Senate Members

The Senate is UCSI University’s highest academic authority. Its core function is to regulate all teaching and research endeavours of the University. It is also responsible for academic integrity, quality standards and student regulation, subject to the final decision of the University Council.

  • Professor Datuk Ir. Ts. Dr. Siti Hamisah Binti Tapsir

    Professor Datuk Ir Ts Dr Siti Hamisah Binti Tapsir, FASc


    P.J.N, D.P.M.S, P.Eng, Ph.D (Eng), Hon. FAFEO, P.Tech (Eng)

  • Associate Professor Ir. Dr Jimmy Mok Vee Hoong

    Professor Ir Dr Jimmy Mok Vee Hoong

    Pro Vice-Chancellor (Springhill campus)

    PEng, CEng, ASEAN Eng, APEC Eng, IntPE (MY)

  • Mukvinder Sandhu

    Mukvinder Sandhu

    Pro Vice-Chancellor (Kuching campus)

    MSc Project Management, BSc Ed (Hons) Chemistry

  • Professor Dato' Ir. Dr. Mohd Saleh Bin Jaafar

    Professor Dato' Ir Dr Mohd Saleh Bin Jaafar

    Pro Vice-Chancellor (Bangladesh Branch Campus)

    BSc (Civil Engineering), Master (Structural Engineering), PhD (Structures)

  • Chan Joe Jim

    Provost (Bangladesh Branch Campus)

    MSc, BA (Hons)

  • Professor Datuk Dr Rohana Binti Yusof, FASc

    Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Academic and Internationalisation (Kuala Lumpur campus)

    PhD Biochemistry, MSc Biochemistry, BSc(Hons) Biochemistry

  • Senior Professor Dr Phang Siew Moi, FASc

    Distinguished Professor Dr Phang Siew Moi, FASc

    Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Research and Postgraduate

    PhD, MSc, BSc, Fellow Academy of Sciences Malaysia

  • Associate Professor Dr Luqman Lee

    Associate Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Academic Affairs

    PhD in Cultural, Literary & Postcolonial Studies, MA (Visual Arts), BA (Hons) in Creative Multimedia, Diploma in Graphic Design

  • Khalid Abdullah Bin Abu Bakar

    Ts Khalid Abdullah Bin Abu Bakar

    Registrar, UCSI Education Group ; Senior Director, Group Human Resource

    Master of Education (Administration)

  • Distinguished Professor Tan Sri Dr Zakri Bin Abdul Hamid

    Distinguished Professor Tan Sri Dr Zakri Bin Abdul Hamid, FASc

    Director, Institute of Science Diplomacy and Sustainability

    PhD, Master of Science, Bachelor of Science, Diploma

  • Distinguished Professor Ts Dr Ooi Keng Boon, FASc

    Dean, UCSI Graduate Business School

    DEng, PhD, MBA, BIT

  • Associate Professor Dr Crystale Lim Siew Ying

    Dean, Faculty of Applied Sciences

    PhD Molecular Medicine, Postgrad Dip (Tertiary Teaching), BSc (Hons) Biomedical Sciences

  • Dr Loh

    Dr Loh Yue Fang

    Dean, Faculty of Business and Management, Kuala Lumpur Campus

    PhD, MSc BSc (Hons)

  • Alexa Loi Min Wei

    Dean, Faculty of Business and Management, Kuching Campus

    MSc Management By Research, BCom Marketing and Management

  • Assistant Professor Dr. Ang Chun Kit

    Associate Professor EUR ING. Ir Ts Dr Ang Chun Kit

    Dean, Faculty of Engineering, Technology & Built Environment

    PhD Mechanical Engineering, BEng (Hons) Mechatronic Engineering

  • Assistant Professor Dr. Hanafi Bin Hamzah

    Associate Professor Dr Hanafi Bin Hamzah

    Dean, Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism Management

    PhD (Food Management), MBA (Tourism and Hospitality Management), BBA (Hons.) Majoring in Tourism Planning and Development, Certificate SKM Level 3 - Housekeeping Management

  • Assistant Professor Christopher Wan Sageng

    Dean, Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism Management, Kuching Campus

    Master in Science (Learning Sciences), Bachelor of Hospitality and Tourism Management (Hons)

  • Professor Ts Dr Cheah Shiau Chuen

    Professor Ts Dr Cheah Shiau Chuen

    Dean, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences

    PhD Biochemistry, BSc (Hons) Biochemistry

  • Assistant Professor Dr. Mogana Sundari A/P Rajagopal

    Associate Professor Dr Mogana Sundari A/P Rajagopal

    Dean, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences

    PhD Pharmacy, BPharm, Postgraduate Diploma in Tertiary Teaching

  • Professor Dr Rogayah Bt A Razak

    Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences and Liberal Arts

    PhD Linguistics, Master of Arts (Teaching English as Second Language), BSc English Literature Education

  • Raenu A/L Kolandaisamy

    Assistant Professor Ts Dr Raenu A/L Kolandaisamy

    Director, Institute of Computer Science and Digital Innovation

    PhD, MSc, BSc (Hons), Dip

  • Assistant Professor Jeff Lai Wan Fei

    Acting Director, Institute of Actuarial Science and Data Analytics

    MSc, BSc

  • Assistant Professor Dr Siti Fatimah Binti Hashim

    Acting Director, De Institute of Creative Arts and Design

    PhD in Art and Design Master in Art and Design Bachelor of Art & Design (Hons) (Fashion Design) Diploma in Fashion Design Diploma in Accountancy

