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  • Medical Labs

    Medical Labs

    These multidisciplinary labs are well equipped for students to develop lab and diagnostic skills in the fields of biochemistry, microbiology, pharmacology and physiology. These facilities support the biochemical enzymes analysis, microorganism culture used in clinical test, and instrumental analysis for students to understand the theoretical background.

  •  Pathology Museum

    Pathology Museum

    This Pathology Museum is used to teach first and second year medical students the various skills in pathology. It has about 120 potted specimens of the human body and also more than 500 histopathology slides for students to examine through microscopes.

  • Anatomy Museum

    Anatomy Museum

    This museum is used by the first and second year medical and optometry students. This Anatomy Museum contains 65 anatomy models and a palatinate cadaver, as well as a Cyber-Anatomy tool that provides a 3D study of the human anatomy using innovative technology. More than 1,000 microscope histology slides on are available to the students.

  • Medical Clinical Skills Unit

    The Medical Clinical Skills Unit is a simulation clinical unit for first and second year medical students to practise their interviewing and communication skills, physical examination skills as doctors in training.

  • Medical Information & Communication Lab

    Medical Information & Communication Lab

    This facility is equipped with computers to visualise anatomy and SPSS learning. Student can access the platform to enable dissection of cadavers for better understanding of anatomy. Besides, SPSS Statistical enable student to learn scientific data analysis related to healthcare, social science as well as medical science research.

  • PBL Rooms

    PBL Rooms

    PBL rooms are located at the library. There are a total of six rooms equipped with TVs to facilitate and promote problem-based learning for students to focus on patients’ scenario.

  • Library


    The library offers a comprehensive collection of all the latest texts and references, both in hardcopy and online. The e-Library provides access to a wide array of references and academic peer-reviewed international journals. Also available are discussion rooms and computer room.

  • Seminar Rooms

    Six seminar rooms suit different capacities and needs to conduct teaching and learning. They can also be used for seminar and presentation. All rooms are equipped with hybrid mode teaching system, synchronised physical and online learning without barriers.

  • Lecture hall

    Lecture Hall

    This lecture hall is equipped with audio and visual system, enabling the hybrid teaching mode and can accommodate up to 100 people. Other than that, it also can serve as an examination hall. This hall is also suitable to hold conference meetings and other social functions.

  • Nursing Clinical Skill Labs

    Nursing Clinical Skill Labs

    This lab gives students hands-on experience and the exposure to what work would be like in the real-world. The main lab serves as simulation ward, which consists of treatment room, isolation room, bed cubicles, sluice room, store room, and nurse station, among others. This exposure gives students the right edge to thrive before stepping into the working environment.

  • Cafeteria

    The cafeteria serves a wide selection of popular Malaysian and international food to cater to every taste and fancy.

  • Parking

    Ample parking spaces are available for students and visitors visiting the campus.

  • Security

    The campus is guarded by security guards round the clock to measure and protect the premise from thefts, trespassers, loitering and vandalism, among others.

Our Medical/Nursing Programme students can learn through hands-on experience in the state-of-the-art facilities at the UCSI Hospital.

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