015-July 2016Assoc. Prof. Dr. Retneswari12,500.00
7Proj-In-FMS-026Herbs Frequency Questionnaire(HFQ) for Chinese Herbal Medicines(CHMs) and Malay Herbs(MH) used during Pregnancy and Postpartum:Tool for Accurate Human Health Risk AssessmentAugust 2015-July 2017Dr. Eugenie Tan19,900.00
8Proj-In-FAS-017Purification and Effect of Supplementation of Stem Extract of Coscinium Fenestratum and Beberine On The Proteome of Diabetic and Gastric Ulcer-Induced Animal ModelJuly 2013-June 2015Patrick Nwabueze Okechukwu67,400.00
9Proj-In-FAS-020Cytolytic Properties of Seven Hydra toxins on Human Cell LinesNovember 2013-October 2015Assoc.Prof.Dr.Hwang Jun Shan40000.00
10Proj-In-FAS-021Investigations of Termitomyces heimi and Lignosus rhinocerus Extracts and Laccases for Bio-Bleaching and Quorum-Sensing InhibitionOctober 2013-September 2015Dr. Crystale Lim Siew Ying13,3000.00
11Proj-In-FAS-022Investigation of the Potential Bioactivity of Kenaf Seed and Tiger Milk Mushroom(Lignosus rhinocerus)October 2013-September 2015Dr. Nyam Kar Lin120000.00
12Proj-In-FAS-023Manuka Propolis as a potential anti-pathogenicity quorum sensing inhibitor of Gram-negative bacteriaNovember 2015-April 2017Assoc. Prof. Dr. Crystale Lim Siew Ying20,000.00
13Proj-In-FAS-024Pilot Production of Kenaf Seed Oil:Extraction and Refining TechnologyJuly 2015-June 2017Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nyam Kar Lin20,000.00
14Proj-In-FAS-025Determination of Microbial Profile and Characterization of Functional Therapeutic Properties of Fermented Red Dragon Fruit JuiceDecember 2015-November 2016Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ivan Ho Chun Wai24,900.00
15Proj-In-FETBE-011Solar Irradiance Measurement Method Based On Photovoltaic Module Power OutputJune 2013-March 2014Dr. Rodney Tan Hean Gay5,000.00
16Proj-In-FETBE-015A Thoroughly Review of Second Generation Bio-Energy Gained From Palm Oil Biomass via Pyrolysis TechnologyNovember 2013-October 2015Dr. Tan Khang Wai11,000.00
17Proj-In-FETBE-016Fabrication of Smart Tubular Furnace with Auto Sensing and Control System to Assist Production of Second Generation Bio-Energy Gained from Palm Oil Biomass via Prolysis TechnologyNovember 2013-October 2015Dr. Rozita Teymourzadeh63,000.00
18Proj-In-FETBE-017Simultaneous Removal of Copper and Fluoride from Wastewater by Absorption of Chi9cken EggshellAugust 2015-June 2017Dr. Kiew Peck Loo25,000.00
19Proj-In-FETBE-018Developing Carbon Silica composite-a high performance abdorption material by using rice husksOctober 2015-September 2017Dr. Kow Kien Who24,400.00
20Proj-In-FETBE-019A Case Study of Electrical Power Quality Disturbance Experience in North Wing CampusJanuary 2016-January 2017Ir. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Rodney Tan Hean Gay25,000.00
21Proj-In-FETBE-020Design and Optimization of Artificial Magnetic Conductor(AMC) in RFID Apllication for Human DetectionOctober 2015-September 2017Dr. Tan Teng Hwang24,000.00
22Proj-In-FETBE-021Development of A 60W Laser Beam Harvestor for High Rise Palm Oil Date Harvesting ProcessJanuary 2016-December 2017Asst. Prof. Dr. Mahmood Al-Imam16,850.00
23Proj-In-FETBE-022Modelling and Optimization of Hybrid Solar Photovoltaic/Solar Thermal Energy Systems using Artificial Intelligence ApproachJanuary 2016-December 2017Dr. Tan Teng Hwang25,000.00
