Admission Arrival

Step 1
Upon Arrival

You may transfer directly from the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) to Kuching, without stopping at the KL Campus for visa processing, documentation and orientation briefing. All these may be completed in Kuching.

The student must report to International Office (located at Ground Floor) on the date and time stated in the welcome letter.

The student must undergo Health Examination at a private hospital in Sarawak. The results of the Health Examination Medical Report will be released within 2 weeks.

The student is required to settle the necessary payment due before the course selection and the commencement of classes, and a student ambassador or Student Affairs officer will assist the student to open bank account.

During the orientation, the student will be briefed on UCSI University, Kuching Campus rules & regulations, English Placement Test schedule, and Course Selection procedure. Attendance to this orientation is COMPULSORY

Step 2
English Placement Test (EPT)

A student who does not meet UCSI University's English requirement will have to sit for the English Placement Test (EPT) as per schedule given. The EPT result will be released and posted on the notice board the following day at the 1st Floor. The student will then proceed with Course Selection procedure after getting the result. A student who has met UCSI University's English requirement will proceed with Course Selection procedure.

Step 3
Course Selection Procedure

The student has to bring along Course Selection Form and meet with Head of School / Head of Programme / Programme coordinator for advice on subject selection for current semester.

Once approval from the respective school is obtained, a student MUST submit the signed / approved Course Selection Form for subject registration to the Academic Assistant (AA), located on the First Floor.

The student may obtain the Course Schedule from University Exam Board or eAdvantage website.

Student ID card - the student may collect the student ID card which prepared by University of the Registrar Office (RO) after 3 working days upon course selection done.

Step 4
Document Submission

Students MUST submit their Passport, Health Examination Medical Report and Student Pass Endorsement Fees to the International Office (IO) according to the schedule given him / her. The International Office (IO) will provide students a certified true copy of the passport and safekeep their original Passport while awaiting for the Student Pass Endorsement from the Sarawak Immigrations Department.

The student may refer to the notice board (located at 1st Floor) for collection of passport. Student's name will be published in the notice board when the passport is ready for collection.

Important note:

  • Student MUST submit passport for Student Pass extension / renewal one (1) month before Student Pass expired.
  • Student is responsible to ensure that the Student Pass and Entry Visa are VALID before leaving the country.

General Information

  • It will take at least 14 days for the Malaysian Immigration Department to issue the Visa Approval Letter. Thus, students should begin their application process at least one month before each intake. Please take note that it is the prerogative of the Malaysian Immigration Department to approve or reject any visa application.
  • It is the responsibility of the student to check with the Malaysian Embassy in their country regarding any special requirements or visa requirements before coming to Malaysia. For example, the student may need to apply for a single entry visa to enter into Malaysia together with the Visa Approval Letter, in order to avoid a fine.
  • For African students, they are required to take the necessary inoculation (injection) especially Yellow Fever Vaccination before coming to Malaysia. A copy of the Medical Certificate must be produced for verification by the Malaysian Immigration Department.