  • Prof P'ng

    Professor Dr P’ng Tean Hwa

    Director, Institute of Music


  • Daria Morozova

    Daria Morozova

    Director, Centre for Languages

    MEd (Hons), BEd

  • Dr Leong Quee Ling

    Assistant Professor Dr Leong Quee Ling

    Head of School, School of Hospitality and Tourism Management, Springhill Campus

    PhD Gastronomy Tourism, MSc Gastronomy Tourism, BSc Food Studies

  • Assistant Professor Dr Ho Meng Chuan

    Head of Centre, Centre for Pre-U Studies, Springhill Campus

    PhD ,MSc. Family Ecology, B.Scs. Psychology (Hons)

  • Professor Dr Garry Tan Wei Han

    Senior Professor Dr Garry Tan Wei Han


    PhD Business Administration, MSc Management, BSc Econ (Hons)

  • Professor Dato' Ir Ts Dr Mohd Rizon Bin Mohamed Juhari

    Vice President, Government Affairs

    Doctor of Engineering (Computer Science & Intelligent Systems), Master of Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Bachelor of Electrical & Electronics Engineering

  • Professor Dato’ Dr Ahmad Bin Ibrahim, FASc


    PhD, BEng

  • Professor Ts Dr Lee Ming Tatt


    PhD (Physiology), Bachelor of Science (Biomedical Sciences)

  • Professor Dr Chan Nee Nee

    Professor Dr Chan Nee Nee


    Doctorate in Education Master of Arts in English Studies, Concerntration in Applied Linguistics & English Language Teaching Diploma in Applied Linguistics (Distinction) Diploma in Education Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and History

  • Professor Dr Kurunathan A/L Ratnavelu, FASc


    PhD (Atomic Physics), MSc (Applied Mathematics), Bachelor of Science

  • Professor Dr Karuthan A/L Chinna


    PhD in Management, Master of Science in Applied Statistics, BSc. With Education

  • Professor Dr Mandana Barkeshli


    PhD (Conservation of Artwork), Master in Conservation and Restoration of Art Objects, Japanese Paper Conservation Diploma, Bachelor of Fine Art

  • Professor Dr. Mohd Razman Bin Salim

    Professor Dr Mohd Razman Bin Salim


    PhD in Environmental Engineering, Master in Civil Engineering, BSc. in Civil Engineering

  • Professor Dr Mansor Bin Abu Talib


    PhD in Counseling, MSc. in Career Counseling, BSc. in Resource Economics, Diploma in Agriculture

  •  Professor Dr. Mohd. Tajuddin Bin Mohd. Rasdi

    Professor Dr Mohd. Tajuddin Bin Mohd. Rasdi


    PhD, MArch, BSc Architecture

  • Professor Dr Nangkula Utaberta

    Professor Dr Nangkula Utaberta


    PhD in Architecture, Master of Architecture, Bachelor of Architecture Engineering

  • Professor Dr Nyam Kar Lin


    PhD Food Technology, BSc (Hons) Food Science and Technology

  • Professor Dr Ong Eng Tek


    PhD (Science Education) M.Ed (Curriculum & Instruction) BSc. with Ed. (Hons)(Mathematics & Chemistry Education)

  • Professor Dr. Ong Seng Huat

    Professor Dr Ong Seng Huat, FASc


    PhD, MSc, BSc

  • Prof. Dr. Richard Peter Bailey

    Professor Dr Richard Peter Bailey


    PhD (Education), Master of Arts (Philosophy and Mental Health) & Bachelor of Education

  • Professor Dr. Shamala Devi A/P K.C. Sekaran

    Professor Dr Shamala Devi A/P K.C. Sekaran, FASc


    PhD in Immunovirology, Master in Counselling, Master in Immunoparasitology, BSc in Genetics & Microbiology, BSc in Biology

  • Professor Dr Saad Tayyab


    PhD in Biochemistry, M. Phil. Biochemistry, MSc. Biochemistry, BSc. (Hon) Chemistry

  • Professor Dr Siti Zobidah Binti Omar


    PhD in Cultural Studies, Master of Arts in Communication Technology and Policy, Diploma in Mass Communication (Journalism)

Ex Officio Members

  • Wong Ming Fang

    Wong Ming Fang

    Chief Finance Officer, Group Finance

    MCM, BCom (Hons)

  • Ng Chee Kiong

    Ng Chee Kiong

    Senior Vice-President, Group Logistic Management Office

    BSc (Hons)

  • Leong Sat Sing

    Leong Sat Sing

    Vice President, SDG Secretariat Office

    MBA, BEng (Hons)

  • Sheikh Fahmy

    Sheikh Fahmy Bin Sheikh Mohamed

    Vice-President, Group Strategy Office

    M.Ed, B.Ed

  • Lilian Kek Siew Yick

    Senior Director, Centre for Academic Quality Assurance


  • Richard Lim Ming Jye

    Head, Group Corporate Affairs

  • Associate Professor Ts Dr Lionel In Lian Aun

    Associate Professor Ts Dr Lionel In Lian Aun

    Director, Centre of Excellence for Research, Value Innovation and Entrepreneurship

    PhD (Molecular Oncology), PTech, PGDip (Tertiary Teaching), MSc (Biotechnology), BSc (Biotechnology)