24Proj-In-FETBE-023Antenna Design and Optimization for 5G applicationsJanuary 2016-December 2017Dr. Mastaneh Mokayef24,000.00
25Proj-In-FETBE-024Synthesis of High Strength Polyurethan Nano Composite for the Development of Prosthetic HandJanuary 2016-December 2016Dr. Elango Natarajan24,550.00
26Proj-in-Fobis-004Mobile Taxi: A New revolution in the Taxi Industry?"01/11/2015-30/11/201Foo fang Ee17,610.00
27Proj-in-Fobis-005UNESCO Certified Heritage Tourism Destination Brand Image Construction01/11/2015-01/11/2016Zahra Paurabedin9,300.00
28Proj-in-Fobis-008Investigation of Challenge in Trans-Boarder Trade01/01/2016-01/12/2016Asst. Prof. Dr.Ananda Jeeva A/L Singgaram17,700.00
29Proj-In-Fobis-009Company Characteristic and Disclosure Level01/01/2016-01/12/2016Dr. Vahid Biglari25,000.00
30Proj-In-Fobis-010Comparative Evaluation of Models Used in The Determination of Forecast Management01/11/2015-01/11/2016Asst. Prof. Frankie Goh Song Peng16,450.00
31Proj-In-Fobis-011Statistical simulation for the Flood Event01/11/2015-01/04/2017Noor Dyana Jasme19,660.00
NoProject CodeProject TitleProject DurationLead ResearcherFund Approved (RM)
1Proj-In-FPS-006Pigmentation-Related Gene expression and Histopathological Changes in Periorbital Hyperpigmented Skin01/02/2014-01/01/2016Dr. Lee Siew Keah92,000.00
2Proj-In-FMS-010Comparison of Efficacy Between Two Different Regiments of Pulse Azithromycin In Moderate Acne VulgarisSeptember 2013-February 2015Dr.Lee Chew Kek60,000.00
3Proj-In-FMS-011Self Assessment of Clinical Competence by Registered Nurses in MalaysiaNovember 2013-October 2014Than Soo Nyet740.00
4Proj-In-FMS-014Assessment of Students Perception on Effectiveness of Pathology Teaching in Phase 1 Medical Programme at UCSI UniversityOctober 2013-September 2014Dr.Naw May Emerald1,290.00
5Proj-In-FMS-018Construction of Turmeric-integrated Carrageenan Bed for Wound Dressing:Animal Study'January 2014-December 2014Sharmanee A/P Thiagarajah30,000.00
6Proj-In-FMS-019TP53&VEGFA Genes Variations in Pigmantary and Vascular subtype of Periorbital Hyperpigmentation in Malaysian ChineseJanuary 2014-December 2014Dr. Farahnaz Amini30,000.00
7Proj-In-FMS-020Comparison of microscopy and PCR for the detection of human Plasmodium species and Plasmodium knowlesi in southern MyanmarMay 2013-Januaary 2015Dr. Thu Zar Han20,000.00
8Proj-In-FMS-021Targeted Treatment Towards Periorbital Hyperpigmentation Reduction through DepigmentationFebruary 2014-January 2016Assoc.Prof.Dr.Cheah Shiau Chuen91,000.00
9Proj-In-FMS-022Classification and Characteristics of Periorbital HyperpigmentationFebruary 2014-July 2015Assoc.Prof.Dr.Lew Chew Kek47,000.00
10Proj-In-FMS-023Willingness to Pay(WTP) and Time Trade-Off(TTO) for Periorbital Hyperpigmentation Treatment'February 2014-January 2016Dr. Eugenie Tan Sin Sing13,000.00
11Proj-In-FETBE-011Solar Irradiance Measurement Method Based On Photovoltaic Module Power OutputJune 2013-March 2014Dr. Rodney Tan Hean Gay5,000.00
12Proj-In-FAS-014Metabolic Syndrome and Obesogenic Family: Nutrition and Lifestyle Educational Programme for a Group of a Minority Ethnic Population in Central Region of Malaysia.01/05/2013-01/05/2015Satvinder Kaur A/P Nachatar Singh65,300.00
13Proj-In-FAS-015Enzyme-Aided Liquefaction for the Production of Local Fruit Puree and PowderJune 2013-June 2015Dr. Wong Chen Wai86,600.00
14Proj-In-FAS-016Personal and Socio-Environmental Factors of Disordered Eating,Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome among Primary School Children in Klang ValleyMay 2013-June 2015Serene Tung En Hui24,900.00
NoProject CodeProject TitleProject DurationLead ResearcherFund Approved (RM)
1Proj-In-FEABE-005Comparative study of functionalised and non-functionalised Multiwall Carbon Nanotubes to remove heavy metal from industrial waste waterNov/2011-Nov/2012 (100%)16Mubarak Mujawar5,000.00
2Proj-In-FEABE-006Pulp production by using Soda Anthraquinone from biomass wasteMar/2012-Nov/2013Ayu Haslija bt Abu Bakar5,000.00
3Proj-In-FPS-003Phytochemical Analysis, Preliminary Screening of Anti-cancer Activity and Oral Toxicity Study of Clinacanthus nutans Leaves ExtractMay/2012- Sep/2013Dr. Chin Jin Han104,000.00
4Proj-In-FMS-003A Survey on the Prevalence of Obesity among Female Registered Nurses in MalaysiaApr/2012-Mar2013Assoc. Prof. Jeya Devi Coomarasamy5,000.00
5Proj-In-FAS-008Effects of Inlet Temperature and Total Solid Content on Characterisation, Oxidative Stability and Bioavailability of Microencapsulated Kenaf Seed Oil by Spray DryingJan 2012- June 2013Dr. Nyam Kar Lin33,500.00
6Proj-In-FAS-009Optimised Ultrasound-assisted Extraction of Phenolic Compounds from Kenaf Seed Extract and Evaluation of Antioxidant, Antimicrobial and Anticancer Activity In VitroJan 2012- June 2013Dr. Nyam Kar Lin33,500.00
7Proj-In-FAS-010Production of Recombinant Peanut Allergen Ara h 2.02 in Escherichia Coli and Lactobacillus PlantarumSept 2011-Aug 2013Assoc. Prof. Dr. Renee50,000.00
8Proj-In-FAS-011Development and Validation of a Cancer Awareness Questionnaire for University Undergraduate Students in Klang Valley, MalaysiaSept 2011-Aug 2013Yim Hip Seng45,525.00
9Proj-In-FAS-012Antioxidant, Antibacterial and Antityrosinase Properties of Selected Malay Ulam PlantsMay 2012- Oct 2013Dr. Eric43,400.00
10Proj-In-FMS-004Cross Sectional Study on Feasible Factors in Determining the Selected Existing District Hospital as a Teaching HospitalSept 2012 - Apr 2013Dr. Zay Soe5,000.00
11Proj-In-FMS-005Cross Sectional Study of Knowledge, Attitude and Practice on HIV Infection among Secondary School Students in Kula TerengganuAugust 2012 to January 2013Dr. Min Oo5,000.00
12Proj-In-FMS-006Utilisation of Radiology Service at District Hospital: A One-year Study at Dungun District Hospital in Terengganu State, MalaysiaSeptember 2012 to February 2013Dr. San San Oo5,000.00
13Proj-In-FMS-007Prevalence of Scoliosis in Standard 6 Female Primary School Students in Marang District, TerengganuFebruary 2013 to July 2013Dr. Kyin Htwe5,000.00
14Proj-In-FMS-008Notch and Wnt Specific Phytochemicals Inhibitors of Cancer Stem Cells (CSC)Jan 2013- Dec 2015AP Dr. Cheah Shiau Chuen170,000.00
15Proj-In-FEABE-007Kinetic Study of Heavy Metals (Zn, Cr, Mg, Sn) Ions and Phenol Removal from Industrial Waste using Oxidized CNTs and Activated CarbonNov 2012- Nov 2013Mubarak Mujawar5,000.00
NoProject CodeProject TitleProject DurationLead ResearcherFund Approved (RM)
1Proj-In-FMS-001Consumption of calcium rich food and Physical Activity of UCSI students: Towards Osteopororsis PreventionMay 2011-April 2012Dr. Phyu Phyu Aung4,200.00
2Proj-In-FAS-004Investigation and Optimization of the Nutrient Flux in Seawater Closed-recirculating Integrated System for the Culture of Fish and SeaweedJan/2012-Dec/2014Mr. Kong Chee Leong350,000.00
3Proj-In-FAS-005Isolation of soil actinomycetes and screening for actinomycetes with potential antimicrobial compounds against clinically significant bacterial pathogensSept/2011--Sept/2013Dr. Amsaveni Selvaraj95,000.00
4Proj-In-FAS-006Purification and identification of potent antioxidative components of tropical fruits’ peel and their oxidative stabilisation effect in cooking oilJan/2012-Dec/2013Yim Hip Seng236,500.00
5Proj-In-FMS-002Students’ Perception of Problem-based Learning conducted in Phase one Medical Programme at UCSI UniversityJun/2011-Mar/2012Dr. Naw May Emerald3,100.00
6Proj-In-FOMIT-002Using Augmented Reality and LAYAR to identify the location of popular buildings in Taman ConnaughtSept/2011-Jan/2012 (100%)Ting Hock Chin2,000.00
7Proj-In-FEABE-003Footsteps as a Source of Sustainable EnergySept/2011-July/2012Dr. Ammar A. M. Ali Al Talib4,580.00
8Proj-In-FEABE-004UCSI Bus Tracking System – LED PanelJan/2010-Sept/2012 (100%)Eddie Lau Chi-Wah5,000.00
9Proj-In-FAS-007Exploring Flavanol gallates, potent antioxidant compounds from three commercial species of Malaysia Agarwood by productNov/2011-Feb/2014 (25%)Dr. Ho Chun Wai150,000.00
NoProject CodeProject TitleProject DurationLead ResearcherFund Approved (RM)
1Proj-In-FAS-001Bioassay-guided fractionation and elucidation of synergistic effects of bioactive compounds from methanolic extract of Momordica Charantia L. seedJune 2010-Dec 2012Yap Wai Sum50,000.00
2Proj-In-FAS-002Screening and functional analysis of cosmeceutical peptides from palm kernel cake extracts1/9/2010 - 1/2/2013Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hon Wei Min150,000.00
3Proj-In-FAS-003Antimicrobial and Antioxidative Properties of Essential Oil Extracted by Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Extraction and Seed Extract from Selected Plants SeedsSept/2010--Sept/2012Dr. Nyam Kar Lin58,000.00
4Proj-In-FMSSD-001The Contribution of Spiritual engagement to wellbeingOct/2009-Jul/2010 (100%)Norul Hidayah Bt. Mamat @ Muhammad3,800.00
5Proj-Ex-FOAS-001Genotyping of candidate genes related to myopia and obesity in a cohort of secondary school students (Top up)1/6/2010 - 1/12/2012Dr. Renee Lim Lay Hong55,000.00
6Proj-In-FOMIT-001UCSI University Smartphone Campus ApplicationSept 2010 - Dec 2010 (100%)Dr. Oras F. Baker22,800.00
7Proj-In-FPS-001Empowering Pharmacy Students to Counsel Self-care Patients1/12/2010 - 30/5/2011Ms. Saraswathi A/P Simansalam4,170.00
8Proj-In-FEABE-001Design and Fabrication of a Reluctance MotorDec 2010 - July 2011Mr. Aravind Vaithilingm Chockalingam4,800.00
9Proj-In-FEABE-002Cool/Heater Therapy StrapJan/2011-Apr/2011Mr. Rodney Tan Hean Gay5,000.00
10Proj-In-SP-001Tourism Destination Competitiveness and Development Compendium on Relevant PracticesDec 2010 - Dec 2011 (100%)Assoc. Prof. Dr. Wong Kong Yew42,000.00
11Proj-In-CERVIE-001How Green is Malaysian Higher Education Institution?: Evaluation the effectiveness of Green University Index (GUI)Dec 2010 - Dec2011Dr. Keoy Kay Hooi48,000.00
12Proj-In-FPS-002Formulation and Characterisation of Novel Bioconjugated Polymeric Rapamycin (Sirolimus) NanoparticlesDec/2010-Nov/2012 (70%)Mr. Bontha Venkata Subrahmanya Lokesh80,000.00
13Proj-In-FMSSD-002Batik DesignMarch 2011 - February 2012Tan Irene16,000.00

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